Thursday, October 10, 2013

Special Notice - Bloomsburg Model Horse Show, Bloomsburg, PA

It has come to the attention of NAMHSA and it's Board of Directors that the Bloomsburg Model Horse Show is in violation of Article III, Section 2.f. of the NAMHSA Bylaws.

(f) No showholder "or" relative of showholder may enter a NAN-qualifying division at a show held by the same showholder. A showholder is defined as the individual or entity that ensures NAMHSA rules and policies are followed and recruits, selects and assigns judges (or has an agent who recruits, selects and assigns judges) to the show's divisions. The showholder (or agent for the showholder) must be present at the show. In the case of an absentee showholder, the agent will be considered the showholder. A "relative" is any person related to showholder as grandparent, parent, step-parent, aunts or uncles (by blood or marriage), spouse, significant other, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter, sibling, in-law, niece, nephew, first cousin, or any person residing with showholder or other relatives of showholder. Any non-relative, non-cohabiting individual who co-owns models with a showholder may enter a NAN-qualifying show hosted by that showholder. The individual will be allowed to show only models not co-owned with the showholder.

It is NAMHSA's understanding that Ellen Derr, not Al Miknich, was the host of this show on September 7, 2013.

Evidence has been brought forth regarding the situation, including both physical and eye witness accounts, that Ellen solicited for judges, accepted show entry fees and showed in two divisions while Al Miknich was absent.

It is also known that Amanda Derr, Ellen's daughter, submitted the application and show packet to NAMHSA for approval.

Despite NAMHSA communicating with Ellen multiple times, both in writing prior to the show by Carra McClelland, NAMHSA's President, and verbally during the show by Niki Hertzog, Region 9 Representative, Ellen failed to follow the NAMHSA show hosting rules and continued to show her horses in the OF Breyer and OF Stone divisions.

Considering the evidence, NAMHSA has no choice but to rescind all NAN Cards from this event.

NAMHSA understands the impact it has on a number of exhibitors. It is unfortunate that the other showers will be penalized as well, however, this is a severe breach of the rules.

If you have any further questions regarding the situation, please feel free to contact the NAMHSA President, Carra McClelland at or NAMHSA Vice President, Tom Dean at