Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NAN 2013: A Message from your Registrar

Good day all,

So…who is ready for NAN 2013?!? It's quickly approaching!

Just wanted to pass on some information for those that are currently planning on making the journey to Harrisburg, PA.

NAN Cards: Please please please fill out your NAN cards properly. Please ensure that class name matches the show results for that the card, that you have your model name printed correctly and most importantly, that you put YOUR name on your NAN card! If you have purchased a model that came with NAN cards and you desire to enter that model at NAN please ensure that you put your name on the other side of the card as is indicated on the card. Failure to do so makes that NAN card invalid.

If I receive any invalid NAN cards, your entry will be scratched and your NAN card(s) will be returned to you in your show packet. If you have missing NAN cards, your entry will be scratched.

I'm hoping to get NAN Registration open by the second week of April so now is the time to get prepared.

With regards to NAN Registration, I'm making some changes. This year you will ONLY send me NAN cards and if not paying via PayPal, payment. You will NOT send me anything else. No entry forms, no Code of Conducts, nothing that is NOT a NAN card or payment.

For those that will be joining NAMHSA please send your membership form to the Membership Secretary, Danielle Miller. Her contact information can be found here: http://www.namhsa.org/contacts.htm PLEASE do not send me your membership form. I will only have you do it again and send to Danielle. You may combine your NAMHSA membership payment along with your NAN fees however as has been done in the past.

Due to Indy NAN's very tight registration schedule please keep an eye on your email inbox. If I have queries I will need for you to respond as soon as you can please.

With regards to Code of Conducts, you and your helpers will sign those upon packet pickup. So again, please DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries about registration.

Clear skies,
Jim West
Registrar, NAN 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Board Meetings: Meet Jackie Moore, Region 6 Rep

Hello! My name is Jackie Moore and I am the Region 6 Rep.

I was a horse-crazy kid in a non-horsey family. :) But my parents did their best.

I took lessons as a youngster and competed in numerous events at local shows - halter, showmanship, pleasure, equitation, over fences...primarily huntseat, but I also did some Western events. I was on a drill team and performed in parades and horse fairs.

My last two years of high school and throughout college, I spent my summers working on Thoroughbred horse farms. After I graduated college in 1991, I went to work full time at the racetrack - traveling up and down the east coast with the horses. I spent time as an exercise rider, jockey, and assistant trainer.

My back was broken in a training accident in 2000, so it was time to find a new career.

I collected Breyers as a youngster as well, and competed in photo shows. I went to my first live show in 2001, my first Breyerfest in 2003, and my first NAN in 2004. I co-host a model horse show in central FL (MITS), which is currently the only two day show in Region 6. We have hosted this show for five years (and counting). I am in my third term as Region 6 Rep, and I try to get to as many live shows in the region as I can (often driving 9 hours or more to get there). I collect mostly resins and chinas, and I love to show in performance.

So, that's me in a nutshell! See you at the shows!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

NAMHSA Approved Show List 3/23/2013

Just a reminder to send your show applications to show-membership@namhsa.org. If you sent in a show for approval, and do not see it on the below list, please let me know.
NEW! All NAN qualifier results are required to be submitted to NAMHSA in an electronic, searchable format. Examples of searchable formats are MS Word documents, MS Excel documents, and in most cases PDF documents. Hand-written or scanned results are not acceptable.
REMINDER: Show results are due within 30 days from the date of the show. For a listing of show results due: http://www.namhsa.org/membershows-pendingresults.htm
Amy Peck
2012/2013 NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary
Region 1
Atomic City Live
Pasco, WA
Stacy Quick
Region 2
Western States Fundraiser #1
San Martin, CA
Lindsey Hall
Achy Acres Mini Spring Fling
Galt, CA
Heather Visser
Big Valley Performance Show
Galt, CA
Heather Visser
Region 3
Golden, CO
Heather Roell
Jewel Heist Live
Mesa, AZ
Lauren Hoeffer
Region 4
No shows to report.
Region 5
The Witches Convention 2013 First Annual Reunion
Oklahoma City, OK
Jacklyn Catena
Oklahoma Model Horses Shows on Facebook
Region 6
No shows to report.
Region 7
Breyerfest Open Show
Lexington, KY
Michelle Masters
Show Horse Showdown
LaGrange, KY
Liz Cassell
Region 8
Stone Horse Country Fair
Shipshewana, IN
Jo Kulwicki
INDY-MINI-CON Live Model Horse Show
Beech Grove, IN
Patricia Reed
Midwest Model Mania
Galesburg, IL
Marilou Mol
Great Lakes Congress No-Frills Show
Huntley, IL
Liz Cory (GLC Inc)
Meows and Minis
Itasca, IL
Chris Wallbruch
Region 9
No shows to report.
Region 10
Baystate Models Live
Boxborough, MA
Maria Firstenberg
Region 11
No shows to report.
Amy Peck
NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary

Friday, March 22, 2013

Feature Friday: Interview with Karen Gerhardt

(photo courtesy of Karen Gerhardt)
NAMHSA recently interviewed Karen Gerhardt, an artist, model horse hobbyist, and graphic designer from Colorado.

NAMHSA: People in the hobby know you for your sculpture, but that isn't all you have done. Can you give us a little of your artistic background and what attracted you to art in the first place?

Karen Gerhardt: I was one of those kids who was "born with it": art plus horses. I've never wanted to do anything else but draw, paint, and sculpt, and (to my art teachers' chagrin) mostly just wanted to create horses. I have an associates degree in visual communication, and a couple years ago retired from a 30-year career in advertising art/graphic design/art direction. I don't have any formal fine art training.

N: How did you come to be involved in the design of the NAMHSA logo? Were you a part of the original group who put NAMHSA together or did you come on board after?

KG: I was the person back in the early 1990's who sparked the initial discussion on the first internet email list ("Haynet") for the hobby. I wrote a wishful-thinking post on how it would be so cool to have a live show circuit for model horses that culminated in a national show every year. And quite a few others online at the time agreed that it would be cool... so I then posted a "Let's Do It!" sort of email, and a bunch of us formed a committee, and that's how NAMHSA got started.

N: Were you given input and ideas from others or were you given free rein to design it on your own? And, for those interested in the "how" part, what programs did you use?

KG: I was a graphic designer at the time, who designed logos and other print materials for a living. So I just volunteered to design the logo; the org needed one pronto. I don't think I even presented more than one logo design, and there was no approval process or anything more formal. I decided to show an english horse and a western horse, with simplistic bits that could also be meant to represent halter horses. The best logos are the simple ones that will reproduce well in any media, from coffee mugs to t-shirts to ads. It was created using Adobe Illustrator.
N: Why was the logo that we are all familiar with chosen to be "the" logo? Why did it represent the organization best that other options did not?

KG: (see above) :)

N: Looking back at it now, what would you change about the logo, if anything?

KG: I could have put more detail into the horse silhouettes. But I created it pretty fast.

N: Are there any other pieces of design work that you have done in the model horse hobby that people may not have known that you had a hand in doing?

KG: I have also designed the logo for the RESS organization, have designed printed materials for both Breyer and Peter Stone company, the BOYCC logo in 2011... probably others I am forgetting!

NAMHSA would like to thank Karen for agreeing to interview with us and for the wonderful logo we've been proud to call our own.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NAMHSA Seeks a Vice President

Have you always wanted to know how the world's largest model horse hobby organization works from the inside? Have you ideas about how to make the model horse showing world bigger and better? Do you have what it takes to represent the nation on the NAMHSA Board of Directors? If you have answered Yes to these questions, then NAMHSA Wants YOU!

Current NAMHSA Showholders and Individual Members, it is time to nominate candidates for Vice President. As a NAMHSA Showholder and Individual member, it is your privilege and responsibility to nominate candidates for the office.

The NAMHSA 2013-2014 Vice President will take office at NAN 2013. Their term will be for one year, at which time they will then assume the office of President. Showholders and Individual Members may nominate anyone for the office (including themselves), however, you MUST be certain the person you are nominating has confirmed they are willing to run for office.

Candidates need to be aware that the job requires making the time and commitment to QUICKLY respond to Board work and issues. Board members assume ultimate responsibility for running NAMHSA and assuring a quality NAN. Email accessibility is required, as the NAMHSA Board is primarily an email entity. It requires the ability to read and respond to Board emails every day.

Vice Presidential duties include:

  • Act as the first officer to the President to carry out NAMHSA business;
  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President; and
  • Serve as the President's representative as directed.
  • The VP is the list owner of the NAMHSA-Discussion Yahoo Group.
  • The VP has voting power.

In addition, the VP will be a member of the Finance Committee, which includes the following duties:
“The VP should have on-line access to review the accounts. The VP shall review the account balance on a random basis (no less than every other week), and shall view an image of every paid check. After each review, the VP shall post to the BOD the result of the review. The VP shall receive the paid checks and compare the reconciliations to the bank accounts and notify the finance committee that they have been approved. The VP shall NOT be a signer on the account.”
The VP will also be responsible for reviewing and approving the monthly, quarterly, annual, and NAN financial reports.

The sitting VP may show at NAN.

After serving a one year term, the Vice President will assume the office of NAMHSA President for a one year term beginning at the membership meeting held in conjunction with NAN. Please review NAMHSA Bylaws Article V, Section 4 for information regarding the office of NAMHSA President.

All about nominating a 2013-2014 VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:

**Use the form below for your nomination**


Voting Ballots for the election will be sent out in April. To send in your nominee(s), you must provide ALL of the information requested below. NAMHSA has to contact each nominee to confirm they want to run, so complete contact information is essential. You can either mail or email the information. To email, simply copy and paste the information below into a new email. If you have WebTV or similar service, just send an email to the below address indicating your nomination. Be sure to include your name and region, as well as your nominee’s contact information.

By Email: send to vote@namhsa.org. Please put “NAMHSA Nominee” in your subject line.

By snail mail:

NAMHSA Recording Secretary
Jackie Arns
64 Renner Ave
Bloomfield NJ 07003




My nominee for Vice President is:




Email address (Must provide!):


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wordlesss Weekend

Last weekend Lone Star Live was held in Fort Worth, TX.  This show is the oldest still-running show in Texas, and always has a great turnout.  These are a few of my (Lynn Weber) pictures from the weekend, along with links to albums from Kellye Bussey and Vicky Norris.  Thank you for sharing your photos!

For more Lone Star Live pictures, please take a look at Kellye's album, https://plus.google.com/photos/110598122829678637269/albums/5854097304925439601 and Vicky's album, http://www.flickr.com/photos/woodturner52/sets/72157632972552449/.  Thanks again, ladies, and thanks go to Sue Stewart, for holding the show.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NAMHSA Congratulates Merit Award Winners!

NAMHSA Congratulates Merit Award Winners!

NAMHSA congratulates the following horses and their owners who earned Merit Awards in January and February 2013:

Superior Event Horse for Outstanding Achievement (requiring 12 NAN cards in one class):

American Freedom – Welsh Ponies – Lori Sala
Late Harvest – Custom European Pony (Welsh) – Lori Sala
Master of Ceremonies – OF Stone Other Ponies – Lori Sala
Inheritance– Other Pure/Part Foals – Colorado Ranger – Lori Sala
Working Class Hero – Breyer Paint Halter – Teresa Buzzell
Crete– Custom Glaze Mixed Sport Breed Halter – Teresa Buzzell
CZ Rowdy Commando – Morgan – Nina Henne
TS Blue Horizons – Vintage Breyer Decorator – Mary Ann Snyder
TS Lohengrin – Vintage Breyer Decorator – Mary Ann Snyder
Found Gold – Collectibility – Elise Partanen
TS Magnum – Western Stockwork – Elise Partanen
Seamstress– Harness – Katherine Dwyer

Superior Halter Horse for Outstanding Achievement in Breed and Collectability or Workmanship(requiring 16 NAN cards, with a minimum of 4 each in Breed Halter and Collectability / Workmanship):

Bottle Rocket – Heather Mays
Bliss– Heather Mays
Bearly Dun – Heather Mays
Woodbury– Robin Kent
Diesel– Elise Partanen

Versatility Award, for Outstanding Achievement in Halter and Performance (requiring 16 NAN cards in any combination of classes, with a minimum of 6 in halter and 6 in performance):

Toby– Barbara DiAnnibella

Superior Division Horse for Excellence in a Performance Division (requiring 16 NAN cards in one performance subdivision, with a minimum of 4 cards each in 3 different classes within that subdivision):

Rocket Man – Western Performance – Heather Mays
Paradox– English Performance – Heather Mays
Absolute Proof – Western Performance – Heather Mays
Forever Blue – English Performance – Heather Mays
Hollywood Splash – Western Performance – Heather Mays
Sweet Spot – English Performance – Ann Harris
Toby– English Performance – Barbara DiAnnibella

Legion of Merit for Excellence in Halter and Performance (requiring 8 NAN cards in any combination of classes, with a minimum of 3 card in halter and 3 cards in performance):

Picasso– Heather Mays
Absolute Proof – Heather Mays
Cash– Barbara DiAnnibella
Justa Commotion – Nina Henne
CZ Kool – Nina Henne
Imperial Sass – Nina Henne

Register of Merit for Excellence (requiring 6 NAN cards in one class):

Snafu – Stone Collectibility – Teresa Buzzell
Tariq– Native Costume – Teresa Buzzell
Tariq– Stone Arabian – Teresa Buzzell
B.Y.O.B.– Western Arena Trail – Teresa Buzzell
Alchemist– AR Warmblood – Teresa Buzzell
Flicker of Lightning – AR Mini Other Light Breed – Teresa Buzzell
Mercenary– Breyer Mini Warmblood – Teresa Buzzell
Good Girl Gone Bad – Stone Mini Saddlebred – Teresa Buzzell
Another Whistler’s Tune – China Other Light – Robin Kent
Dakota West – China Paint – Robin Kent
Ivory Moon – OF Arabian Mare – Robin Kent
Mistaken Identity – SM Vintage – Robin Kent
Popelino– China Longear/Exotic – Robin Kent
Zor– Breyer Test OOAK – Robin Kent
Vladislav– Workmanship – Ann Harris
Dun With Sue – Western Arena Trail – Ann Harris
Catlike– Cutting – Ann Harris
Sweet Spot – Huntseat Pleasure – Ann Harris
Sweet Spot – English Games – Ann Harris
In The Black – Saddleseat Pleasure – Barbara DiAnnibella
Hero For Hire – Cutting – Barbara DiAnnibella
Skeleton Key – Stadium Jumping – Barbara DiAnnibella
Toby– Shetland Pony Grand National – Barbara DiAnnibella
MaraƱoso Arrogante – Lusitano – Nina Henne
Causin A Commotion – Colorado Rangerbred – Nina Henne
Power To Impress – Shire – Nina Henne
CZ Sweet Dreams – QH – Nina Henne
CZ Rowdy Commando – Morgan – Nina Henne
Lotto Flash – Appaloosa – Nina Henne
CZ Kool – Appaloosa – Nina Henne
Imperial Sass – Showmanship – Nina Henne
Lita– TB – Nina Henne
Secret Weapon – Paint – Nina Henne
Freyafra TS – OF Plastic QH x Icelandic Foal – Mary Ann Snyder
TS Kiger Lily – OF Plastic Kiger Mustang Foal – Mary Ann Snyder
Black Magic Woman – Azteca – Marisa C. Hildebrandt
Ellie Mae – Quarter Pony Weanling – Marisa C. Hildebrandt
Vanilla Gorilla – Collectibility – Elise Partanen
Sterling– Collectibility – Elise Partanen
Blue Beauty – Collectibility – Elise Partanen
After the Party – Collectibility – Elise Partanen
Skag– Western Games – Elise Partanen
Swing The Mood Jive – Saddleseat Performance – Katherine Dwyer

The goal of the Merit Awards program is to reward models that consistently place well at NAMHSA member shows. This is entirely separate from, and may be in addition to, any NAN awards the model may win; attendance at any NAN is *not required* to earn a Merit Award.

WANTED: Photos of past and present Merit Award winners for inclusion in the online Merit Award Gallery on the NAMHSA website! Send JPGs to Merit Award Coordinator, Beth Lamm.

For more information on the Merit Award program and Gallery, please visit http://www.namhsa.org/meritawards.htm