Sunday, January 6, 2013

NAMHSA Ballot Results

NAMHSA Ballot Results

The results of the recent NAMHSA ballot regarding NAN card validity dates and member show results format are summarized below.

1. Proposal to extend NAN card validity to 4 years instead of 2, starting with cards marked 2011-2012:

Votes to approve: 114
Votes to disapprove: 12

1a. Proposal to institute the NAN card validity extension to 4 years immediately, i.e., as an "emergency change":

Votes to approve: 112
Votes to disapprove: 13

2. Proposal to alter the Bylaws to specify that NAMHSA member show results must be submitted in an electronic, searchable format:

Votes to approve: 117
Votes to disapprove: 9

2a. Proposal to implement the Bylaws change to specify submission of member show results in an electronic, searchable format immediately, i.e., as an "emergency change":

Votes to approve: 105
Votes to disapprove: 21

Both measures passed by a wide margin and both will be instituted immediately.

1. All NAN cards marked 2011-2012 are now good through 2014, NAN cards marked 2012-2013 are good through 2015, and so forth.
Important Note: Please do not cross out the qualifying dates on your NAN cards. The NAN Registrars for future years will know the extended years. You may make a small note next to the current qualifying years listed, such as 2011-2014 to help remind you of the extension. Starting in early 2013, NAN cards will be marked with the new range listed as "2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016".

2. All NAN qualifier results are required to be submitted to NAMHSA in an electronic, searchable format. Examples of searchable formats are MS Word documents, MS Excel documents, and in most cases PDF documents. Hand-written or scanned results are not acceptable.

NAMHSA thanks all the show and individual members who took the time to vote!

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