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NAMHSA News for the period of December 1-15, 2012

NAMHSA News for the period of December 1-15, 2012 based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.

-Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) asked for an update from Danielle Miller (Individual Membership Secretary) about the individual membership period of a person who expected, but did not receive, a ballot. Pat Coulter (Region 9 Representative) also asked if there was a resolution regarding another possible IM's status. Danielle replied that she had no records for either person, and asked if they could provide a PayPal receipt.

-Teresa Buzzell (President) reported that the Cafe Press store was $8 away from earning its first $50 profit. She also asked Pauline Entin (Region 3 Representative and Interim PR) to run a post about the store.

-Teresa Buzzell asked Beth Lamm (Merit Award Coordinator) to address a post on NAMHSA-Discussion asking about merit award plaques from this summer's award drive. Beth advised she was behind on plaques, but working on them.

-Teresa Buzzell asked for representatives who had not weighed in on the N-D list discussion (membership status to post etc.) to please do so.

-Jackie Arns-Rossi posted a revision of the November 16-30 Minutes. These were approved by Teresa Buzzell on December 5th.

-Lynn Weber requested bios from the Region 1 and 2 representatives (Tracy Eilers and Tom Dean) for the NAMHSA blog.

-Tracy Eilers (Region 1 Representative) asked for an update on the status of the Fundraising Coordinator position. Carra McClelland (Region 4 Representative) advised she still needed to call her insurance agent, as this had been difficult to do while she was at work. Both Tracy and Lyn Norbury (Region 5 Representative) reported they had been asked about a future NAN auction or other fundraising.

-Beth Lamm reported that she had been in contact with Gary at Auld’s about the left over medallions for Merit Awards. Auld’s recommended that the plaques be returned to them where they would remove the medallions, repaint them, and reattach them to Merit Award plaques for a one time fee of $25-50 for 20-30 plaques. She requested the BOD’s guidance on the next step. There was some discussion on the exact mechanics of turning an old NAN award into a Merit Award. A few BOD members were in favor of going forward if a written estimate could be given.

-Pat Coulter offered to call her insurance agent to get the information needed for insuring the Fundraising Coordinator.

-Teresa Buzzell requested that members of the BOD call insurance agents for quotes for a $15,000 business owner/crime insurance policy that covered employee theft. She gave a deadline of December 17th to get these quotes. She stated “If we do not have quotes by then, I will assume that while the BOD cares about protecting the finances of the organization, we simply can not do anything about that at this time and will leave it for someone else to do. At that point in time, I will have Pauline re-post the job description here and I will approve it to go out and we'll start the solicitation process."

-Carra McClelland forwarded an email from an insurance underwriter: "To get employee dishonesty coverage you will need a Business owner's policy that would include some employee dishonesty coverage. It's usually a set amount like $5,000 or $10,000."

-Lynn Weber (Website Manager) provided an update on the server transition: “Elaine Lindelef is not getting the emails with the authorization codes I need, so I asked her to go ahead and change the contact to me...Lindsey [Hall - former VP] is leaving it [website] in place since she knows I'm working on it.”

-Teresa Buzzell reported that she and Niki Hertzog (NAN 2013 Chair) have the contract for the NAN 2013 location in Harrisburg. The room rental fee will not change from the original quote, and will be $2625, including Thursday set up. There will be no additional charges for parking or for table and chair rental.

-Pauline Entin posted a draft of the NAMHSA News for November 1-15, 2012. This was approved by Teresa Buzzell.

-Teresa Buzzell posted the latest Board agenda:

-NAN Cards - Extension ballot wording
-Results Bylaw wording/voting
-NAN Room - Discussion/decision
-Treasurer Vote

II. On-Going:
-Membership Voting - Bylaws Changes for Results/NAN Cards
-Emergency VP Search (Deadline approaching)

III. Still On Hold
-Finish up the Fundraising Coordinator position - approve the job description & advertise - waiting to hear more regarding crime protection coverage. (Deadline approaching!!)

IV. New/Waiting to Get To:
-NAN Auction/Raffle - yes/no/maybe?
-MA Ideas - Beth - need your proposal by Wednesday if at all possible, don't want to get it lost for any more time.
-MSOTY - Year Round Solicitation for Shows/Year Round Coordinator Discussion
-Show Results - Listing for late/delinquent show results

-Lynn Weber requested bios from the representatives for Regions 1 and 2 for the NAMHSA blog. Tracy Eilers replied she would send hers shortly.

-Lynn Weber posted an update on the server transition: “Elaine finally got the email from GoDaddy, but now she has to get a code from Network Solutions, where it's currently registered, in order to move it. Still waiting on that... It's not normally this long of a process!”

-Jackie Arns-Rossi posted the results of the membership ballot regarding NAN Card validity extension and NAMHSA member show results:

A. On extending NAN card validity dates from 2 to 4 years, starting retroactively with cards marked NAN 11-12 (which would be extended through NAN 2014):

Approve: 114
Disapprove: 12

B. Is the NAN card validity extension accepted as an Emergency Change?

Yes: 112
No: 13

C. Proposed Bylaws change to require NAMHSA member show results in a searchable format:

Approve: 117
Disapprove: 9

D. Is the Bylaws change regarding member show results accepted as an Emergency Change?

Yes: 105
No: 21

****Both measures pass, both to be instituted immediately.****

-Teresa Buzzell asked Jackie Arns-Rossi for a report on the percentage of ballots returned, and asked Pauline Entin to draft a public post on the ballot results. Jackie replied she would work on one.

-Lynn Weber reported that Lindsey Hall told her that results had never been received from the March 13, 2010 Rosebud All Minis Show in Camas, WA. The show holder stopped communicating with Lindsey and Tracy Eilers. Lynn asked Amy Peck (Show Member Secretary) and Beth Lamm to add this show to their lists to prevent the show holder from holding future NAN qualifiers and to disallow cards from the show for use toward Merit Awards.

-Teresa Buzzell asked Amy Peck to please alert the BOD of any overdue results, going forward. Teresa also noted that a delinquent show results list was clearly needed given that missing results were brought to the Board's attention more than two years after the show was held. She noted that is was critical that show holders fulfill their responsibilities by submitting results.

-Amy Peck reported she had just received a copy of the 2010 Rosebud show results from Rosebud shower Amy Widman. She did not know when Amy Widman received them from the show holder. She offered to forward the results to Lynn Weber and advised the BOD that it was their call to accept the results as valid or not.

-Teresa Buzzell asked the BOD if they were willing to accept the results with reasons as to why or why not, as well as if the Rosebud show holder would still be eligible to hold future qualifiers. Board members responding were in favor of allowing the results to stand and cards be valid for use. The question of how long a delinquent show holder would be barred from holding a qualifier was brought up by Tracy Eilers as the show in question had been nearly 3 years ago.

-Amy Peck posted a list of the three individuals were are ineligible to hold a NAMHSA member show due to serious violations of NAMHSA policy, along with the shows related to the violations.

-Amy Peck stated she had no problem reporting late results to BOD, but asked how late results had to be to warrant reporting. She suggested a time line. Amy also said that she currently allowed shows to send in revisions of results (after initial submission) and asked if the BOD would like to set a time limit on accepting revisions. In general, revisions were made within a month of the original submission. Lynn Weber suggested a limit of 60 days, as this would fit well with her upload schedule. Teresa Buzzell said she supported Amy's proposed time line, and reminded everyone that a show with results past 30 days could appear on the delinquent list. As far as revisions, Teresa encouraged show holders to get revisions done prior to submission to NAMHSA. Amy felt these were reasonable guidelines.

-Carra McClelland reported that she had been talking to Kristina Lucas-Francis about the 2014/2015 NAN Trophy contest. [Kristina will serve as judge, because she is the winning designer of the current trophy.] Teresa Buzzell responded that the contest was typically announced in April or May and that it would be helpful if Kristina could identify a local hobbyist who could receive entries and assist with the judging process. She recommended reviewing the announcement of the previous contest.

-Carra McClelland asked about showing horses marked as china test runs. There was some brief discussion about china test runs and custom glazes, and the fact that marked test run chinas can show in OF china/resin at NAN.

-Eleanor Harvey (Parliamentarian) posted a reminder to the board that the VP nomination period was still open, and that all candidates had not been contacted to confirm interest, collect bios and create a ballot. She specifically advised Lyn Norbury that her posting a bio to regional lists ahead of time was not proper protocol.

-Eleanor Harvey asked that the other VP candidates be contacted for confirmation and bios as soon as possible. She requested that a reminder of the nomination period be sent to all regions.

-Jackie Arns-Rossi reported that she sent requests to other VP candidates. She also asked if the previously posted bio by Lyn Norbury would be the one used for the ballot. Eleanor said she presumed so since it was already out. Jackie also asked if the bios from the other candidates should be posted the day after the nomination period was over.

-Jackie Arns-Rossi reported that she had the bio for one candidate for VP, but the third candidate had withdrawn her nomination. She asked again if she should post the bio the following morning.

-Pauline Entin added that she had reposted the request for nominations and did not see any reason to delay the process. Eleanor Harvey gave Jackie permission to post the bios as soon as the nomination period closed.

-- Jackie Moore (Region 6 Representative) forwarded an email exchange she had had with a hobbyist regarding whether or not NAMHSA appointed positions were limited to one term, or could be reappointed. The hobbyist contended that the Bylaws prohibited reappointment. Jackie said the hobbyist requested a formal reply from the Board. The Board had already discussed this point, and began composing a reply.


Posted by Pauline Entin, NAMHSA PR 12/30/12

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