Thursday, October 14, 2021

NAN 2022 Save The Date


Thank You Departing Board Members


The NAMHSA Board of Directors would like to take a moment to thank the departing board members for their service.


Bethany Shaw, Vicky Kitzman, Amber Stearnes, Sydney Epley and LeeAnn Bachman are all departing the Board of Directors after serving their regions as representative. I think we can speak for the hobby at large in saying that their service is not only appreciated, but was exceptional during what was a very challenging time for the entire world. Navigating the hobby through the difficult storm of COVID was an all hands on deck affair for the organization, and without each and every part of the team, NAMHSA could not have succeeded.

Thank you so much to each of you for your time and commitment, the organization and hobby at large are grateful for all you have done! The Board of Directors would like to say a special thanks to LeeAnn, who will be staying on board as NAMHSA's Social Media Coordinator. The organization as a whole thrives because of devoted volunteers!

Welcome New President Elena Lemm


The NAMHSA Board of Directors is proud to welcome our new President, Elena Lemm who comes to us from Region 5!

Hi all, I am a long time model horse collector and artist. I started collecting when I was about 5, my first model was the liver chestnut FAM and FAF back when we lived in CO. I found the hobby community about 15 years ago and began showing. My first show was A Midwinter's Night Dream, held by the amazing show host Shannon Southard. I was hooked! Since then, I have been hosting my own shows in my home region, Yay Region 5!! Lemmonade Live, Labor Day Live and Merry Magnolia. I also photo show and am the Champion show coordinator and book designer for MEPSA. In addition to collecting and showing, I also customize models. My passion is drastic customs with mohair, especially Baroque breeds. Since that obviously wasn't enough, I am also the Model Horse Blab director (hobby website) and creator of High Point Ponies (Region 5 hobby club). ;)

In non-model life, I have a successful bookkeeping business and teach horseback riding lessons at the most amazing dressage stable. I have four amazing horses: two mares (Susie and Holly) and two geldings (Snow and Cabernet). I have a very supportive and amazing husband (who doesn't mind how many horses there are in the house and around it) and two beautiful children.

NAMHSA wise, I volunteered with NAMHSA as the fundraising coordinator for two years. I truly believe NAMHSA has a valuable place in the model horse community and that its continuity is important. The National Championship is the ultimate goal for showers, what could be greater? I'd love to see NAMHSA as an organization that not only puts on the most amazing annual model horse show, but also reaches out to new members and encourages participation and involvement within the hobby.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. I hope that you'll give me the opportunity to lead NAMHSA to a brighter future.

Thank you, Elena

The official vote tally is as follows:
Elena Lemm- 96.00% 72
Abstain - 4.00%3

Eleanor Harvey 25 Years of NAMHSA Service


The NAMHSA Board of Directors would like to highlight an important milestone for NAMHSA’s longest serving volunteer.

For the last 25 years, Eleanor Harvey has served the NAMHSA Board of Directors, but most recognizably and faithfully as our Parliamentarian. This exacting role has been expertly manned by Eleanor, with prompt and proper guidance no matter what the storm. Her discretion and candor are something that has brought an incredible gift to all those who have had the chance to serve with her as well as the organization as a whole.

Eleanor has also served as NAMHSA President, Regional Representative, and has co-chaired the North American Nationals twice! The experience she brings to the board is, to say the least, absolutely priceless.

On Friday, July 9th 2021, past NAMHSA President, Sara Parr, awarded Eleanor with a very special award in honor of her years of dedication and service. Created by Mountain View Studios expressly for this occasion, the NAMHSA Board of Directors wanted to celebrate this incredible milestone with a piece that was as unparalleled as she.

Thank you Eleanor Harvey, for your 25 years of service! The NAMHSA Board of Directors, past and present, are honored to have you!