Sunday, August 30, 2015

NAMHSA Welcomes New Fundraising Coordinator

NAMHSA Welcomes New Fundraising Coordinator


On August 11th the Board of Directors voted to approve Elena Lemm as NAMHSA’s newest Fundraising Coordinator. As Fundraising Coordinator, Elena’s responsibilities for the next two years will be heading all of NAMHSA's fundraising efforts on year-round basis, including quarterly fundraising events.

Elena has been collecting since the 1980's, but has been showing since the early 2000's. She made the jump into judging in 2012 and hosted her first shows last year. She now hosts two live shows a year plus a judging clinic in the Houston area. She comes to us with a background in finance/accounting and a strong desire to make the NAMHSA fundraising a huge success.

Elena will be replacing the outgoing Fundraising Coordinator, Erin Corbett. NAMHSA would like to thank Erin for her service as Fundraising Coordinator and wish her well in her future endeavors!

NAMHSA also thanks all applicants and appreciates their interest in this position. For further inquiries you may write to Elena at

Friday, August 21, 2015

NAMHSA News for June 2015

NAMHSA News for June 2015


Jun 1
-- Discussion continued about the final classlist for NAN. The question of splitting classes of 50 horses was brought up. A post by Niki Hertzog (R9) about the economics of classes at NAN was forwarded by Jackie Arns-­Rossi (RS).

-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the April 2015 treasurer report:
Balance in BOA checking as of 4/30/2015: 58,260.23
Balance in PayPal as of 4/30/2015: 3,705.35
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 4/30/2015: 61,965.58

Jun 3
-- A poll was started to accept the final version of the NAN 2015 classlist.

-- An issue with the wording on the new membership proposal was brought up. The original ballot was slated to go out prior to May 30, but a series of events delayed this. The membership wording that was originally voted on would have gone into effect on May 30, after the voting period ended. Eleanor Harvey (parl) was asked for advice.

Jun 5
-- Jackie Arns­-Rossi (RS) reported she was holding the ballot until the issue with the start dates of the proposed membership program changes was figured out. She also advised that the next few weeks were very busy on her end and her time for NAMHSA projects would be limited.

-- Eleanor Harvey (parl) confirmed that the BOD would need to approve a new start date for the membership program. There was no need to motion/second/discuss, just a vote could be done.

-- Jackie Arns­-Rossi (RS) posted an update on recruiting judges for NAN 2015 and warned that she currently did not have enough judges to cover three judges per class for all divisions.  She made a motion to allow one judge per class in the divisions that she didn’t have enough for three judges per class.

Niki Hertzog (R9) seconded.

Lynn Weber (R5 and web), Sharon Mossy (R10) Teresa Buzzell (pres) felt it was OK to go with single judging in the classes Jackie stated.

Jun 6
-- Kathy William (R2) requested one final call to members for judges.

Jun 7
-- The poll to accept the NAN 2015 classlist ended.

-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Annette Dean (R7)
-Niki Hertzog (R9)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Sandra Gibson (R11)
-Kim Bjorgo­-Thorne (VP)

-Stacy Quick (R1)
-Kathy Williams (R2)
-Pauline Entin (R3)

Did not vote:  Jenna Murphy (R8)

-- Pauline Entin (R3) uploaded the membership proposal changes with a start date of July 1. Jackie Arns-­Rossi (RS) moved to accept and Lynn Weber (R5 and web) seconded. The vote was set to start the next day, with a 72 hour window to vote.

-- Pauline Entin (R3) and Jackie Moore (R6) also requested one more final request for judges for the 2015 NAN. Jackie Arns­-Rossi (RS) replied and reminded everyone that the show was only about three weeks away and the deadline needed to be mid-week in order to give her enough time to work on evaluating any new judge resumes.

Eleanor Harvey (parl) reminded the BOD that time was growing short and travel costs were going to be prohibitive for those out of region. She asked Kathy Williams (R2) to come up with names of people who were local. Kathy responded that she would look, but the call should not just be local.

Jun 8
-- A poll was started to approve the membership proposal changes with a start date of July 1.

Jun 11
-- Sharon Mossy (R10) posted a question about finding a new treasurer in Region 10. She was advised that this isn’t a NAMHSA issue, but a local one, as Region 10 has opted to create their own local central treasury for its regional championship show.

-- Teresa Buzzell (president) advised the BOD to consider single judging some classes at the 2015 NAN as there had been issues in getting adequate staff to cover all divisions. She cited that this was an annual problem for NAN, although the issues appeared particularly accentuated this year. Kathy Williams (R2), Pauline Entin (R3), Jackie Moore (R6), Annette Dean (R7), and Sharon Mossy (R10) all felt that this change should not be considered without considerable discussion from members and were not in favor of changing the three judge system. Teresa reminded the board that these issues have been ongoing and in need of change for years, and felt that stagnation would be the death of the organization.

-- The poll to approve the membership proposal changes with a start date of July 1 ended:
-Stacy Quick (R1)
-Kathy Williams (R2)
-Pauline Entin (R3)
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Annette Dean (R7)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Sandra Gibson (R11)
-Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP)



Did not vote: ­Jenna Murphy (R8), Niki Hertzog (R9)

Jun 12
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted a topic about some concerns about how NAN 2015 was being run so far and attached a timeline of conversations and attempted contacts.  There was limited discussion as most participating in the discussion did not feel there was much to be done at this point.

Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 Election Results

2015 Election Results


NAMHSA would like to congratulate Stacy Quick (R1, returning), Yashka Hallein (R3), Lynn Weber (R5, returning), Carol Tuft (R7), Barbara DiAnnibella (R9), and Lisa Sharpe (R11) on winning their respective regions' Regional Representative Elections! Welcome to our new Reps, and welcome back to our returning Reps!

Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, previously the interim VP, will continue to serve as NAMHSA Vice President for the 2015-2016 term, and as President for 2016-2017.

All new and returning representatives will begin their 2015-2017 terms as of July 13th.

Welcome to NAMHSA!

The proposed Membership changes were also voted into effect during this election.
Effective on July 1, 2015

Individual Memberships, now called NAMHSA Memberships:
  • If you joined in 2013, your OLD individual membership would have expired on April 30 2015, so you no longer have a membership.
  • If you joined in 2014, your OLD individual membership would have expired on April 30, 2016. Your NEW NAMHSA membership will now expire on December 31, 2016.
  • If you joined/join in 2015, your NEW NAMHSA will now expire on December 31, 2017.
  • If you join anytime in 2016, your NEW NAMHSA membership will start on January 1, 2016, and will expire on December 31, 2018.

Showholder memberships, now called NAMHSA Memberships:
  • If you held a show in 2014, your show holder membership will expire one year from the date of your show in 2015.
  • If you held in show in 2015, your show holder membership will expire one year from the date of your show in 2016.
  • If you are planning on having a show after 7/1/2015, you will now need to apply for a NAMHSA membership, and fill out the form along with the paperwork for your show. Your NAMHSA membership will expire onDecember 31, 2017

All NAMHSA Memberships are now one vote per person. The number of shows any one person holds has no bearing on the number of votes one receives.

Please note that we are currently working to update themembership page on our website with this new information.

Thank you,
Janna Shepherd
NAMHSA Public Relations Officer

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Member Show of the Year Award

NAMHSA would like to congratulate Butterflies and Bell Boots, hosted by Colleen McNamara and Angela Youkers, as its 2015 Member Show of the Year Winner!

Held on April 25, 2015 in Glen Burnie, Maryland, Butterflies and Bell Boots was a benefit show for "The Bethany Fund", a memorial youth scholarship fund of the First Presbyterian Church of Howard County, and Tabula Rasa, an off-the-track Thoroughbred. 

photo by Niki Hertzog

This year's runners up were A MidWinter's Night Ball, hosted by Shannon Southard, Kim Wandrey, and Brad Johnson in Georgetown, Texas and Fiesta Del Phoenix, hosted by Sommer Prosser/Jewel Heist Live, hosted by Lauren Hoeffer, a tandem show held in Mesa, Arizona.

Congratulations, everyone! If you would like to nominate a show for the 2016 Member Show of the Year please visit NAMHSA's MSOTY page and fill out the nomination form.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a show for this award, to Chris Wallbruch for coordinating the MSOTY competition this year, and to our judging panel!