Thursday, January 7, 2016

NAMHSA Pony Pouches For Sale!

NAMHSA Pony Pouches For Sale!


NAMHSA is proud to offer custom NAMHSA Pony Pouches (made by Lori Batchelor of Pony Pouches By Lori) for sale in limited editions. Currently we are offering Traditional-sized pouches in two color options: (a) black with a purple patch, and (b) purple with a black patch. The current designs will be available to order between now and NAN 2016, and then a new design is planned for November 2017. There are some in stock now ready for immediate shipment, and more can be ordered with an approximately two week wait time. 

How to order: 
1. Download the NAMHSA Pony Pouch Order Form found here (which can also be found on our Fundraising page).
2. Send the completed NAMHSA Pony Pouch Order Form to Please indicate whether you have sent payment via Paypal (include email address and name to match up your order and payment) or via check/money order. If you sent a check/money order, please indicate the date that payment was mailed. 
3. Send payment via Paypal to; or mail a check or money order (made out to NAMHSA) to NAMHSA, PO Box 1271, Decatur, TX 76234. Payment must clear before pouches will be shipped.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NAMHSA Seeks a 2016 NAN Head Steward

NAMHSA Seeks a 2016 NAN Head Steward


Would you be willing to help organize and run the largest and most prestigious model horse show in North America? Do you want to serve your fellow hobbyists in an essential capacity? Are you organized, responsible and able to commit to attending NAN 2016? Then please consider applying for the position of NAN Head Steward.

NAN 2016 will be conducted July 19-21, 2016 in Lexington, KY. The Head Steward must be present all three days of NAN. Both before and during the event, the NAN Head Steward will coordinate with the NAN Chairs and NAN Registrar to ensure that the show runs smoothly.

The duties of the NAN Head Steward include (but are not limited to):
1) Arrive early (before doors open to the showers) each day, gather stewards, and conduct steward meeting.
2) Assign stewards to rings as appropriate. Explain flow of classes, calls to rings, location of class/judges sheets, verifying correct entries, judge assignment, result sheets collected and taken to Registrar. Walk stewards through all steps.
3) Monitor rings to confirm stewards are present and have no issues.
4) Answer basic questions from stewards, judges, and entrants as appropriate.
5) Refer any additional questions/issues to NAN Chair(s) as needed.
6) Transfer models remaining in rings to pony pound after announcements concerning end of prior class.
7) Enforce "no pictures" rule during actual judging of classes.
8) Remind judges (frequently) of no talking policy while they have clipboards.
9) Assist stewards in maintaining separation between judges and entrants/spectators while classes are being judged.
10) Supervise ribbon/awards tables as needed.
11) Submit a full recap of NAN from this position - what was done that was new, what worked, what did not work, and suggestions for the future.

Please note: The NAN Head Steward must have knowledge of model horse showing processes and specifically must have prior experience attending and/or volunteering at NAN within the last five years. The time commitment for this position starts when hired by the Board of Directors and concludes after all NAN related tasks are finished after NAN is over. The time commitment is most intense from May until NAN. The NAN Head Steward WILL NOT be able to show at NAN. There is a maximum stipend of $300 for this position (plus $10 for lunch each day for all three days of NAN), which will only be paid after NAN 2016 upon successful completion of all tasks and obligations and may be may be reduced if specific duties before, during, or after NAN are not executed to the Board's satisfaction.

If you are interested in being the 2016 NAN Head Steward, please fill out the form on our Volunteer page by February 6th, 2016.

NAMHSA Seeks Recording Secretary

NAMHSA Seeks Recording Secretary


Are you interested in being involved in NAMHSA? Do you have excellent written and organizational skills? Can you devote a few hours a week to the job? Then NAMHSA wants you!

NAMHSA seeks a new Recording Secretary. The term for the Recording Secretary is three years, beginning in February 2016 and ending in January 2019. The Recording Secretary is a non-voting Board position.

Responsibilities include:
--Recording and posting the bi-monthly minutes. These include, but are not limited to, the new show listings, financial reports and monthly representative reports.

--Maintaining a permanent record of past minutes.

--Administering and recording the annual Representative and Vice-Presidential elections.

--Administering and recording any special elections that may occur (such as by-law changes or interim officer elections).

--Creating and maintaining the polls that the Board uses to vote on issues.

--Maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of NAMHSA members for balloting purposes. The individual in this position will work closely with the Member Secretary, the NAN Registrar, and the Show Secretary to help keep track of new members.

The position requires utilizing the NAMHSA BOD Forum at least once daily. Minutes should be recorded as the month progresses, rather than all at once. While the position is a non-voting one, constructive opinions and discussion participation are encouraged.

If you are interested in applying for the Recording Secretary position, please fill out the form on our Volunteer page by January 31, 2016.