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Member Show of the Year (MSOTY) Nominations

Member Show of the Year (MSOTY) Nominations

Did you know you can nominate your favorite show at any point in the show year?

NAMHSA is currently accepting nominations for the 2015 Member Show of the Year. Any NAMHSA Approved show held between May 1, 2014 and April 30, 2015 is eligible for nomination.

As with 2014, the 2015 MSOTY Committee will be led by Chris Wallbruch.

Visit NAMHSA's Member Show of the Year page for more information or nominate a show for Member Show of the Year.  Please submit your nominations by May 1, 2015.

Contact Chris with any questions at

Thursday, September 24, 2015

NAMHSA News for August 2015

NAMHSA News for August 2015


Aug 4
-- The following poll started:
Should the BOD pay out the following for the Head Steward position at the 2015 NAN?
1. We pay Candace 1/3rd of the stipend and the $30 towards lunch. ($130)
2. We pay Lori the other 2/3rds and the $30 towards lunch. ($230)

Aug 5
-- Kathy Williams (R2) posted that effective immediately she was resigning from being Region 2 rep.

-- A poll started to select the new Fundraising Coordinator from the two candidates: Elena Lemm and Corey Olinger.

Aug 6
-- Sharon Mossy (R10) posted an email with a question about whether or not a showholder could proxy show for an entrant at the show she is hosting.
Discussion ensued. The consensus was that while this is not technically illegal, the showholder should find someone else to proxy the horses.

Aug 7
-- The following poll started:
Should the BOD award Jim West, the registrar for the 2015 NAN, his entire stipend?
- yes
- no
- abstain

Aug 8
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that she had been in contact with Rupp Arena and told them that NAN would be held there for 2016. She also mentioned that work in finding an alternate Lexington area location never really got off the ground. She later amended this to report that Stacy Faraci had done extensive research into an alternate location and there was not one that would suit NAMHSA’s needs.

Aug 9
-- The following poll ended:
Should the BOD pay out the following for the Head Steward position at the 2015 NAN?
1. We pay Candace 1/3rd of the stipend and the $30 towards lunch. ($130)
2. We pay Lori the other 2/3rds and the $30 towards lunch. ($230)
-Stacy Quick (R1)
-Yashka Hallein (R3)
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Carol Tuft (R7)
-Jenna Murphy (R8)
-Barbara DiAnnibella (R9)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Kim Bjorgo- Thorne (VP)

Kathy Williams (R2)
Lisa Sharpe (R11)

Aug 10
-- The poll for the new Fundraising Coordinator ended, with Elena Lemm winning the election.

Aug 11
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised she would let Elena Lemm know she was the new NAMHSA Fundraising Coordinator.

Aug 12
-- The following poll ended:
Should the BOD award Jim West, the registrar for the 2015 NAN, his entire stipend?
- yes
-Yashka Hallein (R3)
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Carol Tuft (R7)
-Barbara DiAnnibella (R9)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Kim Bjorgo- Thorne (VP)

- no
- abstain
Did not vote: Stacy Quick (R1) Jenna Murphy (R8) Lisa Sharpe (R11)

Aug 14
-- Stacy Quick (R1) forwarded an email from a hobbyist who was concerned that there was possibly a virus on the NAMHSA website.

Lynn Weber (R5 and web) reported it was not the NAMHSA site and likely from another one that was open at the same time. Other BOD members also reported no issues with the NAMHSA web site.

-- The following poll started:
Please decide how to disburse the stipend for the 2015 NAN chair:
- Pay Donna and Harvey Stone $200, and give $100 each to Jackie Arns-Rossi and Niki Hertzog
- Pay Donna and Harvey Stone $200, give $150 each to Jackie Arns-Rossi and Niki Hertzog and give the remaining $25 to Jim West
- Abstain

Aug 17
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted a mid month to do list which included a list of press releases, web updates, putting together a list of any addresses still needed for NAN stipend checks, a job description for the Database Committee, and for the reps to vote in the open polls and continue discussing judging at NAN.

Jackie Moore (R6) advised that the DB committee had come up with a proposal but she was not sure how to write a job description for it. Teresa asked Jackie to email her the proposal.

-- Carmen Robertson (treas) advised she had sent out all the volunteer and judge’s checks from the 2015 NAN.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) started discussion about changing the judge system at NAN from 3 judges to one per class. She advised this was NOT a money saving move but rather one of using volunteers better as the number of volunteers needed for NAN classes often outstripped the number available who could actually do the job. Potential judges could be hired prior to the start of NAN entry so that entrants would know who was judging which classes. Judges could also be chosen by a panel of 3 or 4 people instead on a single person. She also recommended paying judges more.

Aug 18
-- Janna Shepherd (PR) advised she had been approached by Lesli Kathman offering a free full page ad for NAMHSA in her new magazine.
Teresa Buzzell (pres) accepted the offer.

-- Discussion began in earnest on the one judge vs three at NAN. Jackie Moore (R6) advised she supported the three judge system. She felt there was no way to determine a single person as the best judge for a given class due to the subjective nature of judging.  She offered her own solution:
1) Do away with the Indy NAN. Keep it in KY every year with Breyerfest.
2) Do away with the MGC. Go back to letting the entries determine the classlist.
3) Cut the show from three days to two.
4) Odd years will be OF years - OF Performance and OF Plastic Collectibility on day one, OF Plastic Breed and all China divisions (including CG and Workmanship) on day two.
5) Even years will be CM/AR years - Performance on day one, Breed and Workmanship on day two.
6) Keep the three judges.

Sharon Mossy (R10) agreed with Jackie and agreed with her reasons.

Barbara Di Annibella (R9) also preferred three judges and advised she would likely stop attending NAN if it went to one judge. She felt this would make it like any other large show. She did not feel that knowing who would be judging ahead of time offered any advantages.

Stacy Quick (R1) offered her experiences in trying to create a database for willing judges which she felt failed as few people participated.

Jenna Murphy (R8) also stated she was pro three judges but felt both sides of the discussion had merit. Lynn Weber (R5 and web) agreed that both sides had good points but felt the need to poll her region before she could make an opinion on it.

Aug 19
-- The following poll ended:
Please decide how to disburse the stipend for the 2015 NAN chair:
- Pay Donna and Harvey Stone $200, and give $100 each to Jackie Arns-Rossi and Niki Hertzog
No votes
- Pay Donna and Harvey Stone $200, give $150 each to Jackie Arns-Rossi and Niki Hertzog and give the remaining $25 to Jim West
-Stacy Quick (R1)
-Yashka Hallein (R3)
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Carol Tuft (R7)
-Barbara DiAnnibella (R9)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)

- Abstain

Did not vote: Jenna Murphy (R8), Lisa Sharpe (R11) and Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP)

-- Elena Lemm (fund) posted her greeting and a proposal of some of her fundraising ideas including auctions, raffles, packets to send to showholders, and an updated fundraising page on the NAMHSA website.   She also planned on providing monthly updates around the 15th of each month with progress reports and new ideas.

-- Discussion continued about the judging system for NAN. Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that discussion about continuing the Indy NAN was not up for debate at this time and asked the board to focus on the judging system rather than other aspects of the show.

Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised that moving to one judge per class would allow for judges to have realistic breaks during the day rather than requiring them to work nonstop for a 12 hour show day, resulting in exhausted judges that might be more prone to making mistakes. She advised that the show system needed dramatic changes and reminded the board that she had been advising a move to one judge after her experiences in selecting judges for the 2010 NAN.

Barbara DiAnnibella (R9) also reported that she feared bias with a single judge system and cited an example of judging bias in her region.

Aug 20
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked Carmen Robertson (treas) to cut the checks for Donna and Harvey Stone, Jackie Arns-Rossi, Niki Hertzog, and Jim West according to the recent poll results. Jim West could also be paid his full registrar stipend.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) had some questions for Elena Lemm (fund).  Elena responded and answered Teresa’s questions.  She also mentioned that 24 T shirts had been donated, and asked if she could start auctions on My Auction Barn starting September 15.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) tried to address the judging bias issue by reminding the board that a panel of people would be doing judge selection. There was some back and forth about the possible elimination of the Indy NAN, ending with Teresa stating there would not be further discussion on this right now.

Aug 21
-- The debate over one judge vs three continued.

Aug 24
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked that all new reps get their email addresses to Lynn Weber (R5 and web) ASAP.

Aug 25
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) offered some numbers to show that going to one judge would decrease the current pressure on numbers of volunteers needed to run NAN.  Her estimates were that instead of trying to fill 132 judging slots with three judges per class, there would only be a need to fill 60 judging slots with one judge per class.  Again, she stressed that the idea of changing from a three judge system to a one judge system isn’t about saving money but is about addressing the lack of volunteers.

Aug 28
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the July treasurer report summary:
July report summary
Balance in BOA checking as of 7/31/2015: 67,733.68
Balance in PayPal as of 7/31/2015: 0.00
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 7/31/2015: 67,733.68

She also posted the second quarter report.

-- Elena Lemm (fund) reported that Lori Bachelor was offering to make Pony Pouches in NAMHSA colors with a patch that had the NAMHSA logo and NAN location and years on them.

Aug 29
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked to temporarily stop discussion on one vs three judges at NAN in light of a new proposal she had received. The proposal came from Eleanor Harvey and Jackie Arns-Rossi.

To summarize, Eleanor and Jackie offered to chair NAN in 2016 provided that it was one judge per class, classes could be combined without entrant approval and that a decision was finalized by October 15th. They also recommended the board consider having entrants purchase trophies and increasing the per class fee by $1. A volunteer list, a preliminary class list, discussion and some changes to the show entry program were also included.

Aug 30
-- Jackie Moore (R6) asked if the proposal could be discussed with her region members. Dayle Steinke (MAR), Yashka Hallein (R3), Stacy Quick (R1) all posted in favor of the proposal. Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked everyone to read the proposal over and advised that she also had an offer from MVS with a bid on producing trophies.

Aug 31
-- Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) offered a report on a new printer for NAN cards whose printing costs were lower that NAMHSA’s current printer.  Board members responding wanted shipping costs verified but felt moving to the local printer was as good idea.

-- Elena Lemm (fund) advised that NAMHSA had a balance due at My Auction Barn. She was advised to let Carmen Robertson (treas) know to pay it.

No report.

Upcoming Shows:
Teri Walsh will be hosting a new show on August 29, 2015 in El Cajon, CA. The show is called Autumn Show Among Friends and features OF Plastic, Custom and Artists Resin divisions as well as a Youth/Novice division.

Mark your calendars for October 10th, 2015 for Suzie Francis’ Sleepy Hollow Live, a Halloween themed show. This will be Sleepy Hollow’s 3rd year. The venue is very pleasant, easy to get to and with good parking. Norco is a equestrian community and the perfect place for a model show. Suzie does a great job running this show.

A new show will be held by Naomi Bisagno - Los Angeles Live –on September 12th- 13th in Tarzana, CA. The show will have it all: OF Plastic, minis, Customs, Artist Resin, China and Performance.

As always, December is earmarked for Jane Morehouse’s Workmanship and Collectability Classes Only (WACCO) and the annual Christmas Potluck.

There is usually a sister show to WACCO held on the following day in the same hall. Stay tuned for more information when we have it.

Region 3 was quiet for July, as many were recovering from NAN and/or attending BF. Show season is in full swing now though. Both of the Red Devil Live shows here in Colorado have come and gone. Both were fun-filled with extensive class lists. The RDL Breyer show on August 1st was a Breyer sponsored show, and one lucky entrant went home with the special glossy Razzmatazz. There are no shows upcoming in September in our Region but several are scheduled for October and November. Zion Zens Model Horse show is scheduled for October 10th in Hurricane, Utah. There are 3 shows that I am aware of in November, but as they aren't official yet, I will tell you about them later!

Region 4 has been fairly quiet this summer. There are no shows coming up in September, but October gets busy!

Up in Minnesota, Brian and Hilary Rossow will be hosting back to back shows, the SW MN Live Jackpot Spectacular on October 30th and the SW MN Live OF/Performance Show on the 31st. These look to be a lot of fun!

Heading west, Debbie Vick hosts the 2nd Black Hills Model Horse Show in Rapid City, SD on October 24th. She's looking for judges too! If interested, find her on Facebook or email her.

In Wisconsin, Deb Johnson's 4th Annual Jackson County 4-H and Open Model Horse Show is set forOctober 10th, and it might already be sold out! Contact Deb for more information.

Greg Stebnitz's Sinewa Model Horse show in Valders, WI will be held on October 24th. If you come for the show, the food menu is fantastic as well with homemade chili!

It was great seeing all the Region 5-ers at Breyerfest this year, and making new friends from the other regions. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got the models they wanted!

August brings Region 5 the second annual Ponies, Pool and Model Horse Swapmeet in Springtown, TX hosted by Lucy and Jane. No show, just a lot of fun!

September, October and November each have a show, the first two in Texas, and the November show in Arkansas. Next spring is shaping up with three or four shows, one of which is a new show with a possible performance clinic. It's a good time to be in Region 5!

Hello All!

There were no shows in Region 6 in July as many folks made the trip up to Kentucky for Breyerfest (and all the related shows). From what I have heard, everyone had a wonderful time, despite the heat and crowds. Congratulations to everyone who did well at the shows!

There are two shows scheduled for August:
The Hollow Horse All Mini Mini Show in Cumming, GA on August 22
Palmetto State Live in Irmo, SC on August 29

And one show scheduled for September:
Magnolia State Live in Verona, MS on Sept 19

See you at the shows!

Now that the Breyerfest madness has worn off and everyone has had time to rest and recuperate,, and admire their new horses, it's time for more shows! Unfortunately there are no shows planned for Region 7 in the month of August. In September we were going to start the month with Classy Chassis live 2 Hosted by Jennifer Dodd on Sept 5th in Knoxville TN. however due to some scheduling conflicts Classy chassis will rescheduled to later in the year. Later in Sept on the 19th Lynn Rhea is hosting 4 Leaf Clover Live in Urbana OH. both shows are excellent and i would recommend both, Classy Chassis for your older models and 4 Leaf Clover for your newer ones.

Carol Tuft Region 7 Rep

Just one show in July, North Star Mini Show. As previously said, most were in Kentucky, or recovering from NAN. Seems most shows/series start back up in August!

July was a quiet month for Region 9 with so many people attending BreyerFest, however August and September are making up for it! There have been three shows already completed in August with one more to go, and there are four shows coming up in September. Three of them are on Sept 19, Columbia Valley Moose Open OF in Bloomsburg PA, and two in Gap PA, both being held at the same location, Small But Mighty Live and It’s a Love Fest. And on Sept 26 is the Keystone International Livestock Exposition in Harrisburg PA.

Region 10 August Report

Crazy to think that Fall is fast approaching! Fall brings Region 10 quite a few shows though! Baystate Models Live in Boxborough, MA is this upcoming weekend,August 15 and 16th. This show is always fantastic as Maria Firstenberg makes sure there's something for everyone. I will be there and I know it'll be awesome! I hope to see many of my fellow Region X-ers in attendance!

As far as upcoming shows, there are two in October. The first one is on October 17th in Spencer, MA. It's the New England Performance Challenge held by Nancy Timm. This show is an absolute MUST for the Performance shower!

The second show is for the Novice/Intermediate shower and it's being held on October 25th in Williston, VT. The Vermont Live Model Horse Show is being held by Chrissey McCarty. If you've ever wanted to try showing your model horses, this is a great show to go to!

And remember, you can always keep up to date with the Region 10 website:

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No report.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NAN 2015 Financials

NAN 2015 Financials


NAMHSA has updated our website with the 2015 NAN Profit/Loss Statement. You can view this, and other financial information, here:

Thank you,
Janna Shepherd
NAMHSA Public Relations Officer

NAN 2016/2017 Trophy Contest

NAN 2016/2017 Trophy Contest


Attention all sculptors and artists! You have the chance to make your special piece of art the highlight of the North American Nationals for 2016/2017!

This contest is conducted every two years. It determines the design of the trophy that will be presented to the Champions and Reserve Champions at the annual North American Nationals (NAN) show for the following Kentucky NAN and Indy NAN. The NAN trophies are highly coveted awards for model horse showers.

This contest has a prestigious history. The first trophy "head" was sculpted by the talented Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and was presented to the Champions and Reserves at the 1995 and 1996 NANs. Subsequent trophies (1997-2015) were designed by Carlee Balling, Kathi Bogucki, Sharon Fulcher, Sommer Prosser, Cynthia Kuerth, Laura Skillern, Sommer Prosser (again), Kristina Lucas Francis, and Sheila Bishop.

The time has come to choose a new design. By tradition, the new design is selected by the past designer. Thus, Sheila Bishop will judge this year's contest.

  • Sculptors, remember that your piece must be no larger than 4.5 by 4.5 inches and no smaller than approximately 3 x 3.5 inches. It must fit on the plaque but not be dwarfed by it. Any submissions over the maximum dimensions will be disqualified.
  • The preferred style is is a relief type design. Your composition should be free of significant undercuts or other features that will make it difficult to cast, clean, and paint. The caster may disqualify a design if he/she feels it will be too difficult to reproduce in large numbers.
  • Monochromatic (one-color) pieces with the artist's signature on the underside are preferred. Previously submitted pieces are welcome provided the design has not been used or sold for any other purpose. You may submit more than one design.
  • Along with your submission, please include sufficient funds and packaging for return of your piece should it not be selected (we recommend $8.00 per design, this can be provided via check made out to NAMHSA). 

NAMHSA is not responsible for submissions lost or damaged in the mail. The winner must agree to confer the copyright for the design to NAMHSA.

What the winner will receive:
In addition to the honor of being the NAN trophy sculptor for 2016 and 2017, the winner will also receive two cast copies of their artwork, a check for $250, and will judge the next trophy head contest for the 2018/2019 NANs.

ALL submissions will be photographed and featured on the NAMHSA web site.

***The deadline to submit your artwork is December 15th, 2015***

*** In order for Sheila to judge the medallions without knowing their creators, please mail all entries to:
Janna Shepherd
9508 Colonel Glenn Road
Little Rock, AR 72204

Please enter and make Sheila's decision difficult!