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NAN 2016 Chair Announcement

NAN 2016 Chair Announcement


NAMHSA congratulates our NAN 2016 Chairs, Jackie Arns-Rossi and Eleanor Harvey. Their proposal to chair NAN was chosen by the BOD via poll late last week. Jackie & Eleanor have served as NAN Chairs in 2010 and we welcome them back. We would also like to thank Hilary Rossow for her proposal and interest in the position.

More information about NAN 2016 will be released in the coming months. Please subscribe to our NAN 2016 mailing list to ensure you don't miss any future announcements.

Thank you,
Janna Shepherd
NAMHSA Public Relations Officer

Saturday, October 17, 2015

NAMHSA News for September 2015

NAMHSA News for September 2015


Sept 1 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) posted a list of suggested reading materials for Board members to help them understand their role serving on a Board of Directors.

-- Discussion of the 2016 NAN proposal continued. Jackie Moore (R6) felt that the proposal went so far as to try and change the structure of the show while Teresa Buzzell (pres) felt it was more of a retooling.

Sept 2 
-- Elena Lemm (fund) reported that Lori Bachelor could make patches with the NAN logo and locations/dates. Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked for a sample to review.

Sept 3 
-- Discussion of the 2016 NAN proposal continued. Sharon Mossy (R10) expressed concerns about changing several aspects of NAN at one time. Barbara DiAnnibella (R9) expressed understanding of why the change was being promoted now, and felt she would probably vote for it, but was not enthused about the idea. Carol Tuft (R7) felt entry numbers would be stable but advised people would be watching closely for favoritism. Lynn Weber (R5 and web), and Lindsay Diamond (R4) expressed support for the proposal. Jenna Murphy (R8) seemed torn.

Sept 6 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) advised that she spoke to Sheila Bishop about judging the 2016-2017 trophy contests. She also asked Janna Shepherd (PR) to put together an announcement for entries.

Sept 8
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) advised she had been contacted by Candice Stormes about her head steward stipend and asked for advice. Teresa Buzzell (pres) told Carmen to have Candice direct any inquiries to her.

Sept 9 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted emails she had received from Lacy Stormes and Donna Stone about Candice Stormes’ stipend.  Teresa advised she was only going to deal with Candice in this matter.

Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) reposted posts from the NAN Committee forum that contained references to a timeline for attempted contact with Donna and Harvey Stone (2015 NAN Chairs).

Sept 10 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) reported she had emailed Donna and Harvey Stone back to let them know that the NAN 2015 was considered wrapped. She had also heard from Candice Stormes on her daughter’s account and had asked her for her own email account information so that the matter could be discussed privately.

-- There was some discussion on changing the championship trophies for NAN to something less expensive. It was also felt that prior to introducing such a change the hobby at large would need extensive explanation for it. Teresa Buzzell (pres) suggested the BOD focus on the required parts of the proposal before going down a “rabbit hole” over awards.

Sept 11 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) suggested the BOD focus on the issue of allowing the NAN Chairs to combine classes as required as part of the 2016 NAN proposal.

Board members responding were in favor of removing the restrictions from combining classes.

Sept 12
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) posed a graph showing the losses NAMHSA sustained with each NAN.  The graph showed a 10 year loss of about $95,000.

Several BOD members expressed shock and felt the hobby public needed to see it.

Sept 13 
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the August Treasury Summary:
August 2015 Treasurer Report Summary
Balance in BOA checking as of 8/31/2015: 63603.41
Balance in PayPal as of 8/31/2015: 293.54
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 8/31/2015: 63896.95

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised she had no issue with allowing the graph Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) published after Carmen Robertson (treas) made the Palm Springs report official.

-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) asked to close discussion on the 2016 NAN proposal. Sharon Mossy (R10) asked if the proposal was accepted if that would make Eleanor Harvey and Jackie Arns-Rossi chairs and therefore a call for other volunteers would not go out. Teresa Buzzell (pres) confirmed that no, an additional call would not go out. Teresa then moved to accept the proposal and Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) seconded.

Sept 14 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) clarified the discussion following the motion to accept the 2016 NAN proposal, indicating that the vote would be to accept Jackie Arns-Rossi and Eleanor Harvey as Chairs and included agreeing to Jim West as Registrar, Christine Jordan as announcer, head steward TBD, making a policy change of allowing classes to be combined without permission/informing of entrants (in cases of classes of under 20 entries) when necessary and changing from 3 judges to 1.  She reminded everyone that the suggestions listed in the proposal regarding awards and changing the entry fee would be discussed after the voting.

She then asked Jackie and Eleanor to outline how they would combine classes. Eleanor Harvey (parl) replied that the core philosophy of the class list they submitted was to cover the major, expected individual classes, but they would have to consider combining some of the proposed classes to make the competition viable. In halter, combining classes would happen if they end up with some significantly under-enrolled classes, in which case Jackie and Eleanor would look for the most appropriate body type and function as the guide. The same philosophy governs splits, which would be tailored to the specific class.  For performance, in some cases it makes sense to allow for a smaller class in order to provide clear and consistent judging criteria for the entire group of entries on the table. But in general, they will be looking to keep classes large and coherent. Combinations would be based on the similarity of the type of performance, way of going, tack, and judging criteria.

Sept 16 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) shared an email she sent to Candice Stormes in which she indicated that the NAMSHA Board of Directors received several reports stating that Candice was unable to perform the duties of Head Steward, to the point where another person stepped in and took over those duties.

-- Carol Tuft (R7) reported that “someone else” was planning to apply for 2016 NAN chair. She later revealed this was Hilary Rossow. Stacy Quick (R1) posted the contents of the message that she had been sent from Hilary Rossow.  Several other Board members posted that they had been contacted with the same message.  Sharon Mossy (R10) pushed to send out a call for other potential NAN chairs, and Jackie Moore (R6) agreed with her.

Teresa Buzzell (pres) felt that the timing of this sudden interest was “off” and encouraged the Board to continue discussion of the motion at hand.

Sharon posted that she had been approached by an “extremely, extremely well known hobbyist” about having Breyer provide judge’s models contingent on 3 judges being used for the show.

Sept 17 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) expressed confusion about the purpose of a NAN judge’s model from Breyer, if it would be offered as sole compensation for judges, and if it was a one-time thing, which would not resolve the issues the organization was having. She also did not feel that trying single judging NAN would doom the event. Teresa Buzzell (pres) also expressed skepticism at the idea that Breyer would offer models to NAMHSA. She reminded everyone that Breyer has been approached in the past about donating something like this to NAMHSA and has said no every time.

Teresa Buzzell (pres) stressed that the BOD has never let a manufacturer dictate to the organization what NAMHSA can and cannot do when it comes to the hobby.

Sharon Mossy (R10) reported she had not yet seen the letter from Breyer her anonymous contact supposedly had, but felt that it was a one-time thing and intended as a perk, not as a replacement for judges’ stipends. She also expressed concern that if single judging were tried, the show would never revert back to having three judges per class. Danielle Miller (IMS) and Chris Wallbruch (MSOTY) both pointed out that the show had lost almost $100,000 in the past ten years and that drastic changes needed to be considered at this point.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) and Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) made a joint post to the BOD concerning their suspicion that someone on the BOD had provided Hilary Rossow either enough details about Jackie & Eleanor’s proposal or had provided Hilary a copy of said proposal. They reminded everyone that both Eleanor and Kim have clearly described acceptable Board behavior and the protocol for taking information off the forum, and that there was absolutely no excuse for this serious breach of ethics to happen.  They then provided evidence that pointed towards the off-forum disclosure.

Members responding expressed disappointment and frustration with this possibility.

Sept 18 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted an email she received from Candice Stormes, the head steward for NAN 2015, concerned about not being paid her full stipend.

Teresa noted the following:
-    The BOD had already received a detailed report from Jim West (2015 NAN registrar) that conflicted Candice’s. Donna and Harvey Stone had never sent in any report on the show to back up Candice’s story.
-    Per NAMHSA policies, the head steward needs to have at least attended NAN in the past, which Candice Stormes had not, making her a non-eligible candidate for the job to begin with.

She advised that she had contacted Jim West about the situation.

Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) posted Jim West’s entire report on the head steward from the NAN Committee Board.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) reported that so far no one had been nominated to serve as Region 2 rep.

-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) posted an email that she had received from a hobbyist asking about the process and deadline for submitting proposals for the NAN Chair position.  Kim then posted her reply, indicating that consideration of a chair for NAN should include a proposal for how the event will be run.

Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) also added that according to NAMHSA’s Bylaws, anyone at any time can submit a proposal to the Board.

-- Discussion continued on the proposal sent by Jackie Arns-Rossi and Eleanor Harvey. Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked Jackie Moore (R6) to trim the proposal to something the reps could take to their regions for discussion.

Sept 19 
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the 2015 NAN report:
NAN 2015 Report
Total Income 24,285.50
Total Expenses -39,074.46
Overall Total -14,788.96

-- Jackie Moore (R6) posted a draft of Jackie Arns- Rossi and Eleanor Harvey’s proposal for public viewing.

Sept 20
-- Jackie Moore (R6) posted a second draft of Jackie Arns- Rossi and Eleanor Harvey’s proposal for public viewing.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted a summary of NAN profit/losses from the past decade.

Sept 21
-- Jackie Moore (R6) posted a final draft of Jackie Arns- Rossi and Eleanor Harvey’s proposal for public viewing.

-- Elena Lemm (fund) advised she was planning on speaking to Kathleen Fallon from Breyer about a donation to NAMHSA.

Sept 22
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) outlined a timeline for planned press releases showing NAN financial statements and the proposal for NAN before the Board.

-- Elena Lemm (fund) updated the Board on upcoming donation items she had en route.

Sept 23
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that she had sent an email to Candice Stormes (2015 NAN Head Steward) letting Candice know that her account of her performance at NAN differed substantially from that of the reports given by the NAN Registrar and others who attended the event. Teresa referred Candice to the job requirements for Head Steward which Candice had not met.    

Teresa let Candice know that the recommendation for her not be awarded the full stipend actually came from people working the show and was discussed and voted on by the full NAMHSA BOD.

-- Elena Lemm (fund) advised she had an offer from Janice Cox from Identify Your Breyer for free ad space.

-- Jackie Moore (R6) posted an email she had received from a hobbyist suggesting that NAMHSA raise its membership fees.

Danielle Miller (IMS) advised that the last time membership fees were changed was 2008, she was unsure about card fees for shows. Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) also reported having been contacted by the same hobbyist about the same issue. Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that card fees did not need to go up, as the Board had just switched to a less expensive printer, and she hesitated to raise member fees without increasing tangible benefits. Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) reminded the Board that there had been a membership-wide vote a few months ago that changed the structure and fees of the membership program entirely.

-- Heather Malone (web) reported that the graph created by Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) showing NAN profit and loss from the past 10 years had been posted to the website and could be found at:

Sept 24 
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised there were still no applicants for Region 2 rep.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) requested that all reps post the proposal from Jackie Arns-Rossi and Eleanor Harvey on all regional lists for discussion. She requested that reps remain neutral, and advised discussion would be open for one week.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) tabled the motion on Jackie Arns-Rossi and Eleanor Harvey’s proposal and moved to discuss the proposal from Hilary Rossow. Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) seconded and discussion was opened.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) requested a time line of auction lots and approximate times they would be offered from Elena Lemm (fund).

-- Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) posted an email she sent to the hobbyist reminding her that members had just voted on membership changes earlier this spring to change the structure of memberships as well as how fees are applied to membership.  She also informed the hobbyist of some recent changes that had been made to help reduce some costs regarding card fees.

-- Janna Shepherd (PR) suggested posting a FAQ listing answers to common questions surrounding changes to NAN.

Sept 25 
-- Elena Lemm (Fund) offered up an update on fundraising activity including confirmed donations, donations in the works, and new fundraising ideas including raffles.  She also posted a proposed schedule, and reported that Carrie Sapp had offered free ad space on MHSP.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) uploaded a proposal to run the 2016 NAN from Hilary Rossow.  Teresa also included a list of preliminary questions she had asked Hilary about the proposal, and Hilary’s answers.

Discussion began. Concerns over having individuals listed as serving multiple roles (head steward and judge, for example) were raised. The number of judges listed was also of concern. BOD members also reported that members were asking when “the other proposal” would be released for discussion.

Teresa later reported that Hilary released an edited version of her proposal to Facebook. This version of the proposal included several items that were not in the original submission. She also reported in detail on NAN program production costs.

Sept 26 
-- Several BOD members spoke about fallout on Facebook over the release of Hilary Rossow’s proposal for the 2016 NAN. There were concerns about Hilary’s perceived attitude toward being asked questions, as well as her requests to have questions privately sent to her instead of answering them in public.

Sept 27 
-- Jackie Moore (R6) posted a comment that had been posted on NAMHSA-Discussion and asked if judge proxy policies had changed.

Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised there had been no changes and asked Jackie to get a clarification from the original poster.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) noted that she still did not have an updated proposal from Hilary Rossow.

Sept 28 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) requested that regional reps post discussion on both proposals to the NAMHSA forum in order to wrap up discussion. Carol Tuft (R7) offered some thoughts as did Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS).

Sept 29 
-- Jackie Moore (R6) reported that she had emailed the hobbyist about her comments on NAMHSA-Discussion but had not gotten a reply.

-- Discussion continued on Hilary Rossow’s proposal for the 2016 NAN.

Sept 30 
-- Discussion continued on Hilary Rossow’s proposal for the 2016 NAN. In particular, BOD members were concerned with what Hilary would be like to work with as she had proved difficult on Facebook when answering questions for former and current BOD members in public.

No report.

No report.

Region 3 had no shows in September, but we make up for it in October and November!

On October 10th is the Zions Zen Model Horse Show in Hurricane, UT, run by Alison Ural-Cawley. October, 24 brings us the One Woman Show Series (Artist Resin & Custom) in Phoenix, AZ, held by Teresa Candelaria. And there are 3, possibly 4, shows, all slated forNovember 7th, 2 in Calhan, Colorado, and 1 in Tucson, AZ. And last I heard, there may be a 4th just outside Albuquerque, NM. I'll post more details of the November shows in my next report! I hope all my fellow "Region-3ers" will be able to make it to one (or more!) of these wonderful shows.

Still quiet in Region 4 for September, but a slew of shows pop up in October to get your fill!

Deb Johnson's Jackson County 4-H and Open show returns for its 4th year on October 10th, and I hear it's already full!

In East Central Wisconsin, Greg Stebnitz's Sinawa Model Horse Show is at Camp Sinawa, with some great competition - and food! - on the menu.

Brian and Hillary Rossow are hosting a set of shows onOctober 30th and 31st in conjunction with MaryJo Rust in Lakefield, MN - the SW MN Live show series.

Further west in South Dakota, Deb Vick is hosting her Black Hills Model Horse Show on October 24th.

Good luck everyone!

This August, Lucy Kusluch and Jane Wagner held The 2nd Annual(?) Ponies, Pool and Model Horse Swapmeet, a fun get together with their real miniature horses, a potluck, swimming, and horse trading. The Kansas crew held a fun show with a Renaissance theme in August too.

September brings Labor Day LIve, and Mid Kansas All Mini OF/CM/AR Halter Show.

There is much talk of some new shows in Texas in the spring, I'm looking forward to that!

Hello All!

There were two shows in Region 6 in August. The Hollow Horse All Mini Mini Show was held in Cumming, GA on August 22. Show hostess Valerie Rice always puts on a terrific show so I am sure this show was no exception. Palmetto State Live was held in Irmo, SC onAugust 29. This was a super fun show that I was glad I was able to attend. I was even more glad that the weather co-operated enough that I didn't have to drive home in a hurricane (which had looked like a possibility the week before the show). The show was great fun with good friends!

Next up on the Region 6 calendar are:
Sept 19 - Magnolia State Live in Verona, MS
Oct 3 - The 28th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention in Covington, GA
Oct 24 - Haunted Horses in Orlando, FL
Nov 7 - Palmetto State Live in Irmo, SC
Nov 21 - Circle C Classic in Sophia, NC

See you at the shows!
Jackie Moore

Region 7 happenings,

In September we have 2 shows listed. Classy Chassis live 2 which had been scheduled for September 5thwas postponed to October 24th and had to be moved to a new show hall, please check the Classy Chassis web page for the new address.

On September 19th we have 4 Leaf Clover Live in Urbana Ohio which is sold out! This show has always been a great success and this year will be just as successful.

Coming up in October

12th Annual Quarter Horse Congress Model Horse Show on Oct 10th in Columbus Ohio, please check the web site for more details.

And as posted above Classy Chassis live 2 onOctober 24th in Knoxville Tennessee.

Welcome back to show season! Just a few shows this month; Marilou held her annual show in Galesburg- very stiff competition with lots of great people and beautiful horses, and No Frills kicked off their show series with many more new faces (let the new generation begin!). Milkshakes and Minis II was held in Michigan and sold out in quick manner as it normally does.
Next month we have Chris's annual cat shelter benefit, Meows and Minis.

Wow, I can’t believe all the great shows in Region 9 these days!

September will see four shows, three are on September 19, however two of them are at the same venue. It’s a Love Fest (Maureen Love sculptures, any make/finish) and Small But Mighty Live (minis) will be held in Gap, PA. Columbia Valley Moose Open OF Show is in Bloomsburg, PA. Then on September 26 is Keystone International Livestock Exposition at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

Intermediare Live and Intersport Live will be held October 11 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. These shows are held during the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and its fun to walk around, see the real horses competing, and check out the vendor booths.

Barb DiAnnibella – Region 9 Rep

Region 10 September Report

Baystate Models Live was held last month on August 15th and 16th by Maria Firstenberg. The show was a huge hit and was well attended. I absolutely love this show, and Maria pulled it off as awesome as ever! Thank you to EVERYONE who made the show a success!

As far as upcoming shows, there are two in October. The first one is on October 17th in Spencer, MA. It's the New England Performance Challenge held by Nancy Timm. This show is an absolute MUST for the Performance shower!

The second show is for the Novice/Intermediate shower and it's being held on October 25th in Williston, VT. The Vermont Live Model Horse Show is being held by Chrissey McCarty. If you've ever wanted to try showing your model horses, this is a great show to go to!

And of course, in November there is the year end Champ Show - The Region X Championships - or TRXC! The show is on November 7th and 8th and is hosted by Joan Fauteux and Kate Dwyer. They are still looking for judges, so please consider volunteering! Judges receive $50 or a waived entry fee - they CAN show in Halter Divisions they are not judging and CAN show in the Stakes Classes - and the buffet lunch.

And remember, you can always keep up to date with the Region 10 website:

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No report.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Region 2 Special Election Results

Region 2 Special Election Results


In early October, a special election was held to fill the vacation position of Region 2 Representative after the resignation of the former Rep, Kathy Williams. Voting closed on October 13th, and Donna Anderson will be the new Region 2 Rep for the remainder of the 2014-2016 term.

If you would like to contact Donna she can be reached via email at

NAMHSA also thanks all applicants and appreciates their interest in this position.

Thank you,
Janna Shepherd
NAMHSA Public Relations Officer

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Region 11 Representative Resignation

Region 11 Representative Resignation


On October 13, 2015, Lisa Sharpe tendered her resignation as Region 11 Representative, effective immediately.

The NAMHSA Board of Directors wishes Lisa the best in her future endeavors and thanks her for her time with us.

There will be an announcement in the upcoming days pertaining to filling the vacant position.

Thank you,
Janna Shepherd
NAMHSA Public Relations Officer

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In Memory of Jim West

In Memory of Jim West

It is with immeasurable sadness in our hearts that we share the news that Jim West suddenly and unexpectedly passed away of a heart attack in the early morning of Monday, October 12th. Although the news started spreading by Monday afternoon, and many have already posted about Jim's passing to their regional groups, we did want to take the time to make an official announcement.

Jim West was our faithful and fearless NAN Registrar from 2011 to 2015, as well as a local treasure in his home Region 3. Jim was one of the hobby's most dedicated volunteers, spending countless hours working with the NAN Committee, verifying NAN entries and cards, answering entrant questions, compiling results, and more. No matter the tireless (and sometimes thankless) hours, Jim always had a wicked sense of humor and a fun-loving attitude.

Jim was best known for being not only kind, charming, witty, and fiercely intelligent, but also as the king of all things geeky. He loved astronomy, computer programming, wearing kilts, building intricate LEGO creations, and everything Sci-Fi. His enthusiasm for the model horse hobby was inspired by his girlfriend, Vicky Kitzman, and wanting to share in her passion. Over the years, Jim collected a model horse herd of his own, featuring blue decorator models. In addition to Vicky, Jim is survived by his three children, Kyle, Adam, and Hannah, all of whom he loved dearly. He also leaves in his absence a hobby community in mourning, and countless friends who will miss him terribly.

Our hearts go out to Jim's family and friends.

In Loving Memory
Jim West
April 8, 1962 - October 12, 2015

As Jim would say:
Clear Skies. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Member Show of the Year (MSOTY) Nominations

Member Show of the Year (MSOTY) Nominations

Did you know you can nominate your favorite show at any point in the show year?

NAMHSA is currently accepting nominations for the 2015 Member Show of the Year. Any NAMHSA Approved show held between May 1, 2014 and April 30, 2015 is eligible for nomination.

As with 2014, the 2015 MSOTY Committee will be led by Chris Wallbruch.

Visit NAMHSA's Member Show of the Year page for more information or nominate a show for Member Show of the Year.  Please submit your nominations by May 1, 2015.

Contact Chris with any questions at