Thursday, June 30, 2016

NAMHSA Welcomes New Recording Secretary

Recently, the Board of Directors voted to approve Stacy Faraci as NAMHSA’s newest Recording Secretary. As Recording Secretary, Stacy’s responsibilities for the next three years will include: recording and posting the bi-monthly minutes; maintaining a permanent record of past minutes; administering and recording all annual and special elections; creating and maintaining the polls that the Board uses to vote on issues; and maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of NAMHSA membership for balloting purposes. 

"Hello, I'm Stacy Faraci and I'm thrilled to be back on the NAMHSA Board Of Directors as Recording Secretary. Many of you will recognize me from NAN 2012, my time as the Region 7 Representative or the shows I've hosted in Region 7 and 10.

I collect vintage Breyers and Chinas. My collection once numbered over 1500 but is now a much easier to manage 250 or so. I have been collecting for 25 years and showing for 15. My favorite molds are the Proud Arabian Mare, the g1 Arabian Stallion and Silver.

In my spare time I am a stay at home mom to my 11 month old daughter and enjoy reading, writing, sewing and crafting.

I'm excited to serve this hobby once again!"

Stacy will be replacing the outgoing Recording Secretary, Jackie Arns-Rossi. NAMHSA would like to thank Jackie for her previous years of dedicated service. NAMHSA also thanks all applicants and appreciates their interest in this position.

For further inquiries you may write to Stacy at