Monday, May 20, 2013

NAMHSA Spring 2013 Election Results

The results for the NAMHSA Spring 2013 Election have been tabulated.

The odd numbered regions held their biennial representative elections

Stacy Quick ran unopposed in Region 1 for Region 1 Representative. She will be replacing Tracy Eilers.

The incumbent Pauline Entin won Region 3 against challenger Yashka Hellien.

Another incumbent, Lyn Norbury, won over challenger Lynn Weber for Region 5 Representative.

Two newcomers were nominated to represent Region 9. Niki Hertzog won over Kim Bjorgo.

Regions 7 and 11 had no candidates and will be unrepresented. Parties interested in the positions can contact Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary at

Tom Dean has been voted the new NAMHSA Vice President and will take office, along with the new Regional Reps, during the annual meeting of NAN 2013.

Fantasy Equids (unicorns, pegasi and the combination) will be allowed to qualify for the North American Nationals. The bylaws change passed and an emergency change has been approved. Fantasy horses are allowed to begin qualifying for NAN immediately.

Regions 1 through 11 had the following turnouts, respectively; 72%, 55%, 54%, 50%, 74%, 75%, 51%, 38%, 58%, 52% and 40%.

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