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NAMHSA Vice Presidential Candidate Bios

Dear NAMHSA members,

The nomination period to fill Lindsey Hall's vice presidential term has closed.
This VP term will end after NAN in 2013, and the person you are electing will then step into the President's position. A new VP will also be selected prior to NAN 2013, so you will be selecting a second VP later in the spring with regular elections.

Lyn Norbury, the current Region 5 rep and Carra McClelland, the current Region 4 rep are your candidates. Both bios are listed below in alphabetical order.
Carra McClelland, the current Region 4 rep:

Greetings Fellow Hobbyists!

My name is Carra McClelland and I am running for the office of Vice President of
NAMHSA to finish out the 2012 term.

I have been in the hobby most of my life and as a result, many of you know me, or at least know of me, but let me share with you why I feel like I would be a good choice for Vice President.

I have been a show holder since before NAMSHA existed. I learned to hold shows from a couple of excellent hosts and then went on to hold shows of my own, including the popular and successful Buccaneer Live series in Nebraska. I have held small shows and big, multi-day shows. I have also shown consistently for years to qualify my horses for NAN so that I could support the organization by entering.

In addition to supporting NAN by entering, judging (2007) and participating as
a donor in past raffles/auctions, I had the honor of co-chairing NAN 2012. That
was the experience of a lifetime and I was blessed with a dream team in my co-
chair, Stacy Faraci and our registrar Jim West. I feel like it gave me the greatest
understanding of the entirety of how NAMHSA works, something I feel will be
invaluable as Vice President.

I am currently serving my third term as a Region Representative. During my time in office, I feel that NAMHSA has made some positive changes for our members, including:

Extension of NAN Card expiration dates
Increased compensation for NAN Judges and the NAN Registrar
Measures to help prevent counterfeiting of NAN Cards
Additions to the Merit Awards program

In addition, I have always heard my Region’s concerns and voted with their wishes and best interests in mind. I always take into account the impact of my vote on other regions and always listen to the concerns and comments of my fellow Region Reps. I am subscribed to all the NAMHSA regional Yahoogroups and have taken questions and feedback from people in all regions over the course of my service on the Board of Directors.

I am an easily accessible member of the model horse community, being active
on message boards and the Internet in general. I try to answer all questions in a timely manner. I access my email frequently through the day seven days a week.  I work well with others and professionally my job is to solve problems. I have demonstrated my ability to work within the structure of NAMHSA and still help make positive changes. While I have in my term as a Region Rep argued fiercely with my colleagues on occasion, we have been able to come to a consensus on many hotly debated topics.

I would very much like to continue to serve NAMHSA and the hobby by taking this next step. I would appreciate your support and your vote.

Thank you,

Carra McClelland
Lyn Norbury, the current Region 5 rep:

Hello to all Regions!

I have made the decision to run for the office of NAMHSA VP to finish out the 2012 term. Many of you know me personally, but for the benefit of those who don't, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I would like to be considered for this office.

My name is Lyn Norbury. I live just north of Tulsa, OK. I spent my youth on a farm/ranch in SE Oklahoma. I have been a horse fanatic my entire life. I have collected model horses as far back as I can remember. I have been around and owned real horses from the age of 3.

I have been an artist since before my college years (which was a very long time ago) and really found my element when I discovered the part of the model horse world I live in today. I have only been in this part of the hobby for about 10 years, but it instantly became my career lifestyle, so I quit my "real job" and became a model horse artist.

I have been highly involved in showing at Regional shows since 2003, and attended my first NAN in 2004 as a helper for a friend who was showing. I have shown at NAN every year since 2006, wherever it has taken me. I am really sad to say I will not be showing at NAN 2013. I make it to every show in my region that I possibly can, and a few that are not in my region. Although I create and show my horses in Halter, my main thing for pleasure is performance showing. Yep, I am a performance junky.

I am the current Region 5 Representative on the NAMHSA Board of Directors. This is my first term as Region Rep. and I have not held any other NAMHSA office, nor have I volunteered or judged at NAN before. Although I don't have a long standing record of involvement with NAMHSA as far as the production end of it, or the internal workings of the organization, I am an honest devoted member and only want to work to the best of my ability to improve and grow the organization, NAN, and the hobby as a whole.

There are many good things I would like to see happen with NAMHSA and NAN. I believe in the Mission Statement of NAMHSA, "to serve as an inclusive organization to promote the model horse hobby. NAMHSA's aim is to promote all facets of the model horse hobby and to provide support for the future development of model horse showing, customizing, and collecting,..."

I believe that the members' voice in the goings on in NAMHSA and NAN are first and foremost. I believe hosting NAN should be the main concern of NAMHSA. I believe in being fair to all regions and I look out for the interests of not only my own region, but all other regions as well.

If any of you would like to know more about me and/or my commitment to NAMHSA, feel free to email me privately and I will be happy to discuss my perspective of any aspect of NAMHSA, NAN, and the model horse hobby.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you will consider me for the office of Vice President of NAMHSA.

Please remember, if you are a voting member of NAMHSA, whether you vote for me or someone else, please take the time to vote. Let your vote be counted.

Lyn Norbury

A ballot to select one of these two candidates will be available to members shortly. Please contact me at this email address (drsteggy at gmail dot com) or the recording secretary address (namhsavote at gmail dot com) if you have any questions or comments--please note that I am no mail on most of the regional lists and will not see a question asked publicly (though you are free to forward any questions I answer for you to your regional list if you desire).

Thank you for your time.

Jackie Arns-Rossi
NAMHSA Recording Secretary

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