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NAMHSA Approved Show List 11/18/2012

NAMHSA Approved Show List 11/18/2012

Just a reminder to send your show applications to If you sent in a show for approval, and do not see it on the below list, please let me know.


Amy Peck
2012 NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary

Region 1

No shows to report.

Region 2

No shows to report.

Region 3

No shows to report.

Region 4

River Valley Live Model Horse Show Extreme Micro (Home) Edition #8
St. Paul, MN
Stephanie Hicks

River Valley Live Model Horse Show Extreme Micro (Home) Edition #9
St. Paul, MN
Bev Manderfeld

Milwaukee County Horse/Horseless
Oak Creek, WI
Charlene Ehlert

Region 5

A Midwinter’s Night Ball
Georgetown, TX
Kim Wandrey, Shannon Southard & Brad Johnson

28 Days After Christmas! The Ho! Ho! Ho! Show
Oklahoma City, OK
Jacklyn Catena

Region 6

No shows to report.

Region 7

No shows to report.

Region 8

No shows to report.

Region 9

A Mini Halter Show!
Gap, PA
Barbara DiAnnibella

Region 10

Stoners Live!
Weston, CT
Sara Roche

Southern New England Winter Round-Up
Stafford Springs, CT
Brenda Bednar

Region 11
When Fur Flies Live
Chestermere, Alberta
Terry Greening

Amy Peck
NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary

Sunday, November 25, 2012

NAMHSA Vice President Nominations

Due the resignation of Lindsey Hall as NAMHSA Vice President on November 12, 2012, NAMHSA will run a special election to fill the position of Vice President. The newly elected Vice President will assume the Presidency at NAN 2013, per normal protocol. The first step in this process is nomination.
All current NAMHSA Showholders and Individual Members may nominate candidates for Vice President.
The NAMHSA 2013 Vice President will take office immediately upon election. He or she will then assume the office of President at NAN 2013. Showholders and Individual Members may nominate anyone for the office (including themselves), however, you MUST be certain the person you are nominating has confirmed he or she is willing to run for office.
Candidates need to be aware that the job requires making a significant time and effort commitment to QUICKLY respond to Board work and issues. Board members assume ultimate responsibility for running NAMHSA and assuring a quality NAN. Regular and reliable email access is required, as the NAMHSA Board is primarily an email entity. The Vice President must be able to read and respond to Board emails nearly every day.
Vice Presidential duties include:
  • Act as the first officer to the President to carry out NAMHSA business
  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President
  • Serve as the President's representative as directed
  • Manage the NAMHSA-Discussion Yahoo Group (the VP is the list owner)
  • Vote in all Board votes

In addition, the VP will be a member of the Finance Committee, which includes the following duties:
  • On-line access to review the NAMHSA financial accounts
  • Check the account balance on a random basis (no less than every other week), and view an image of every paid check. After each review, the VP shall post to the BOD the result of the review.
  • Receive the paid checks and compare the reconciliations to the bank accounts, notify the finance committee that they have been approved. 
  • Review and approve monthly, quarterly, annual, and NAN financial reports

The sitting VP may show at NAN.
After serving a term as Vice President, the VP will assume the office of NAMHSA President for a one year term beginning at the membership meeting held in conjunction with NAN. Please review NAMHSA Bylaws Article V, Section 4 for information regarding the office of NAMHSA President.
All about nominating a 2013 VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:
**Use the form below for your nomination**
*THE NOMINATION DEADLINE IS December 15, 2012. *
To send in your nominee(s), you must provide ALL of the information requested below. NAMHSA has to contact each nominee to confirm they want to run, so complete contact information is essential. You can either mail or email the information. To email, simply copy and paste the information below into a new email.
By Email: send to Please put “NAMHSA Nominee” in your subject line.
By snail mail:
Jackie Arns-Rossi
NAMHSA Recording Secretary
64 Renner Ave
Bloomfield NJ 07003
YOUR Name:
YOUR Address (city, state is sufficient):
My nominee for Vice President is:
Nominee's Name:
Nominee's Address (city, state is sufficient):
Nominee's Region:
Nominee's Email address (Must provide!):

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ann Morehouse

I am sad to write that longtime California hobbyist Ann Morehouse passed away yesterday. Ann and her sister Jane did a lot for the showing community of Region 2, including the very successful WAACO show. Our deepest sympathies go out to Jane, the entire Morehouse family and friends.

Teresa Buzzell, NAMHSA Pres

Monday, November 19, 2012

Board Meetings - Meet Treasurer Carmen Robertson

I've been the NAMHSA treasurer for three years and before that I was Region 5 Representative for two years. I had been elected for a second term as rep but was elected as treasurer just a few months into my second term so I had to step down as rep to take on my new duties as treasurer.

I've been collecting Breyers since I was about seven. My first Breyer was the woodgrain FAS with the woodgrain FAM & FAF shortly after that; which I still have. My mom had bought them for me because of my passion for horses and she thought the woodgrain finish looked neat. Little did she know what she was starting! My collection has now grown to around 1000. I'm guessing since I've been kind of lazy lately about keeping up with my database like I should be :-). My first model horse show was in 1998, I think. I was amazed that there was a whole community of model collectors out there like me. I've been involved in the hobby ever since. I've hosted shows, judged at local shows as well as at NAN, volunteered at Breyerfest, and have been to every Breyerfest since 1998. My favorite molds are the San Domingo and the Fighting Stallion.

I live in Texas with my significant other, Brent. I have two real Quarter Horses, Pete and Phil, both are in their twenties now and I've had them since they were born. I have two dogs, Moxie a Fox Terrier, Sofie a Border Collie, and two cats Opie & Bea.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wordless...Wait, it's Thursday!

Yes, I am running a day behind!  I think you'll forgive me when you see the goodies I have for today!  Jackie Arns-Rossi sent me a link to Sharon Mossy's album of Top 5 and Champ photos from The Region X Championships held last weekend.  Enjoy!


You can see the rest of the photos at  Thank you Jackie, for the link, and Sharon, for permission to use your photos.


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NAMHSA News for October 16-31, 2012

NAMHSA News for October 16-31, 2012, based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary. Check out NAMHSA's Blog.

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-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) asked if Teresa Buzzell's (President) proposal (regarding the NAN card validity extension) was a formal motion, and seconded it if it was. If it was not a formal motion, then Jackie moved to make the proposed wording the final for the ballot.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi submitted the October 1-15 minutes for approval. These were approved by Teresa Buzzell on October 17.

-- Pauline Entin (R3 and interim PR) apologized for being late to the discussion on the ballot wording due to being away, and posted an alternate ballot wording to help clarify the issues.

-- Amy Peck (Show Member Secretary) advised that the requirement for member shows to submit entrant addresses was in the bylaws (Article III, section c). Lindsey Hall (Vice President) asked Teresa Buzzell to add changing the bylaws to the agenda. There was some discussion as to if this information was really needed, and if it would be useful for demographics (such as knowing how far showers will travel for shows.) Cities and states could be the only necessary information.

-- Lynn Weber (Website Manager) reminded the BOD that member show results had been recently discussed (August 24th 2012 poll about requiring shows to submit a list of entrant names and a key to identifying them). Amy Peck also pointed out that the bylaws would need to be changed regarding the results format-- the bylaws allow a soft copy to be submitted, and the BOD recently decided to only allow results that were in a searchable format.


-- Jackie Arns-Rossi suggested that a bylaws change to entrant information collection/results formats could be added to the current ballot, and worded in such a way that those things are restricted to the policy document and not the bylaws.

-- There was some discussion about using Pauline Entin's ballot wording versus Lyn Norbury's (Region 5 Representative) ballot wording. Lindsey Hall stressed that clarity of the ballot wording was key, as voting members do not have access to the long discussions that the BOD engages in prior to bringing issues to membership votes. Teresa Buzzell agreed.


-- Teresa Buzzell advised she was going to be traveling and would be home the evening of the 22nd.


-- Danielle Miller (Individual Membership Secretary) asked a question about separation of IM fees paid during NAN registration. She sadid that she did not separate membership fees paid during registration versus any other time, but could if that was needed.
-- Pauline Entin suggested that the IM fees need to be their own account, separate from NAN income. The timing per se of when the fees are collected is not important.

-- Pauline Entin posted a draft of the September 16-30 NAMHSA News.


-- Teresa Buzzell posted an update on the Cafe Press shop: 3 purchases of 6 different items had been made in the last 3 months, and there was a profit of $13.69. Cafe Press does not send any profits until it reaches $50 via PayPal. Teresa was still working on a 2013 calendar and some other items. Teresa also advised there were 282 likes on the FaceBook page, and thanked Lynn Weber for her work managing the page.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked if there was further discussion for the ballot wording, as she wanted to start a poll on the language. She also requested a volunteer to write the suggested bylaws change regarding new results requirements the BOD had voted on.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked Carra McClelland (Region 4 Representative) for an update on the crime insurance questions. Carra reported that her advisor had thought NAMHSA was really looking at Fidelity Insurance with Directors/Officers coverage tacked on. Carra expected more information shortly.


-- Tom Dean (Region 2 Representative) advised his email access would be sporadic due to travel to NW Congress.

-- Pat Coulter (Region 9 Representative) advised that East coast BOD members might be out of touch over the Oct 27/28 weekend due to a large combination storm/hurricane Sandy.


-- Pat Coulter requested a copy of the "What is NAMHSA" flier to give out to 4-Hers at the PA state model horse show that weekend. Lynn Weber advised this document could be found on the NAMHSA website:


-- Lynn Weber asked for bios for Lindsey Hall and Carmen Robertson (Treasurer) for the NAMHSA blog.


-- Teresa Buzzell requested an update on several issues, and commented that it appeared everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy was now back on line. She asked Pauline Entin and Lindsey Hall for an update on the Treasurer search. [Pauline posted a final solicitation for the Treasurer position, extending the deadline by a few days due to the Hurricane Sandy issues.] Teresa asked Carra McClelland for more information on insurance, in particular costs. She suggested the Board move on with the language for the ballot. Teresa cautioned that current issues/items needed to be resolved before the Board could move on to new items.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi motioned to accept the ballot wording as posted by Pauline Entin on October 16.

-- Lindsey Hall advised she had received two applications for Treasurer and would post them.

-- Jackie Moore (Region 6 Representative) asked if the BOD had to vote on Lyn Norbury's version of the ballot first since that had been motioned and seconded prior to Pauline Entin posting her version. Eleanor Harvey (Parliamentarian) responded that she would research the timeline of motions.


Posted by Pauline Entin, Interim NAMHSA PR

NAMHSA News for the period of October 1-15, 2012

NAMHSA News for the period of October 1-15, 2012 based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.
-Lindsey Hall (Vice President) posted the resume of Jim West, the only applicant for the NAN 2013 Registrar position.
- Tom Dean (Region 2 Representative) moved to appoint Jim West as 2013 registrar. This was seconded by Stacy Faraci (Region 7 Representative). Several board members voiced their approval. Eleanor Harvey (Parliamentarian) advised that if all voting members of the BOD voiced their opinion in the next 24 hours, Jim's appointment could be accepted by unanimous consent and no further vote would be required.
- Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) posted a reminder that the NAN card extension poll was closing today.
- The poll regarding the extension of the qualification period for NAN cards closed. A two year extension of NAN card validity was approved for cards marked 11-12 and forward. Note – this decision must be approved by the voting membership before it can be implemented.
- Option 1: No change in NAN card validity dates, 0 votes, 0.00%
- Option 2: Change NAN card validity dates to reflect an expiration term of four years, starting retroactively: Cards marked NAN 2011-2012 are now good for 2013-2014 Cards marked NAN 2012-2013 are now good for 2013 through 2015 Cards marked NAN 2013-2014 are now good for 2013 through 2016, and forward, 8 votes, 66.67%
Tracy Eilers (R1)
Tom Dean (R2)
Pauline Entin (R3)
Carra McClelland (R4)
Jackie Moore (R6)
Stacy Faraci (R7)
Kate Cabot (R10)
Terri Wright (R11)
- Option 3: Change NAN card validity dates to reflect an expiration term of four years, starting with cards dated current 2012-2013. Cards marked NAN 2012-2013 are now good for 2013 through 2015. Cards marked NAN 2013-2014 are now good for 2013 through 2016, and forward. , 4 votes, 33.33%
- Lyn Norbury (R5)
-Chris Wallbruch (R8)
-Pat Coulter (R9)
-Lindsey Hall (VP)
-Jackie Arns-Rossi posted the September 16-30 minutes for approval. These were approved on October 4th by Teresa Buzzell (President).
- Teresa Buzzell called for a volunteer to draft the language for the bylaw change on the NAN card extension. She requested a draft by Friday. Lyn Norbury (Region 5 Representative) volunteered to do it, and asked for some clarification as to exactly what was needed.
- There was some discussion as to if the NAN card extension was a bylaw change versus a policy change, as neither document is clear on the status. Eleanor Harvey forwarded a post she had written on 8/24/12 noting that NAN card validity dates were not covered in the Bylaws, however, it was a good opportunity to clarify “squishy” language in the Bylaws regarding what changes must be voted on by the membership.
- Pat Coulter (Region 9 Representative) asked for more discussion (if needed) on the room change for NAN 2013. Tom Dean (Region 2 Representative) asked some questions about the “Banquet Hall”, parking, and loading areas.
-Jackie Moore (Region 6 Representative) asked if basic information on hotel, airport, etc. for the Harrisburg location could be added to the website so people could begin planning travel. Lynn Weber (Website Manager) said she could--she just needed the specific information that was OK to post.
- Eleanor Harvey reported that since all 12 voting members of the BOD posted in support of appointing Jim West as 2013 NAN Registrar, the appointment passed by unanimous consent. Teresa Buzzell asked Lindsey Hall to let Jim know, and asked Pauline Entin (Region 3 Representative and Interim PR) to draft a post announcing the appointment.
- Lyn Norbury posted a draft of the ballot language for the combined NAN card extension, policy document clarification, and requested emergency implementation change.
- Lyn Norbury posted a revision of the ballot language for the proposed NAN card extension/bylaw clarification.
-Teresa Buzzell posted an updated Board agenda:
-NAN Cards: Continue to craft ballot language & get the ballot out.
-MA Ideas: Beth - Please draft up your MA new award ideas for discussion to have it ready when we get to that agenda item.
-MSOTY: Year Round Solicitation for Shows/Year Round Coordinator Discussion
-Show Results: Listing for late show results
-Discuss/vote on Registrar applicant - DONE already :)
-NAN Room: Discussion due to end 10/10 with formal or informal vote occurring afterwards
Kate - please give a status update on the potential bylaws changes as to when they may be ready for the BOD to discuss/comment upon.
Finish up the Fundraising Coordinator position - approve the job description & advertise - waiting to hear more regarding crime protection coverage. (Carra)
NAN Recap
NAN Card Extension
- Pat Coulter asked Amy Peck (Show Member Secretary) to be in touch about NAN cards for a Region 9 show, as they had gone missing and the showholder was having difficulties contacting Amy. Amy replied that due to the late date, she would be unable to get cards to the showholder, but would mail them directly to showers. She also advised that she was not home until October 16, but would be checking in via email, and would deal with show approvals when she was home.
- Pat Coulter posted answers to questions that Tom Dean posted on October 2 about the NAN show hall. Answers appear to have come from NAN Chair Niki Hertzog, and provided clarifications on parking and unloading, as well as on security at the hall.
- Eleanor Harvey advised that all voting members of the BOD had voiced consent to the room changes outlined on October 8th, so the NAN chair was free to go forward with the room change.
- Teresa Buzzell requested that Beth Lamm (Merit Award Coordinator) present her proposed changes to the merit awards to the BOD. Beth replied that she was heading out of town for QH Congress but would have something ready for the BOD for Monday.
- Jackie Moore offered to resubmit the Fantasy Equine proposal for discussion. Jackie Arns-Rossi reminded the BOD that the wording for the NAN card extension ballot was still under discussion and needed to be wrapped up first.
- Pat Coulter advised she had a member question that needed to be presented as time allowed.
-- Tracey Eilers (Region 1 Representative) presented a request from a member of her region to restrict show advertising from NAMHSA-Discussion, and kept to regional lists. Teresa Buzzell said that show advertisements would not be restricted on N-D, as advertising is a requirement for shows, and some members were only subbed to N-D and not their regional lists.
- Lyn Norbury posted the latest draft of the ballot wording.
- Teresa Buzzell proposed that the latest version of the ballot wording be the one that is sent out, and several BOD members voiced their agreement.
- Amy Peck posted the newest NAMHSA member show approvals.
-Carmen Robertson (Treasurer) uploaded the September financial report.
REGION 1 Tracy Eilers (no report)
REGION 2 Tom Dean
September saw two shows held in the region. Falling Leaves Live was held on the 8th in Poway hosted by Nader Ebeid. This was a new show and a new, young showholder. Congratulations on a well-received event; hopefully to be repeated.
The weekend of the 15-16th saw the revival of Gold Country Model Horse Show in Davis hosted by Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski. This show had a large classlist and covered all the bases; OF, Mini, Custom, AR, China, CG, OF and Custom Performance. If you weren't able to make it this year, mark your calendar for next year, as this show truly has a class for any model horse you own.
Up in October, Calaveradas del Caballo on the 27th in Valencia, hosted by Sarah Whelehan.
REGION 3 Pauline Entin
Hello Region 3,
Got snow yet? I heard Denver got their first dusting recently. We usually don't get snow here in Northern AZ until November - but one never knows. September was an active month for shows in Colorado. The always fun and exciting Rocky Mountain Rendez-Vous was held on Sept 8th. Then Jane Schneider hosted a two-part show on Sept 22 and 29 in Parker, CO. No shows are planned yet for October-Dec in Colorado. Arizona will enjoy its first show five months on October 27 and 28 in Tucson. I am planning to be there and look forward to seeing many Region 3 members.
Happy Halloween everyone!
REGION 4 Carra McClelland (no report)
REGION 5 Lyn Norbury (no report)
REGION 6 Jackie Moore
Hello All!
On September 8, Hollow Horse Live was held in Cumming, GA. This was an excellent show with divisions for everyone. The show went along at a fast pace without being rushed, and most divisions were finished quite early! Definitely a show not to miss.
Also, there was a fun show in Raleigh, NC on Sept 29 at the Wake County 4-H office to benefit the US Equine Rescue League. Many thanks to Beth Patterson for sharing her expertise and knowledge of the hobby with the youngsters and parents there. It sounds like everyone had a great time and we have some budding tackmakers in NC!
At the moment, Region 6 is gearing up for the 25th annual Southern Model Horse Convention in Covington, GA on October 6. I know show hostess Laura Behning has some great things planned for the show's silver anniversary, and we can't wait!
There are no shows with definite dates in Region 6 until March 9 (Carolina Gold Classic in Monroe, NC) and March 30 (Hollow Horse Live Test of a Halter Champion in Cumming, GA).
REGION 7 Stacy Faraci (no report)
REGION 8 Chris Wallbruch
Hello, Region 8ers!
We had two great shows in our region in September! 9/8 was Meows and Minis, held by yours truly! This was the 9th year of Meows and we raised about $3000 for Cat Guardians (a local no-kill, cageless, non for profit cat shelter). The competition was VERY fierce and the region's top mini showers were out in full force. A great time was had by all!
9/29 was the date of the next show in the competitive No Frills series...this time it was the Collectibility and Worksmanship show! This is an 'all yellow card' show and offers local showers a great chance to qualify their horses in those classes that can be hard to find. These specialty shows are highly appreciated, and as always, the GLC crew did a wonderful job with their show.
Coming up....
November 3, 2012: GLC No Frills Show Series in Huntley, IL. Contact Liz Cory (GLC Inc).
November 10, 2012: Showplace Spectacular Model Horse Show in Novi, MI. Contact: Donnalee Pontius.
December 1, 2012: GLC No Frills Show Series in Huntley, IL. Contact Margie Juergensmeyer (GLC Inc).
Links and contact info can be found at:
Happy showing!
REGION 9 Pat Coulter (no report)
REGION 10 Kate Cabot (no report)
REGION 11 Terri Wright (no report)
Posted by Pauline Entin, Interim PR
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