Thursday, May 2, 2013

An update from your NAN Registrar

Hi all,

We are currently at 87 Entrants and 1379 Horses entered.

I just want to remind everyone who is entering into NAN 2013 to please put your name on your NAN cards and when you finish your entry to send me JUST your NAN cards and payment if not paying via PayPal. I really do not need you all to send me anything else. …well, if it's chocolate I guess that would be acceptable… :-) Honestly, just send me your NAN cards and payment.

Also, if signing up for Individual Membership as part of NAN entry. Send IM form to Danielle and send ALL funds to me. I need the IM funds too for accounting purposes. The Treasurer, Membership Secretary and I have a process so all is good. So, please do NOT send Danielle IM monies if you are signing up as part of NAN.

If you have any questions please please please do not hesitate to contact me at

Also to again let you all know my process (especially for the first-timers).

When I receive your NAN cards I will send you email stating I have received them. Note, I've not done ANYTHING else at that time. I just want to give you feedback that your cards have arrived and I have them in my possession.

At some later point I will then "process" your entry. This entails verifying cards against show results, all cards are valid, cards/entries match up, verify payment. If everything checks out then I will APPROVE your entry and you will get email from me stating such. If there are ANY issues, I will send you email stating those issues and your choices (based on issue). It is imperative that you keep an eye on your email often. If I send you an "issue" email I will expect a response back quickly, preferably within 48 hrs otherwise I will have to make the choices for you which is pretty much scratching those problem entries for which NAMHSA kindly thanks you for your donation.

Once all entries have been approved the class splits-n-lists work will be done. Any obvious errors that Niki and I catch will be remedied if possible so we may need to contact you. Things like we found your Appaloosa in a Clydesdale class, etc. Note that if we do find something like this we will just move the model from Clydesdale to Appaloosa and may not contact you about the move. So if your model really is a Clydesdale but you entered its breed incorrectly only YOU will have to catch that and contact me IMMEDIATELY to get this fixed.

When the final class lists have been completed I will be emailing each entrant your specific class list schedule (shows your models and the day they show) as well as your horse list. When you receive that email PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it over carefully and again, if you find any problems contact me IMMEDIATELY.

You will also receive these lists in your Show Day Packet to ensure that you have a copy. I most likely won't be able to do any re-prints during NAN.

Ok, well, that's about it for today.

Clear skies,
NAN 2013 Registrar

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