Thursday, January 10, 2013

NAMHSA Ballot results for special VP election

The special election to install a new NAMHSA Vice President (following from the resignation of former VP Lindsey Hall) has concluded.

Carra McClelland (currently Region 4 Representative) has been elected by the NAMHSA membership to the position of Vice President. Carra will move into this position immediately, and assume the position of President at the 2013 NAMHSA annual meeting. A special ele
ction for a new Regional Representative will be initiated soon in Region 4.

180 votes were received, from a total possible of 332, a 54% voter turn out. On a regional basis, Region 1 had the highest voter turn out at 73% and Region 8 had the lowest voter turn out at 32%. 

The NAMHSA Board thanks both Carra McClelland and Lyn Norbury for offering to take on this office.

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