Thursday, October 10, 2013

Special Notice - Bloomsburg Model Horse Show, Bloomsburg, PA

It has come to the attention of NAMHSA and it's Board of Directors that the Bloomsburg Model Horse Show is in violation of Article III, Section 2.f. of the NAMHSA Bylaws.

(f) No showholder "or" relative of showholder may enter a NAN-qualifying division at a show held by the same showholder. A showholder is defined as the individual or entity that ensures NAMHSA rules and policies are followed and recruits, selects and assigns judges (or has an agent who recruits, selects and assigns judges) to the show's divisions. The showholder (or agent for the showholder) must be present at the show. In the case of an absentee showholder, the agent will be considered the showholder. A "relative" is any person related to showholder as grandparent, parent, step-parent, aunts or uncles (by blood or marriage), spouse, significant other, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter, sibling, in-law, niece, nephew, first cousin, or any person residing with showholder or other relatives of showholder. Any non-relative, non-cohabiting individual who co-owns models with a showholder may enter a NAN-qualifying show hosted by that showholder. The individual will be allowed to show only models not co-owned with the showholder.

It is NAMHSA's understanding that Ellen Derr, not Al Miknich, was the host of this show on September 7, 2013.

Evidence has been brought forth regarding the situation, including both physical and eye witness accounts, that Ellen solicited for judges, accepted show entry fees and showed in two divisions while Al Miknich was absent.

It is also known that Amanda Derr, Ellen's daughter, submitted the application and show packet to NAMHSA for approval.

Despite NAMHSA communicating with Ellen multiple times, both in writing prior to the show by Carra McClelland, NAMHSA's President, and verbally during the show by Niki Hertzog, Region 9 Representative, Ellen failed to follow the NAMHSA show hosting rules and continued to show her horses in the OF Breyer and OF Stone divisions.

Considering the evidence, NAMHSA has no choice but to rescind all NAN Cards from this event.

NAMHSA understands the impact it has on a number of exhibitors. It is unfortunate that the other showers will be penalized as well, however, this is a severe breach of the rules.

If you have any further questions regarding the situation, please feel free to contact the NAMHSA President, Carra McClelland at or NAMHSA Vice President, Tom Dean at

Thursday, August 22, 2013

North American Nationals 2015 Bid Guidelines

Ladies and Gentlemen, get your creativity going and set your ambitions high - NAMHSA is pleased to present the NAN 2015 BID SPECIFICATIONS!


Bids must address ALL required questions and specifications. Generally, more information is a plus. Creativity is encouraged with regards to ways to draw exhibitors to this show. Companion events are encouraged but will not be run by NAMHSA. The *entire* bid package will be considered, not just the hall costs and location. Bids for NAN 2009 and 2011 have been posted publicly and may be consulted for reference.

Good luck!


1. Ensure that the show hall is available for show dates between June 21 and August 19, 2015.

2. Friday through Sunday rental (show dates) are preferred, though weekday rental will be considered.

3. NAN staff must have access to the show hall from at least 6:30 am each day through 11 pm each evening. Access on the day prior to NAN (e.g., Thursday afternoon) and longer access/24 hour access is desirable.

4. The budget for three day show hall rental plus any necessary table and chair rental and set up must not exceed $12,000. Please specify if the tables and chairs are included in the show hall rental cost or are an additional cost. (Other related costs such as insurance, security, internet lines, PA system etc. may be extra and are not considered part of the $12,000 budget.)

5. Specify the show hall size (square footage) and layout (room shape etc.). The show hall must be a minimum of 12,000 square feet and not exceed 20,000 square feet. *Exception*: Proposals for a show hall between 10,000 and 11,999 square feet will be considered *if *accompanied by a diagram that demonstrates how at least 125 showers can be accommodated, along with all necessary administrative and show space.

5a. Show halls should be equipped with Air Conditioning.

6. A minimum of 120 six to eight foot long tables are needed and more may be needed, depending upon the number of entrants. Either the show hall must include the necessary tables, or a plan must be described to conveniently rent the tables and have them set up by 6:30 am on the first day of the show. Note that the table rental cost (if any) must be included in the $12,000 budget.

7. A minimum of 250 chairs are needed (more may be needed, depending on the number of entrants), with padded chairs preferred over plain metal chairs. Either the show hall must include the necessary chairs, or a plan must be described to conveniently rent the chairs and have them set up. Note that the chair rental cost (if any) must be included in the $12,000 budget.

8. The hall must provide or have a mechanism for a minimum of 2 working connections to the Internet. The show CANNOT run without at least two internet connections.

9. The hall must have a minimum of 4 working electrical outlets in the same area for use by the NAN Management/Registrar

10. The hall must provide a PA system, or a plan must be described for renting or otherwise securing a PA system.

11. The hall must provide a very large white board, or a plan must be described for renting or otherwise securing a very large white board. Also acceptable is demonstrable ability to project class changes onto a wall visible from all locations in the show hall.

12. There must be easy access to and from the show hall for both staff and entrants. Keep in mind that entrants and staff will need to transport large boxes, bins, rolling carts etc., into the show hall.

12a. Describe methods of access to show hall. Direct access on same level from unloading area or loading dock is preferred, though not mandatory. If elevator access is necessary, please describe number available and their sizes. Please state if escalator or stairs are required to gain access to the hall. Please describe access for persons with disabilities, if not on the same level or by elevator

13. Be sure to describe the show hall in detail. Is it carpeted? How is the lighting? Is it a stand-alone building or in a larger building? Are Restrooms/Vending/Water in close proximity?


1. Preference will be given to bids that include the names and contact information for TWO TO THREE individuals who have committed to serve as either NAN Chair, NAN Co-Chair, or NAN Registrar for 2015. These individuals are not required to reside in the area or region of the show hall. While preference will be given to bids that include these named volunteers, including these named volunteers is NOT a requirement to submit a bid, and all complete bids will be considered.

2. The bid must include the name and contact information of one individual who is LOCAL to the show hall who will serve as a local liaison. This service may include trips to the show hall to answer questions about parking, layout etc., contacting show hall personnel, answering general questions about the locale, etc.


Please address each of the points listed below:

1. Rental Process: Describe the rental process and agreement. For example, if a down payment is required, how much is it and when is it due? When is complete payment due? What is the cancellation policy? Who is the primary contact for the show hall rental? Other details are encouraged.

2. Extra costs: What are the extra needs and costs associated with the show hall? For examples: Is the room internet ready or is Wi-Fi needed? What are the costs of obtaining internet connections to the hall? What is the cost of the PA system and white board/projector?

3. Catering/Food Policies: Describe the options and policies related to food and meals. For example, does the show hall have its own catering? Is use of that specific catering required? What are the catering menus and approximate costs per person? What is the policy on outside food? Are entrants allowed to bring in coolers etc.? Other details are strongly encouraged.

4. Security: Describe the show hall security. Is security available with the rental or is it required? What are the costs of security if not part of the rental? Can the show hall be locked overnight?

5. Janitorial: Describe the janitorial service. Is it included as part of the rental? What is the fee to have it done if it is not included with the rental?

6. Other requirements: Does the hall have other requirements, e.g., do they require an insurance policy - and if so, for what amount? Are paramedics required on the premises?

7. Parking/Loading: Is parking (for staff and entrants) free or is there an extra charge? How far away is the parking? What are the unloading/loading options - is there a place to drive up to the show hall (then park)? Details are strongly encouraged.

8. Hotels: Is the show hall associated with a host hotel? If so, is there a minimum room rental? Will room rentals affect the show hall rental price? What is the range of room prices? Are there other hotels within walking distance? Are there other hotels within a 10 minute drive? What is the range of room prices? Details are strongly encouraged.

9. Restaurants: What restaurants are located within walking distance of the show hall? What restaurants are located within a 10 min drive of the show hall?

10. Auction/Raffle Legalities: What are the city/county/state laws and requirements regarding Auctions and Raffles? What is the relevant tax rate, and how is a temporary tax id obtained? Note - obtaining this information will require conversations with local/state government and is *required* for a complete bid.

11. Auction/Raffle Space: Does the show hall have space for a NAN auction? If there is not sufficient space, is there a nearby location for the auction? What is the square footage of the nearby location and how close to the show hall is it? Is there an additional cost for the extra space and if so, how much?

12. Regional show base: Describe the hobby populations that are within a 6 and within a 12 hour drive of the show hall. Hobby populations are "greater metro areas" with a significant number of showers - for example, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX etc. It may be useful to consult the archive of NAMHSA member shows when addressing this question. In addition, please state how many NAMHSA member shows were held in the general region of the show hall (within 2 hrs drive) in the last year, and how many showers typically attend NAMHSA member shows in the general area of the show hall.

13. Air travel: What are the nearest airport(s) to the show hall? How long is the ride/drive from the airport to the hotels and show hall and what options are available for that trip (e.g., shuttle, subway, cab, etc.)? What airlines service the nearest airport(s)? A list of major airlines that service the nearest airport is appreciated.

14. Other Activities: Companion events are encouraged but will not be run by NAMHSA. This includes vendor space at NAN. Any bids including a vendor space will need to ensure their own coordinator for vending and include details regarding space for vendors, cost of said space, legal requirements (taxes, ordinances, facility regulations, etc.) and proximity to the show hall itself.

15. Activities for Non-Showers: What are the nearby points of interest? Are there parks, museums, casinos, or other entertainment opportunities close to the show hall?

DEADLINE FOR BIDS: March 1, 2014

Submit your NAN 2015 bids to NAMHSA President Carra McClelland at

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nominations Open for the 2014 Member Show of the Year

Starting immediately NAMHSA will begin accepting nominations for the 2014 Member Show of the Year. Any NAMHSA-Approved show held between May 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014 is eligible for nomination.

As with 2013, the 2014 MSOTY Committee will be led by Chris Wallbruch, the current Region 8 Representative.

For more information or to nominate a show visit NAMHSA's MSOTY page at

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rule Change - NAN Performance Entry Size Limits

Beginning in 2014 there will be a slight modification to the size limitation for NAN Performance Entries.  The new regulations replace those in the 2013 NAN Packet beginning page 9 and will be included starting with the 2014 NAN Packet. Please note that size limitations will be strictly enforced to ensure consistency throughout the show.

Please find the new verbiage below.


Performance entries are limited to a maximum area of 18" x 30" with the exception of Over Fences and Stock Work classes, which may use 24" x 30". Multi-horse (>2) hitches may can legally exceed these space requirements when necessary.

Entrants are strongly encouraged to keep their setups to well under these size limitations whenever possible. Size limits will be enforced by the ring stewards and failure to comply can result in disqualification.

NO SETUP is permitted in Huntseat Pleasure, Western Pleasure, or Saddle Seat Pleasure classes, meaning no footing of any type and no props (except a rider) may be included. The entry should consist of model, tack, and (optionally) a rider. Explanation cards are permitted only to note specific tack permissions, e.g., Junior Horse for an entry in a bosal or ring snaffle in western pleasure, or to explain gait/movement for a horse not obviously in a walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, or gait.

Setups are permitted in all other performance classes, however, all parts of the setup should be germane to the performance portrayed (e.g., cattle in stock work, jumps in over fences, or a buffalo in a Native American costume are appropriate). Props must not obscure any part of your entry or any other entry. Excessive scenery, animals not involved with the actual entry, etc., are not appropriate. All parts of the setup must fit within the maximum sizes stated above and otherwise conform to the rules listed below.

- No photo backdrops are permitted.
- Performance explanation cards should be limited to 3" x 5" in size; additional documentation is limited to one 8.5" x 11" sheet. Documentation should be kept as minimal as possible and oversized documentation may be removed by the ring stewards.
- Each class is guaranteed only 10 minutes of setup time. We will be using timers on all rings. No class will be held for late entries. Size limits will be enforced by the ring stewards and failure to comply can result in disqualification.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Now that NAN 2013 is history, NAMHSA seeks a NAN 2014 Chairperson or Co-Chairs. So - do you want to help host the largest and most prestigious model horse show in North America? Do you want to give back to the model horse showing hobby? Then please consider applying for the position of NAN Chair.

NAN 2014 will be conducted July 8-10, Tuesday through Thursday, directly before Breyerfest at the Rupp Arena/Heritage Hall in Lexington, Kentucky.

The NAN 2014 Chair will need to be present all three days.

Key responsibilities of the NAN Chair include, but are not limited to:

1. Ongoing contact with the NAN hall (Heritage Hall/Rupp) including arranging for all necessary set up (tables, chairs, catering, etc.).
2. Coordination with the NAN Registrar, including preparing the on line registration program, proofing documents and making recommendations on the NAN class list.
3. Completing all permits and tax documents necessary to hold NAN.
4. Coordinating NAN judges, including soliciting nominations, sending out judge surveys, and assigning classes.
5. Working with NAMHSA's PR coordinator to ensure advertising for NAN.
6. Ordering rosettes for NAN.
7. Ordering resin trophy heads and ensuring those are sent to Auld's Crafters on time.
8. Communicating with Auld's Crafters and ordering the number of plaques needed for NAN (classes plus staff and volunteers).
9. Creating a NAN show program and ensuring its distribution at NAN.
10. Organizing volunteers for NAN, such as ring stewards, announcer, white board organizer, ribbon runners, etc.
11. Ordering judge/volunteer's shirts.
12. Working with the NAN Sponsorship Chair to ensure commitments to sponsors are met.
13. Organizing judge's accommodations (lunches etc.), entrant seating charts, and other day-of-event necessities.
14. Overseeing all NAN operations during the show.

Please note: The NAN Chair does not need to personally do all the above tasks. The NAN Chair is free to delegate to other volunteers but the Chair is ultimately responsible for making sure that all jobs get done. Co-Chairs are possible, but the stipend must be split between the co-chairs. The NAN Chair serves as the head of the NAN Committee. Therefore, the NAN Chair may NOT show at NAN. There is a $525 stipend for this position, which will be paid after NAN 2014 upon successful completion of all tasks and obligations.

If you are interested in being the 2014 NAN Chair, please send a brief resume, including relevant experience (e.g., hosting other live model horse shows, past involvement in NAMHSA), and a statement of interest to NAMHSA President Carra McClelland at

The deadline to apply is September 30, 2013.

Thank you for your interest in NAMHSA!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 Merit Award Drive at Breyerfest

Beth Lamm, the Merit Awards Coordinator, will be accepting basic applications for Merit Awards at this year's Breyerfest on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in room 516 at the Clarion (CHIN).

Typically when applying for basic Merit Awards applicants are limited to only ten applications every 60 days. Just as with 2012, the ten application limit will be lifted and applicants may submit an unlimited number of basic applications at $1 each paid via PayPal, cash or check (made payable to NAMHSA).

You may download the Merit Award Application at or pick one up in person.

For more information contact Merit Awards Coordinator, Beth Lamm, at

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 NAMHSA Annual Meeting

The 2013 NAMHSA Annual Meeting will be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the North American Nationals on Saturday, June 22 at 12:30PM.

There will be a break during the show to introduce new members to the Board of Directors, thank outgoing members and NAN volunteers, announce the 2013 NAMHSA Member Show of the Year and much, much more!

Current NAMHSA President, Teresa Buzzell, welcomes anyone who would like to attend the meeting.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Member Show of the Year Nominees

The nominees are in! Here are the finalists for the 2013 Member Show of the Year Award.
  • Carolina Gold Classic held March 9, 2013 by Julia Harmon in Monroe, North Carolina
  • Delta Stampede held August 26, 2012 by Cindy Ruth in Stockton, California.
  • GPMHS Go Big or Go Home Benefit Show held March 23, 2013 by Kelly Weimer in Kittaning, Pennsylvania.
  • A Midwinter's Night Ball held January 11-13, 2013 by Kim Wandrey, Shannon Southard and Brad Johnson in Georgetown, Texas.
  • Over the Hump Live held March 24, 2013 by Donna Anderson in Parumph, Nevada.
  • The 25th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention held October 6, 2012 by Laura Behning in Covington, Georgia.
  • Miami Valley Live held November 10, 2012 by Hilary Rossow in Greenville, Ohio.

Congratulations to all the nominees for their hard work. The winner will be announced during the Annual Meeting at the North American Nationals in Harrisburg. Good luck!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2013 Merit Award Drive at NAN

Beth Lamm, the Merit Awards Coordinator, will be accepting basic applications for Merit Awards at this year's North American Nationals all day on Friday and Saturday.

Typically when applying for basic Merit Awards applicants are limited to only ten applications every 60 days. Just as with 2012, the ten application limit will be lifted and applicants may submit an unlimited number of basic applications at $1 each paid via PayPal, cash or check (made payable to NAMHSA).

You may download the Merit Award Application at or pick one up in person.

For more information visit or contact Beth at

Friday, May 24, 2013

National Tagging System

The North American Model Horse Shows Association is looking for a few individuals who are interested in exploring the concept of a national tagging system.

NAMHSA is looking for the following people:
    ∙ Lives in an area or region that uses 3x5 cards
    ∙ Lives in a region that doesn't use a current tagging system
    ∙ Has an extensive live show background
    ∙ Ability to stay on track with the conversations
    ∙ Ability to foresee potential obstacles

Interested parties should contact the NAMHSA President, Teresa Buzzell, at

Thursday, May 23, 2013

NAMHSA Approved Show List 4/21/2013

Just a reminder to send your show applications to

REMINDER! All NAN qualifier results are required to be submitted to NAMHSA in an electronic, searchable format. Examples of searchable formats are MS Word documents, MS Excel documents, and in most cases PDF documents. Hand-written or scanned results are not acceptable.

REMINDER: Show results are due within 30 days from the date of the show. For a listing of show results due:

Amy Peck
2012/2013 NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary

Region 1

It's Summer in Seattle Live
Seattle, WA
Amy Widman

Region 2
No shows to report.

Region 3

OSC: High Noon All
Performance Show
Tucson, AZ
Deb and Danielle Ash

Pioneer Classic
Provo, UT
Tara Oliver

Region 4
No shows to report.

Region 5

The BYO aka The FIFTEENTH (Believe It or Not) Absolutely Positively Gonna Happen Every Year (Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise) Annual North Texas Equine Miniaturists Association Bring-Your-Own Many Rosettes and Maybe or Maybe Not Some Trophies, Since the World Didn't End Last Year You Don't Wanta Miss It, No Tag/No 3x5 Card Big-Competition-For-the-North-American-Nationals-So-Look-Out-BreyerFest-Open-Show Tune-Up, Pre-BF Strategy Soiree, Swap Meet, Schmooze-Fest, All-Performance Qualifying Show with Pink Performance NAN Cards (But Only Two Per Class), Pot Luck Lunch, Still No NAN Tag Preparation Required, Celebration of Anything We Can Come Up With Before Then Or Just Because We Wanta Have Fun, Who Knows We May Watch the NAN Live Stream, and No Longer on the Parking Lot Weiner Roast XV In A Building with Working Air-Conditioning,a Full Kitchen, and Lots of Parking With Yet An Even Longer Name
Sanger, TX
Sue P Stewart

Region 6
No shows to report.

Region 7

Big Orange Bash 11 / 2013
Knoxville, TN
Carol Tuft

Region 8
No shows to report.

Region 9
No shows to report.

Region 10

New England Performance Challenge
Spencer, MA
Nancy Timm

Region 11

Lethbridge Live 2013
Lethbridge, Alberta
Bobbie Mosimann

Amy Peck
NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary

Monday, May 20, 2013

NAMHSA Spring 2013 Election Results

The results for the NAMHSA Spring 2013 Election have been tabulated.

The odd numbered regions held their biennial representative elections

Stacy Quick ran unopposed in Region 1 for Region 1 Representative. She will be replacing Tracy Eilers.

The incumbent Pauline Entin won Region 3 against challenger Yashka Hellien.

Another incumbent, Lyn Norbury, won over challenger Lynn Weber for Region 5 Representative.

Two newcomers were nominated to represent Region 9. Niki Hertzog won over Kim Bjorgo.

Regions 7 and 11 had no candidates and will be unrepresented. Parties interested in the positions can contact Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary at

Tom Dean has been voted the new NAMHSA Vice President and will take office, along with the new Regional Reps, during the annual meeting of NAN 2013.

Fantasy Equids (unicorns, pegasi and the combination) will be allowed to qualify for the North American Nationals. The bylaws change passed and an emergency change has been approved. Fantasy horses are allowed to begin qualifying for NAN immediately.

Regions 1 through 11 had the following turnouts, respectively; 72%, 55%, 54%, 50%, 74%, 75%, 51%, 38%, 58%, 52% and 40%.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vendors Wanted for NAN 2013

If you are interested in applying to be a Vendor at NAN 2013 in Harrisburg, PA from June 21-23 there is still time to sign up.

Spaces of 10'x8.5', 10'x6' or 15'x6' are available on a first come, first serve basis costing between $30-$45/day.

For more information or to sign up download the NAN Vendor Application PDF.

Applications are due May 24th so don't wait! Spaces are selling out fast!

2014-15 NAN Trophy Design Contest

Attention all sculptors and artists! You have the chance to make your special piece of art the highlight of the North American Nationals for 2014/2015.

This contest is conducted every two years. It determines the design of the trophy that will be presented to the Champions and Reserve Champions at the annual North American Nationals (NAN) show for two years. The NAN trophies are highly coveted awards for model horse showers. This contest has a prestigious history. The first trophy "head" was sculpted by the talented Sarah Minkiewicz. This sculpture was presented to the Champions and Reserves at the 1995 and 1996 NANs. Subsequent trophies (1997-2013) were designed by Carlee Balling, Kathi Bogucki, Sharon Fulcher, Sommer Prosser, Cynthia Kuerth, Laura Skillern, Sommer Prosser (again) and Kristina Lucas Francis.

The time has come to choose a new design. By tradition, the new design is selected by the past designer. Thus, Kristina Lucas Francis will judge this year's contest.

Sculptors, remember that your piece must be no larger than 4.5 by 4.5 inches and no smaller than approximately 3 x 3.5 inches. It must fit on the plaque but not be dwarfed by it. Any submissions over the maximum dimensions will be disqualified.

The preferred style is is a relief type design. Your composition should be free of significant undercuts or other features that will make it difficult to cast, clean, and paint. The caster may disqualify a design if he/she feels it will be too difficult to reproduce in large numbers.

Monochromatic (one-color) pieces with the artist's signature on the underside are preferred. Previously submitted pieces are welcome provided the design has not been used or sold for any other purpose. You may submit more than one design.

Along with your submission, please include sufficient funds and packaging for return of your piece should it not be selected (we recommend $8.00 per design, this can be provided via check made out to NAMHSA). NAMHSA is not responsible for submissions lost or damaged in the mail. The winner must agree to confer the copyright for the design to NAMHSA.

What the winner will receive:
In addition to the honor of being the NAN trophy sculptor for 2014 and 2015, the winner will also receive two cast copies of their artwork, a check for $250, and will judge the next trophy head contest in 2015. ALL submissions will be photographed and featured on the NAMHSA web site.

***The deadline to submit your artwork is September 21, 2013***

*** Mail all entries to:

Heather Jackson-Lain
809 Central Ave
Athens, Tn 37303

Please enter and make Kristina's decision difficult!

Monday, May 13, 2013

NAMHSA News for March 1-31, 2013

NAMHSA News for the period of March 1-31, 2013, based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.


-- Carra McClelland (Vice President) posted a draft solicitation for candidates for NAMHSA Vice President.

-- Carra McClelland made a final call for discussion of reciprocity.


-- Pauline Entin (Region 3 Representative and Interim PR) advised Lynn Weber (Website Manager) that she had set the deadline for applications for the NAN Head Steward position as April 7, 2013.

-- Teresa Buzzell (President) posted the March Board agenda:

Teresa noted that the Board would have to stay on track to get several new items discussed and finalized that month  She stated that each discussion item would have strict deadlines.

I.  Done:
-Show Results - Listing for late/delinquent show results
-Reg 4 & 2 solicitation

II.  In Progress:
-Regional Rep/VP/PR Positions Solicitation

III.  NEW, in order of importance:
1. NAN classlist
2. Judge Proxy showing
3. MSOTY discussion
4. Formalizing eligibility of voting for new members (See Danielle’s discussion in latest news)
5. MA Ideas
6. National showers data base

Lyn Norbury (Region 5 Representative) asked when the fantasy proposal was going to make it to the agenda.   Eleanor Harvey (Parliamentarian) advised that the fantasy proposal had been tabled in favor of moving forward on more time-sensitive agenda items.  Based on the current agenda, Eleanor did not see it having a higher priority, especially with NAN looming.


-- Jackie Moore (Region 6 Representative) noted that her fantasy proposal was presented on 8/5/2012 and tabled 4 days later.  She expressed frustration at not being able to have the issue discussed in seven months.  Natalie Kilpatrick (Region 4 Representative) felt this was something that could be put to a vote sooner rather than later.  Teresa Buzzell  advised that any new policies for fantasy animals would not be in place for classes at NAN 2013 (Bylaws policy).  Eleanor Harvey noted that since there had been no qualifying classes for fantasy animals, entry for NAN 2013 was a moot point, and the timeline need not be accelerated.


-- Carra McClelland asked Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) to set up a poll for the Board to vote on reciprocity.  Jackie created the poll.

-- Teresa Buzzell uploaded the NAN 2013 Minimum Guaranteed Classlist (MGC) for the Board’s approval.  She noted this would need a quick turnaround by the BOD.  She included notes from Niki Hertzog (2013 NAN Chair) regarding historical data used from the 2008-2010 and 2012 NANs to build the current MGC.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi posted the February 16-28 minutes for approval. These were approved by Teresa Buzzell on March 4.

-- Discussion on the time line for the fantasy proposal continued. Natalie Kilpatrick offered to head up a committee to discuss details if needed.  Jackie Moore did not feel a committee was needed and reposted her proposal.  In short, the proposal would allow equine-based models (e.g., unicorns and pegasi) to be eligible for non-breed halter NAN qualification.  The proposal defined ‘equine-based’ models that would be eligible.  Jackie also offered the wording for Bylaws changes that would be needed.

--Teresa Buzzell  urged caution, noting that CM decorators, another class that had been requested by showers, had never had more than 15 horses in the class since its inception in 2009.  She did not want to open the door to allowing non horse animals into NAN, and felt that taking a slower approach (start with OF collectibility, for example) would be better.  Jackie Moore pointed out that the CM decorator and CM fantasy animals could be combined, producing a fuller class.


-- Discussion on the 2013 NAN Minimum Guaranteed Classlist continued.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi  posted the results of the Region 2 Representative special election.  Out of, 32 possible votes, 21 were cast.  Kathy Williams was voted into the position by majority vote and would take office immediately.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi asked the Board if it would be helpful to post lists of expiring IMs to encourage these members to renew and remain current.  Several people felt this was a good idea, and Teresa Buzzell asked for Jackie to move forward on this.

-- The Board poll regarding NAN entry reciprocity with other national model horse show organizations closed.
Accept: Tracy Eilers (R1); Tom Dean (R2);  Pauline Entin (R3); Natalie Kilpatrick (R4);  Lyn Norbury (R5); Jackie Moore (R6);  Stacy Faraci (R7); Chris Wallbruch (R8); Pat Coulter (R9);  Kate Cabot (R10); Terri Wright (R11); Carra McClelland (VP)

--Carra McClelland advised she would send an invitation to Kathy Williams (New Region 2 Representative)  to join the Board email list.  The Board thanked Tom Dean (previous Region 2 Representative) for his service and wished him luck on his move.


-- Discussion continued on the NAN 2013 Minimum Guaranteed Classlist.

-- Carra McClelland reported that Kathy Williams was now part of the Board list.  The Board welcomed her.  Teresa Buzzell directed Kathy to the MGC for discussion.

-- Teresa Buzzell suggested making a list of IMs available on the website, with the idea that members could see when their memberships were expiring.  This could be updated monthly.  Jackie Arns-Rossi cautioned that members may not want their names on the site, and to make such an offer optional.  Danielle Miller (Individual Membership Secretary) reminded the board that all Individual Memberships start on May 1 and end on April 30, so posting names or sending out a reminder snail mail was not really necessary.

-- Teresa Buzzell reminded the Board that the discussion on the NAN 2013 MGC needed to be wrapped by the end of the week.

-- Teresa Buzzell reminded Board members that they needed to submit bios to Lynn Weber for blog content.


-- Carra McClelland asked for 2 volunteers to assist in approving requests for NAN entry reciprocity.  Natalie Kilpatrick and Kate Cabot (Region 10 Representative) offered to serve in this capacity.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked Jackie Arns-Rossi to set up a poll regarding the NAN 2013 MGC.  Jackie started a poll the same day.  The proposal was to accept the proposed MGC with three changes:
1.  Combine the china stock horse classes
2.  Rename the British natives classes
3.  Change the run limit on certain china collectibility classes from 700 to 750

-- Natalie Kilpatrick commented that she had recently attended a horse fair, and wondered at the feasibility of having NAMHSA set up promotional booths at national horse fairs.  While this was considered a good idea, there were concerns about having volunteers to staff these booths and if a live horse venue was the right audience.  Teresa Buzzell reminded the Board that NAMHSA did have a presence at Breyerfest in their hobby booth, but really did need better promotional materials and an independent booth.

-- Kathy Williams suggested promoting the hobby to 4H and FFA, as there would be benefits to all parties involved.


-- Pauline Entin posted a draft of the NAMHSA News for the entire month of January 2013.


-- Jackie Arns-Rossi  posted a list of IMs that were set to expire in April 2013.

-- Beth Lamm (Merit Award Coordinator) posted a list of the latest Merit Award winners.


-- Carra McClelland uploaded the British Model Equine Collectors’ Society (BMECS) reciprocity statement to the Files section.  She also advised that the first reciprocity request had been filed and reviewed by herself, Natalie Kilpatrick and Kate Cabot and approved, but she would like the general Board’s input.  Kathy Williams and Jackie Moore both agreed with the approval.

-- Discussion on the Fantasy proposal continued.  There was some question about fantasy animals in the past that seemed to have earned NAN cards, however these incidents appeared to be honest mistakes made at some shows which were corrected as discovered.


-- Jackie Moore  posted another draft of the fantasy proposal, with some modifications incorporated.

--Discussion ensued about keeping the proposal limited versus more broad, and the
proposal was further amended making clear that eligibility would be limited to unicorns and pegasi (or a combination of those forms).

--Discussion continued, with some Board members indicating they were ready to vote.


-- Discussion on the fantasy proposal continued.  Amy Peck (Show Member Secretary) reminded the board that the current Bylaws wording included the word “equids”.  Jackie Moore replied that she had addressed these concerns on March 4 by delineating the Bylaws changes that would be needed.

-- Carmen Robertson (Treasurer) posted the January financial report summary:

Total Income 1696.00
Total Expenses -1219.92

Balance in BOA checking as of 1/31/2013: 68,615.11
Balance in PayPal as of 1/31/2013: 40.00
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 1/31/2013: 68,655.11

-- Jackie Moore posted another revision of the fantasy proposal.  Members of the Board indicated they were ready to vote on the proposal.


-- Jackie Moore posted another revision of the fantasy proposal which was followed by discussion as to whether a membership vote would be required for the proposal itself, or only for the Bylaws changes.  Eleanor Harvey stated she thought the proposal should be voted upon by the membership for “both official and common sense reasons.”  She agreed that the qualification period should start immediately, but that would require the membership to vote on “emergency” implementation.  She added that the Board might want to consider allowing shows already approved for membership to add fantasy classes without penalty. 

-- Stacy Faraci (Region 7 Representative) moved to accept the fantasy proposal.  The motion was seconded by Natalie Kilpatrick.  Carra McClelland asked Jackie Arns-Rossi to set up a poll.

-- The poll regarding the proposed NAN 2013 MGC closed.  The MGC was approved with the stated three amendments by unanimous vote. 
Accept: Tracy Eilers (R1); Kathy Williams (R2); Pauline Entin (R3); Lyn Norbury (R5); Jackie Moore (R6); Stacy Faraci (R7); Chris Wallbruch (R8); Pat Coulter (R9); Kate Cabot (R10); Terri Wright (R11); Carra McClelland (VP). 
Abstain: Natalie Kilpatrick (R4).

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi set up the poll to approve or reject the fantasy equid proposal.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi requested that representatives post their regional reports.

-- Amy Peck reminded the Board that there was a document in the files section from 2008 for Region Representative Accountability.  She noted it might be good to update it as needed and provide it to new representatives.

-- Cara McClelland posted another draft of the Vice President solicitation.


-- Pauline Entin reminded the Board that she was out of the country with very limited email access.

-- The poll regarding the Fantasy equine proposal closed.  The proposal was approved by a margin of 11 to 1. 
Accept: Tracy Eilers (R1); Kathy Williams (R2); Pauline Entin (R3); Natalie Kilpatrick (R4); Lyn Norbury (R5); Jackie Moore (R6); Stacy Faraci (R7); Chris Wallbruch (R8); Kate Cabot (R10); Terri Wright (R11); Carra McClelland (VP).
Reject: Pat Coulter (R9).

-- Jackie Moore posted a draft of the ballot language for the Fantasy proposal.  The draft included the proposal, the Bylaws changes it would require, and the option for an “emergency change” in order to implement qualification without delay.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi submitted the March 1-15 minutes for approval.These were approved on March 21 by Teresa Buzzell.

-- Lynn Weber asked if there were any applicants for the Fundraising Coordinator position. Carra McClelland said she may have someone interested in the position. Teresa Buzzell asked Lynn to repost the position and extend the deadline an additional month if Carra’s candidate did not pan out.

-- Teresa Buzzell advised the new representatives that there was a document in the files section on Yahoo that outlined Regional Representative duties. She invited the new reps to look that over and to explore the Facebook page, blog and website. She also reminded the Board that all members were to treat each other with respect and civility and to use open communication methods.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked if there was any more discussion for the proposed language for the Fantasy equine proposal ballot.

-- Carra McClelland reminded the board that today was the deadline for discussion on the reciprocity request from BMECS, and asked for a poll to be set up


-- Jackie Moore posted another draft of the Fantasy Equine Proposal ballot.

--Several Board members indicated they were ready to vote. Carra McClelland moved to accept the ballot wording as above.  This motion was seconded by Kate Cabot.

-- Carra McClelland asked Jackie Arns-Rossi to start a poll for the Fantasy Equine Proposal ballot.  Jackie started the poll the same day.

-- Carra McClelland retracted the motion on the reciprocity for BMECS, clarifying that the NAMHSA BOD is not voting on the language or guidelines for reciprocity, that that had already been done. Eleanor Harvey clarified “what she (Carra) is presenting is a specific application from a specific show to be approved for the already-in-place guidelines governing reciprocity. So you are NOT voting whether reciprocity is okay, or what the governing guidelines are--those things are already in place. you are simply approving the first actual show to request reciprocity.”

-- Lynn Weber asked for information about reciprocity that she could put on the website.

-- Carra McClelland moved that the BOD accept reciprocity with BMECS. This was seconded by Jackie Moore Eleanor Harvey called for discussion, and several BOD members indicated they were ready to vote.

-- Carra McClelland posted another draft of the VP solicitation email.  Carra asked Lynn Weber to post the information to the website and Facebook.


-- Teresa Buzzell voiced her concerns regarding privileged information being discussed among regional lists, specifically directly quoted information. Discussions ensued regarding how to poll regions for their opinions while still maintaining a level of privacy within the BOD.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked Jackie Arns-Rossi to set up a poll to accept reciprocity for BMECS.

-- Carra McClelland posted language for the NAMHSA policy document regarding reciprocity and asked Lynn Weber to add it.

In order to help grow the hobby on an international scale, and to foster greater participation in North American Nationals and the National Shows in other countries, NAMHSA would like to offer reciprocity to interested organizations.

Requirements for reciprocity:

1. A card system like the one NAMHA employs. Cards must be given to the 1st and 2nd place horses in each qualifying class.

NAMHSA'a card color scheme is:
Green ˆ Breed Halter
Yellow ˆ Collecibility/Workmanship/Non-Breed Halter
Pink ˆ Performance

Matching colors are not required, but cards from each division should be clearly marked.

2. Results should be accessible for reference by the NAN registrar. These should be presented in a searchable format such as a PDF file or Word Document.Results must come from the organization.

3. Cards from other countries are ONLY valid for NAN entry, not the Merit Award Program. Cards from other countries are only valid for NAN Entry for the dates printed on them.

4. Qualifying shows for the national show for an organization seeking reciprocity must go through an approval process similar to NAMHSA's, where the show is submitted to and approved by an individual or group of individuals and cards issued by the governing body.

5. Organizations seeking reciprocity must allow for a level playing field. To that end, customizers should not be permitted to judge their own work and showholders should not be permitted to judge their own models or models they have owned within the last 6 months..

Reciprocity will be considered on a case by case basis by the BOD and may be reviewed and revoked at any time if the BOD deems necessary.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked that either Carra McClelland or Lynn Weber repost the solicitation for Regional Representatives.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked Carra McClelland if there were any applicants for the PR position.

-- Carra McClelland posted the application statement and resume of a hobbyist applying for the PR position. Discussion then began on the applicant's ability to perform the role.

-- Lynn Weber asked if she should leave the Fundraising Coordinator post up with a deadline of “open until filled.” Carra McClelland responded that she still needed to talk to a potential candidate.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi started a poll asking if the NAMHSA BOD should grant reciprocity to the BMECS.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi reposted the March 1-15 minutes with additional regional reports that had not made it into the first version .

-- Stacy Faraci asked about having a NAMHSA booth at Breyerfest. She also reported that a booth in the covered arena was $400. Currently, NAMHSA supplies flyer that are given out at the Breyer hobby Information booth, but otherwise has no official presence at the event. Pat Coulter (R9) asked about having a table at the Artisan’s Gallery ($125 for 3 days). There was some discussion about which option would be better (the booth in the covered arena would expose more people unfamiliar with the hobby, but require many volunteers to man it. The Artisan’s Gallery table would be easier to staff, but also probably not expose new hobbyists to the organization.)


-- Amy Peck advised she had received an application for MSOTY.

-- Amy Peck posted the newly approved show list which can be viewed at


-- Teresa Buzzell (President) posted the March agenda:

I. Done:
    1.  Reciprocity
    2.  NAN Classlist
II. In Progress:
    1.  Regional Rep/VP/PR Positions Solicitation
III. New, In Order of Importance:
    1.  Judgy Proxy Showing
    2.  MSOTY Discussion
    3.  Formalizing Eligibility of Voting for New Members
    4.  MA Ideas
    5.  National Showers Database

She also asked the BOD to consider some changes to the MSOTY program to improve it, and advised the BOD that they would be sticking to this agenda short of NAN issues or emergencies.

-- Teresa Buzzell started discussion on NAN judge proxy showing. Currently, judges may judge and show on the same day, but they cannot show in a division they are judging, and are limited to 20 classes on that day. She asked the 2012 NAN chairs, Stacy Faraci and Carra McClelland to report on their experiences. Stacy and Carra reported mixed feelings on the issue--it was difficult to schedule judges as some judges could not judge what they were best at, as they preferred to show in that particular division. There were some issues with judges speaking to their proxy showers during the show. Kate Cabot noted there seemed to be a large pool of judges, with some that only worked a few classes and asked if the showing fees charged to judges made up for the increased cost of the judges. Jackie Arns-Rossi offered her experiences as a shower/judge last year. Teresa Buzzell asked if Stacy or Carra had the data on how many judges were hired per day and how many also showed.


-- The poll asking to accept the ballot and bylaw language for the fantasy equines proposal closed.
Accept: Tracy Eilers (R1); Kathy Williams (R2); Pauline Entin (R3); Natalie Kilpatrick (R4); Lyn Norbury (R5); Jackie Moore (R6); Stacy Faraci (R7); Chris Wallbruch (R8); Pat Coulter (R9); Kate Cabot (R10); Terri Wright (R11); Carra McClelland (VP).


-- Stacy Faraci advised she had been contacted by Laura Pervier about the MSOTY program. Teresa Buzzell said it was on the agenda, and to not have Laura close the Yahoo group. She also asked for a copy of the questionnaire Laura had done. Lynn Weber offered a link to a document for the MSOTY:  She later advised this link was the new version of the application.

-- Kathy Williams asked what the most urgent agenda item was. Carra McClelland replied this was judge proxy showing.

-- Carra McClelland reported that information about the Fantasy proposal had gone public, and there was already a lot of misinformation circulating. She reminded members of the BOD that if anyone asked, “...yes, it did pass the BOD vote and is going to be a ballot item for members to vote on. IT IS NOT FINAL. It still has to get through the membership vote.” Carra reported that she planned on making a public post on the subject today. Teresa Buzzell (President) reinforced that having a clear message from the BOD to prevent these games of telephone was important.

-- There was some discussion on changing the specifics of allowing NAN judges to proxy show the same days they judged.


-- The poll asking if the NAMHSA BOD should grant reciprocity to the BMECS closed. Approve: Tracy Eilers (R1); Kathy Williams (R2); Pauline Entin (R3); Natalie Kilpatrick (R4); Jackie Moore (R6); Pat Coulter (R9); Kate Cabot (R10); Terri Wright (R11); Carra McClelland (VP). Abstain: Lyn Norbury (R5); Chris Wallbruch (R8)

Teresa Buzzell asked Carra McClelland to let BMECS know that they had been granted reciprocity with NAMHSA. She also requested a PR post be drafted to announce that the status had been given to BMECS and to let the public know about the requirements. She also suggested changing the future protocol for granting approval with a committee of 3 (the VP and 2 randomly chosen Regional Reps) who would vet each application and report results back to the BOD, rather than having the BOD vote on each application. She also noted that the reciprocity procedures should go in the policy document and asked Carra to come up with language for the policy document. Lynn Weber advised that Carra had already submitted language for the policy document and reposted the new section: Kathy Williams felt that any reciprocity applications should come to a full BOD vote, rather than being delegated to 3 people. Teresa Buzzell pointed out that this procedure was similar to how qualifying shows are handled--rules are set and decisions on if a show meets them or not is delegated to the Show Membership Secretary. Further discussion was tabled in favor of more urgent issues involving NAN.

Carra asked that “reciprocity applications will be adjudicated by the Vice President and two members of the Board Of Directors” be added to the policy document.

-- Carra McClelland posted a draft announcement about reciprocity.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked if there was any more discussion about the PR candidate. If there was no further discussion, Teresa planned to ask for a writing sample to be submitted by Saturday morning.

-- Pat Coulter (R9) advised that there appeared to be a issue with missing results from the Berk’s Saddle-its 4H Model Horse Show, as the show holder had contacted some, but not all entrants to rebuild results and claimed to have an extension from NAMHSA to do so. She asked Amy Peck to investigate. Beth Lamm advised she had been at the show and received the email from the show holder and could forward it as needed. Amy replied that she was aware of the situation, and as long as the show holder could have results in by Monday, April 1st, she would pass the full results to Lynn Weber for the website. She also offered to cc: the regional rep, president and VP when sending show holders reminders that results were coming due.

-- Discussion continued on allowing NAN judges to proxy show on the same days they were judging.


-- Amy Peck advised she had been contacted by Erin Corbett, a member who held a show in 2011. Erin reported that the results of this show, ‘Merica Homecoming Live were not on the NAMHSA website. There were 2 judges for this show, and results were submitted separately. Only one judge’s results were listed. Erin did not have access to the results anymore and suspected that the former SMS may have thought she had duplicate results instead of results from a double judged show. She asked for the board’s input on allowing a correction or this show. Lindsay Hall (the former results manager) reported that she did not have any notations that the results had been late or a copy of the second set of results and also felt they may have been deleted in error. She recommended accepting the results. Teresa Buzzell agreed.


-- Discussion continued on NAN judge proxying--in particular the issue of limiting judges to 20 classes on the day they judge (the current limit) vs limited them showing in a single division to help free up judges who were showing and proxying the same day to allow them to judge more classes. No one was in favor of scrapping the program after a single year, but changes did seem to be needed for it to be successful.


-- The judge proxy issue was an ongoing topic of discussion. There was some discussion about penalties that judges could incur by having illegal contact with their proxy shower.

Region 1 – Tracy Eilers
No report

Region 2 – Kathy Williams
Region 2 sailed into 2013 with two shows, one in January and one in February:

High Desert Holiday Live was held by Dixie Duggan in Ridgecrest, CA, on January 12, 2013. "Thanks again to all my showers, judges, judges helpers, my little raffle helper & all of our sponsors. We couldn't pull this off without you. Thank you!" - Dixie Duggan

Eureka Live 2013 was held by Donna Stone in Santa Barbara, CA on February 24, 2013. "Well, another show is in the can and what a wrap party it was, afterward.  Thanks SO much to everyone who pitched in to help us get it started and then breaking down the set last night. A big thank you to our producers (The Stones), the production crew, and Directors (US) are eternally grateful to all who helped make this show such a winner. To all my judges:  Donna Anderson, Crystal Pomposo, Lacy Stormes, Cheryl Calentine, and Zaena Burdick, thanks for a wonderful job. Mary Thomson, you win the Oscar for Mistress of Ceremonies award as usual, every year. So thank you to everyone until next year, and "That's A Wrap!" - Donna and Harvey Stone

Region 2 is ready for a busy spring showing season with 4 shows coming up in March and April:

Over The Hump Live will be held in Pahrump, NV, by Donna Anderson on March 24, 2013. Donna tells us the show is now sold out.

"Donations of all kinds have rolled in, and we sincerely thank ALL who have donated and supported the show. We're stuffed with classes and awards for OF Breyer, OF Stone, Customs, Artist Resin, China and Custom Glaze. Special awards for the Top Custom Mini and Artist Resin Mini, the Top 2 youth showers and last but certainly not least our Special Guest 'Zuni"! Direct from Breyer, from the run of between 30 to 35, for the Breyer Live Show Benefit Program. 'Zuni' has arrived here in the NV high desert, ready to go to his new home with one lucky attending shower. Huge Thanks to Sommer and Breyer/Reeves for this honor." – Donna Anderson

The Fantastic Plastic Classic #10 will be held in San Martin, CA, by Jane Morehouse on April 6, 2013. This is the 10th consecutive year this show has been held. Congratulations, Jane!

"***BLINGY 10TH ANNIVERSARY FPC SHOW PONIES!*** Each paid shower receives a gift model and this year's are special! We have a full lineup of judges in our panel: BREYER - BREED: Shawn McNeely, HARTLAND: Shawn McNeely, BREYER - COLLECTIBILITY: Karen Harper, STONE - BREED: Heather Visser, STONE - COLLECTIBILITY: Mary Reardon, MINI-SCALE: Cindy Ruth, YOUTH: Robin Kent. We are looking forward to seeing you all at FPC#10 - and do not forget the sister show the Bay Area All Halter Custom and China Classic the following day on Sunday April 7 in the same show hall as usual." – Jane Morehouse

Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic and China Show #10 will be held in San Martin, CA, by Robin Kent on April 7, 2013. This is also the 10th year that this show has been held!

"BAAHCCCS #10 is coming soon! There will be divisions for Artist Resin, Customs, Custom Glazed China, and OF China Collectibility. We are looking for judges for these divisions and welcome all volunteers! There will be special prizes for the champs of overall divisions. We look forward to seeing you there!" – Robin Kent

Fine Art Bash will be held in Littlerock, CA, by Sarah Whelehan at the home of Vickie Carper on April 20, 2013.

"Divisions include Artist Resins, Customs, and Custom China Glazes. Offering classes for big & small, breed & workmanship. First - thank you all for your support! All entrant spots for the show have been reserved!  Can't believe April is right around the corner! See you then =)." – Vickie Carper & Sarah Whelehan

Region 3 – Pauline Entin
No report.

Region 4 – Natalie Kilpatrick
In February Region 4 had the Sleigh Rally Model Horse Show in Columbus, WI that saw an astounding 38 exhibitors! The real treat of the show were the numerous horse drawn sleighs that made an appearance along with a skijoring pair.

Natalie Kilpatrick was voted in as Regional Representative replacing Carra McClelland who is our new Vice President.

Wisconsin is again the place to be in March and April with 3 upcoming live shows, including the Pie Show which has been selected by Breyer to receive both a Zuni and a Glossy Black Beauty. Dream Acres Live, to be held in Iowa, will also be receiving both models from Breyer.

Region 5 – Lyn Norbury
February brought 28 Days After Christmas! The Ho! Ho! Ho! Show in OKC, OK on the 15th. I attended this show and it was a great show as usual. Jacklyn Catena always hosts a fun and fast paced show.

Sue Stewart hosted Lone Star Live in Ft Worth, Texas on March 9th - 10th.  LSL always proves to be one of the biggest and best in R5 with 82 entrants this year! Sounds like a good nominee for MSOTY!! LSL was chosen to give away one of the Breyer Zuni models. Big congrats to Petra Kirchstein, the winner of the coveted model.

Also on March 9th was Mid Kansas All OF Live Show in Rose Hill, KS, hosted by Gay Mahlandt. I was at LSL and not able to attend MKL, but Gay always hosts a good show too. I am sure everyone had lots of fun!

Region 6 – Jackie Moore
Hello All!

Panhandle Live was held in Milton, FL on Feb 16. This is always a very well-run and fun show with a well-rounded classlist and stiff competition, and this year was no exception. I had a great time, as always!

Region 6 is currently gearing up for Carolina Gold Classic on March 9 in Monroe, NC. This show promises to, once again, be a packed hall full of top-notch entries, and we are all looking forward to it!

Next up on the calendar is Hollow Horse Live Test of a Halter Champion in Cumming, GA on April 13. Another show not to be missed!

See y'all there!
Jackie Moore

Region 7 – Stacy Faraci
No report.

Region 8 – Chris Wallbruch
The spring season is beginning and there is a SLEW of shows coming up the next few months!

March 23, 2013: Great Lakes Congress No-Frills Show in Huntley, IL.

April 13, 2013: Plastic Ponies On Parade in Fenton, MI.

April 20, 2013: Great Lakes Congress All Mini No-Frills Show in Huntley, IL.

April 20, 2013: Indy-Mini-Con Live Model Horse Show in Beech Grove, IN.

May 4, 2013: Stone Horse Country Fair in Shipshewana, IN.

May 11, 2013: Great Lakes Congress No-Frills Show in Huntley, IL.

Also, if you have not yet joined our Facebook group, please do so as there's always a good conversation going on!!/groups/298022553628867/

Region 9 – Pat Coulter

No report.

Region 10 – Kate Cabot
It is usually pretty quiet in New England and New York during the snowy months, but this February saw the first Cod Classic held in Brewster, MA (on Cape Cod) by Ann and Rob Harris. Anticipation was very high for this show, it having been delayed from its original date by Winter Storm Nemo, but a small and happy crew was present for the show the next weekend, February 16th. The day was great, the competition was fierce but friendly and the home made pizza was delicious! We hope that this will be the first of many shows for the Harrises (even if they are not held in February in the future).

Region 11 – Terri Wright

No report.
NAMHSA congratulates the following horses and their owners who earned Merit Awards in March 2013:

Register of Merit for Excellence(requiring 6 NAN cards in one class):

SweetPea - OF PS Pony Foal - Vickie Carper
Yucatan - OF Other Pure Light - Sarah Whelehan
RogueRiver - OFP Breyer Halter Collectibility - Adrien Synnott

Thursday, May 9, 2013

NAN 2013 Entry Ends Friday, May 10, 2013

Tiare Apetahi owned by Tara Haskins. 2011 AR/OS American Warmblood/Other Pure Sport Champion

Last call! The deadline to enter your horses for the 2013 North American Nationals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is fast approaching. 

As of 10:00PM CDT there are over 4,500 horses and 186 entrants making their way to the East Coast for NAMHSA biggest event of the year. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it!

You have until 11:59PM MDT, just over 24 hours, to finalize your entries, no exceptions. Once registered, you must have your NAN Cards mailed to the NAN Registrar and postmarked by May 14, 2013!

You can download the 2013 Show Packet here from

You can enter your horses online from

If you have any questions please contact Jim West at

NAMHSA Names New Public Relations Representative

On May 3 the Board of Directors voted to approve Natalie Kilpatrick as NAMHSA’s newest Public Relations Officer. In addition to her current duties as the Region IV Representative, Natalie’s newest responsibilities will include issuing press releases, converting the board’s minutes twice per month, moderating the NAMHSA-DISCUSSION Yahoo! Group and maintaining NAMHSA’s Facebook page over the next three years. Her passions in life include writing, blogging and horses which make her a perfect fit for this position. She replaces the outgoing interim Public Relations Officer, Pauline Entin.

NAMHSA thanks all applicants and appreciates their interest in this position. For further inquiries you may write Natalie at or

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An update from your NAN Registrar

Hi all,

We are currently at 87 Entrants and 1379 Horses entered.

I just want to remind everyone who is entering into NAN 2013 to please put your name on your NAN cards and when you finish your entry to send me JUST your NAN cards and payment if not paying via PayPal. I really do not need you all to send me anything else. …well, if it's chocolate I guess that would be acceptable… :-) Honestly, just send me your NAN cards and payment.

Also, if signing up for Individual Membership as part of NAN entry. Send IM form to Danielle and send ALL funds to me. I need the IM funds too for accounting purposes. The Treasurer, Membership Secretary and I have a process so all is good. So, please do NOT send Danielle IM monies if you are signing up as part of NAN.

If you have any questions please please please do not hesitate to contact me at

Also to again let you all know my process (especially for the first-timers).

When I receive your NAN cards I will send you email stating I have received them. Note, I've not done ANYTHING else at that time. I just want to give you feedback that your cards have arrived and I have them in my possession.

At some later point I will then "process" your entry. This entails verifying cards against show results, all cards are valid, cards/entries match up, verify payment. If everything checks out then I will APPROVE your entry and you will get email from me stating such. If there are ANY issues, I will send you email stating those issues and your choices (based on issue). It is imperative that you keep an eye on your email often. If I send you an "issue" email I will expect a response back quickly, preferably within 48 hrs otherwise I will have to make the choices for you which is pretty much scratching those problem entries for which NAMHSA kindly thanks you for your donation.

Once all entries have been approved the class splits-n-lists work will be done. Any obvious errors that Niki and I catch will be remedied if possible so we may need to contact you. Things like we found your Appaloosa in a Clydesdale class, etc. Note that if we do find something like this we will just move the model from Clydesdale to Appaloosa and may not contact you about the move. So if your model really is a Clydesdale but you entered its breed incorrectly only YOU will have to catch that and contact me IMMEDIATELY to get this fixed.

When the final class lists have been completed I will be emailing each entrant your specific class list schedule (shows your models and the day they show) as well as your horse list. When you receive that email PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it over carefully and again, if you find any problems contact me IMMEDIATELY.

You will also receive these lists in your Show Day Packet to ensure that you have a copy. I most likely won't be able to do any re-prints during NAN.

Ok, well, that's about it for today.

Clear skies,
NAN 2013 Registrar