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NAMHSA News for the period of September 16-30, 2012

NAMHSA News for the period of September 16-30, 2012 based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.

-Teresa Buzzell (President) posted an updated Board agenda:

Needing follow up:

1. Finish up the Fundraising Coordinator position - approve the job description & advertise - Waiting on information regarding the bonding issue.

2. NAN Recap - appraisal of the new judge may show by proxy policy, financials, etc.

Under discussion:
3. NAN Card/Results Changes - missing NAN results page/posting, standardizing results format, etc - All this is done, currently working on the NAN Card extension.

Yet to be discussed:
4. Merit Awards - New Award levels
-Teresa Buzzell posted a final call for discussion about the NAN card extension, in particular asking those who were against making the extension retroactive to explain their reasons against it. Discussion continued about the NAN card extension, in particular on whether or not it was a good idea to make previously expired cards valid again with the extension.

-Teresa Buzzell posted an updated to do list,advising a new list would be up October 1st:

Items 1 - 5 are DONE so are not repeated. Thank you everyone!

6. Beth - Please draft up your MA new award ideas for discussion to have it ready when we get to that agenda item.

7. Kate - please give a status update on the potential bylaws changes as to when they may be ready for the BOD to discuss/comment upon.


-Carmen Robertson (Treasurer) reminded the Board that she posted NAN financials to the files section the previous week. Pauline Entin (R3 Representative and Interim PR) requested a more detailed version of the report.

-Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) posted the September 1-15 minutes. Teresa Buzzell approved these on September 17.

-Tracy Eilers (Region 1 Representative) advised she was back from vacation and catching up on BOD business.

-Lynn Weber (Website Manager) advised that she had a request from July 23 to add a thank you page for volunteers for the 2012 NAN. She had asked for names of all volunteers, but at this point did not have them all. Stacy Faraci (Region 7 Representative) offered to get that list ASAP.

-Lynn Weber asked for bios from all members on the BOD for posting on the NAMHSA Blog.

-Pauline Entin asked if she could create a post about NAN financials, and asked if Individual Membership (IM) fees should be considered part of NAN income or not. Carmen Robertson advised it was not possible for her to tease out the IM fees from the entry fees, due to how the fees are currently collected. She offered to put together a report of NAN financials in greater detail (e.g., how much was spent at MVS vs Aulds vs postage, rather than a single sum for awards).

-Pauline Entin advised she had posted the Equilocity show results post immediately, due to its time sensitive nature.

-Teresa Buzzell asked for final discussions about the NAN card extension. Pauline Entin questioned the need for an emergency change vote. The need for an emergency change would depend on exactly how the card extension is formatted. An emergency change would be required to implement a change for the current NAN cycle (if the BOD allowed older cards to be extended, this could affect entries for the 2013 NAN). Otherwise, the change would go in effect the following show year. Discussion began about allowing older cards (previously expired) to be extended, and proved to be the major point of contention.

-Stacy Faraci offered some thoughts about the NAN 2012 financial report. She noted that there were fewer entrants this year, the need to ship trophies from Aulds (in past years, these were picked up enroute), the need for more judges due to the new proxy rules, the increased NAN staff stipends, and the new stipend for the position of Head Steward, and finally, the lack of a sponsorship program this year all likely contributed to the larger than typical loss for a KY NAN.

-Amy Peck (Show Membership Secretary) advised she would hold cards for The Little Horse Show pending confirmation from Teresa Buzzell that the results from Equilocity actually arrived on Septemeber 18.

-Amy Peck posted an update on her discussion with NAMHSA's lawyer about bonding for the Fundraising Coordinator position:

She said that the lawyer thinks bonding insurance is a good idea, and is "gently steering" us towards an insurance person. He also pointed out that NAMHSA needs to think about what we need to insure against. The lawyer referred Amy to an insurance agent with First Texas Insurance Service, LC. Amy reported that the insurance agent suggested Crime Coverage, and the position being covered would need to be discussed with the insurance agent (employee vs. non-employee - either could be covered, but it would need to be defined in the policy). The price estimate was in the range of $500 - $2,500 per year. Amy referred the insurance agent to Teresa Buzzell. The lawyer also suggested a phone conference with a future board meeting, regarding some ideas he has for NAMHSA, including more checks and balances on any financial position. 

-Stacy Faraci questioned whether the benefits of insuring the Fundraiser position was going to be worth the expense. She was clear she was not against insurance, just wondered about the cost/benefit.

-Beth Lamm (Merit Award Coordinator) posted the Merit Award winners from the Breyerfest drive. This extensive list is available on the website.

-Lynn Weber advised that she would need weekly questions for the FaceBook page. 

-Teresa Buzzell suggested that Carmen Robertson talk to Danielle Miller (Individual Membership Secretary) to help tease out the IM fees from the NAN income.

-Amy Peck posted the newest list of NAMHSA approved shows. This list is available on the NAMHSA website. Amy also posted a correction to the previous list - Correction to the 8/17/2012 approved list: IL-IA Live Xmas Show should be Region 8, not Region 4 as listed.

-Teresa Buzzell asked Pauline Entin for a draft PR post for the Treasurer position.

-Teresa Buzzell advised the BOD that she had the results from Equilocity. A discussion ensued regarding whether or not Lindsey Hall (in her capacity as Results Coordinator) allowed changes to results after the 30 day deadline. Lindsey stated that she did allow corrections.

-Terri Wright (Region 11 Representative ) advised that she was having issues with her email.

-Lyn Norbury (Region 5 Representative) made a motion to extend the validity dates of NAN cards:

“I move that we vote for the following options to change the validity dates of NAN cards to a four year term:

Option 1: No change in NAN card validity dates.

Option 2: Change NAN card validity dates to reflect an expiration term of four years, starting retrospectively:

Cards marked NAN 2011-2012 are now good for 2013-2014
Cards marked NAN 2012-2013 are now good for 2013 thru 2015
Cards marked NAN 2013-2014 are now good for 2013 thru 2016, and forward.

Option 3: Change NAN card validity dates to reflect an expiration term of four years, starting with cards dated current 2012-2013.
Cards marked NAN 2012-2013 are now good for 2013 thru 2015.
Cards marked NAN 2013-2014 are now good for 2013 thru 2016, and forward.”

The motion was seconded by Pauline Entin and the floor opened for discussion.

-Jackie Moore (Region 6 Representative) requested that option 2 be changed to allow cards from 2010, and advised the wording should be “starting retroactively.” Lyn Norbury pointed out that cards from 2010 would still be expired. Jackie Moore countered that a 2010 card would be marked 2010-2011, and would be good for 2013 with a 2 year extension. 

-There was discussion regarding whether or not the retroactive option would actually encourage people to enter more horses at NAN, and if it would help Show Holders and people who volunteered at recent NANs and consequently had not been able to show.

-Stacy Faraci asked where she could send unused/leftover NAN cards for recycling. Amy Peck offered to take them.

-Teresa Buzzell solicited guest blog ideas from the Board.

-Lyn Norbury made a revised motion regarding NAN card validity dates:

“I move that we vote for one the following options to change the validity dates of NAN cards to a four year term:

Option 1: No change in NAN card validity dates.

Option 2: Change NAN card validity dates to reflect an expiration term of four years, starting retroactively:

Cards marked NAN 2011-2012 are now good for 2013-2014
Cards marked NAN 2012-2013 are now good for 2013 through 2015
Cards marked NAN 2013-2014 are now good for 2013 through 2016, and forward.

Option 3: Change NAN card validity dates to reflect an expiration term of four years, starting with cards dated current 2012-2013.

Cards marked NAN 2012-2013 are now good for 2013 through 2015.
Cards marked NAN 2013-2014 are now good for 2013 through 2016, and forward.”

This was seconded by Pauline Entin and Eleanor Harvey (Parliamentarian) opened the floor for discussion.

-Pauline Entin posted a draft of the September 1-15 NAMHSA News. This was approved on September 26 by Teresa Buzzell after corrections of typos, etc.

-Carra McClelland (Region 4 Representative) advised that a shower in her region had emailed her a concern regarding the benefit show held for Lynn Fraley. The proceeds from this show have not yet been transferred to Lynn, although the show holder had turned in her results to NAMHSA. The consensus was that NAMHSA did not have a formal role regarding the benefit component, but Carra did plan on emailing the showholder about the show. Pauline Entin reported there was a Yahoogroup started to gather information regarding the show. 

-As part of the ongoing NAN card extension discussion, Jackie Moore suggested that the quesiton of whether or not to make retroactive changes be presented to the membership.

-- Pauline Entin asked if it was time to vote on the NAN card extension, as it appeared that Board members had entrenched opinions on the subject.

-Teresa Buzzell called for a vote on the NAN card extension.

-Lynn Weber advised that Cafe Press was having a sale and requested a PR announcement to go out. Pauline Entin posted this information to the lists.

-Teresa Buzzell requested a PR post reminding the public that the NAN Registrar position was still open for applications, and a draft of the Treasurer solicitation post. She also thanked Pauline for how quickly the Cafe Post sale post went out.

-Jackie Arns-Rossi started a poll for the Board to vote on the NAN card extension policy (per the motion).

-Teresa Buzzell called for discussion about bonding, or other protection for NAMHSA as part of the Fundraising Coordinator position, as this was the only question preventing posting for the position. Discussion ensued about the merits of bonding both the potential Fundraising Coordinator and the Treasurer. Some expressed concern that if the person being bonded needs to pay for the service (not uncommon), this might result in no applicants for either post.

-Chris Wallbruch (Region 8 Representative) asked if it was OK to poll her region on the NAN card extension. Teresa Buzzell advised that since the vote was underway, it was late to do this, but Chris could and should use input she had from her region to make her decision.

-Teresa Buzzell uploaded a file about NAN 2013 from NAN Chair Niki Hertzog. The file information was relevant to the need to change rooms for the 2013 NAN as the original space did not have air conditioning (in contrast to what the venue had stated previously). Also discussed was an analysis of the pros and cons of using the alternate space she recommended (the Banquet Hall).

-Pauline Entin posted a draft of the Treasurer solicitation post. Teresa Buzzell asked Carmen Robertson to review the post. Carmen did and approved it, but recommended adding regular reporting requirements, and the need to live near a Bank of America branch.

-Discussion continued about bonding, who should pay for it, as well as considering Crime Insurance/Employee Theft Insurance as an alternative to bonding.

-Pauline Entin posted a second draft for the Treasurer solicitation. This was approved by Teresa Buzzell on September 30.

-Carra McClelland offered to ask an insurance underwriter she knew about the merits of the insurance options for the Fundraising Coordinator.

Posted by Pauline Entin, Interim NAMHSA PR 10/27/2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Board Meetings - Meet NAMHSA President Teresa Buzzell


It's my turn to do a little introduction about myself and I am a little late with it... my name is Teresa Buzzell and I am the current NAMHSA President. I am an active hobbyist in the Denver, CO area - which is part of Region 3. I have been on the Board of Directors for three two year terms as the Region 3 Rep, an additional year as Vice President and now this year as President. I enjoy dealing with the day to day workings of the organization and trying to improve things for all of the members. I consider many of the present and past Board members to be some of my best friends - a side effect of volunteering that I did not expect! I have also created the NAN programs since 2006, coordinated the raffle for NAN 2011 in Tucson, gave the go ahead for this blog and the Facebook page and head up the Cafe Press store. (With new things for the holiday season coming up soon!)

I have been in the hobby since I got my first Breyer at the age of 14. At 16 I was off and running in the show circuit in Region 1, before NAMHSA was in existence. I showed in halter and performance and was immediately hooked! Two years later, I started judging and haven't looked back since. I have shown and judged all around the country, including at NAN. My favorite divisions to judge are performance and chinas but I'll judge anything other than OF Plastic Halter. (Those who are willing to judge those divisions I believe have some special skills that I just do not have!) Since I usually have time on my hands at shows, I do proxy show on occasion for different people at both the local shows and at NAN. I have also co-hosted a successful live show series.

Currently, I show in all divisions, with the exception of customs. My collection literally lives in the closet, and has since day one. It numbers about 100, give or take 10 or so. The collection contains mostly Breyers, with some Stones, clinkies and a handful of resins tossed in for good measure. I have a thing for the Love TBs in plastic and china, sport horses and Arab-flavored pieces. Almost anything traditional sized in my collection is a potential performance horse! Unfortunately for my checking account, I do not paint, create or otherwise use my skills for anything more strenuous than creating documentation for myself and a few friends. 

Outside of my hobby life, I am a graphic designer, married for 10 years with horse and cat but no kids. I blame my 8+hrs a day on the computer for my lack of creative juices when it comes to my hobby life but I enjoy it greatly. My husband does computer tech work for a small local firm which means we have a lot of computer tech floating around the house, both PC and Apple flavored. He and I met during college and have lived a few places in the Midwest before moving to the Denver area. I may be one of the few people who get tired of the 300+ days of sun here but I can ride outside just about any week of the year.

Many of you may know my horse "Flick". I've owned him for slightly over 22 yrs now and he will be 30 next year. He has inspired a few email addresses over the years as well as logins, passwords and my Model Horse Blab ID. A few years ago, Flick became the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous SR horse and has been featured on and off on Jennifer Buxton's blog. He's also the inspiration for a OOAK blue decorator version of the RMR SR and a mini Nahar. (My model horse Flick collection "only" numbers 7, including trophies, judge's models and the aforementioned OOAK and mini Nahar.)

I'm always up for questions and concerns that you may have regarding the organization so please, contact me at and I'd be happy to have a conversation!

Photos borrowed from Jennifer Buxton.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Easy-Peasy Make Your Own Scale Poles

Here’s how I went about making my new set of poles.
First, materials. Poles are really just dowels that have been cut and painted. You’ll want to make sure you buy the right size dowel for your scale. For 1/32 scale (Chips/Stablemate) I’m using 3/16 inch diameter dowels from a hobby store. Before you go, you’ll want to calculate how many pieces you need. They’re generally sold in 36″ lengths. I wanted my poles to be equivalent to 12′, which in 1/32 scale is 4.5 inches. I increased that to 5” just to be safe, multiplied that by 8 (the number of poles I wanted) and got 40 inches. So I bought two 36″ pieces. To do my scale conversions I used this handy scale calculator.
In addition to poles, you’ll need sand paper, a saw or Dremel, masking tape, and acrylic paint. I also used sealer (Krylon) and Play-Doh (an idea adapted from Friesian Fury Studio’s post on using Play-Doh for masking).
Next, you’ll want to measure out the poles on the length of dowel.
I left a bit of space between each poles length so the Dremel would have room to cut. You wouldn’t need to leave so much if you use a hacksaw (and/or aren’t such a klutz like me).
You end up with poles a little over the intended length (in my case, 4.5 inches). If your poles are close to that, you can probably just move right on to sandpaper. Since mine each had several millimeters to lose and I had the Dremel handy, I used that. You have a lot more control with the Dremel when you can cut straight down, instead of at an angle as you have to do when cutting a long piece. That allows you to get a lot more precise and get the pole just a hair over the goal length.
Then a bit of sandpaper on the ends will take off any roughness and get them to a uniform length. You might want to sandpaper the whole piece, depending on how rough your dowels are. Keep the ruler handy so you don’t overdo it and end up with a pole that’s too short (I just plan ahead for failure and start with extra poles. I need seven, so I’m making nine).
Once your poles are all cut and sanded, it’s painting time. Poles come in just about any color or combination that you can imagine, but mine are going to be a relatively staid blue and white stripe.
I start with doing a layer of white. I do half a pole at a time, and stick the unpainted end in a lump of Play-Doh to dry.
Once those are dry, simply paint the other half. To make the stripes, I taped off the areas I wanted to remain white and then painted blue over the exposed white. There are a lot different striping styles out there, but you will want to measure out the taping if you want the poles to match.

This is blue tape with blue paint, but hopefully you get the idea. The ends and middle of each poles are taped up to keep them white.
You may need to do a couple layers of color. Try not to put it on too thick or it’ll look funny later. Once you pull the tape off, you may need to redo some of the white where it bled through or the taping was off. And then you’re done!
For longevity and durability, you may want to seal the poles with a matte fixative. I did mine using the same Play-Doh base technique, one half at a time. For some scenes, you might want old weathered poles. Handily, they’re pretty easy to make so you can create a whole arsenal in different colors and conditions, a pole for every possibility!
Thank you again, Leah, for permitting us to share your pole-making prowess!