Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NAMHSA seeks the 2013 NAN Head Steward

NAMHSA is currently seeking a qualified individual to take charge of all the ring stewards. Below you will find the requirements and the duties, along with the stipend amount.


Requirements of Position:
1) Work as Head Steward at NAN *all day, all three days*.
2) Knowledge of model horse show processes.
3) Familiarity with NAN procedures and flow - must have prior experience as NAN Chair, Registrar, Steward, or Judge.
4) May not show either personally or by proxy any of the three days of NAN.

1) Arrive early (before doors open to the showers) each day, gather stewards, and conduct steward meeting.
2) Assign stewards to rings as appropriate. Explain flow of classes, calls to rings, location of class/judges sheets, verifying correct entries, judge assignment, and result sheets collected and taken to Registrar. Walk stewards through all steps.
3) Monitor rings to confirm stewards are present and have no issues.
4) Answer basic questions from stewards, judges, and entrants as appropriate.
5) Refer any additional questions/issues to NAN Chair(s) as needed.
6) Transfer models remaining in rings to pony pound after announcements concerning end of prior class.
7) Enforce "no pictures" during actual judging of classes.
8) Remind judges (frequently) of no talking policy while they have clipboards.
9) Assist stewards in maintaining separation between judges and entrants/spectators while classes are being judged.
10) Supervise ribbon/awards tables as needed

Stipend amount: a total sum of $300 for all 3 days + $10 per day lunch allowance.

Please send an email with your qualifications to 2013 NAN Chair, Niki Hertzog  by April 7, 2013. 

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