Friday, August 9, 2013

Rule Change - NAN Performance Entry Size Limits

Beginning in 2014 there will be a slight modification to the size limitation for NAN Performance Entries.  The new regulations replace those in the 2013 NAN Packet beginning page 9 and will be included starting with the 2014 NAN Packet. Please note that size limitations will be strictly enforced to ensure consistency throughout the show.

Please find the new verbiage below.


Performance entries are limited to a maximum area of 18" x 30" with the exception of Over Fences and Stock Work classes, which may use 24" x 30". Multi-horse (>2) hitches may can legally exceed these space requirements when necessary.

Entrants are strongly encouraged to keep their setups to well under these size limitations whenever possible. Size limits will be enforced by the ring stewards and failure to comply can result in disqualification.

NO SETUP is permitted in Huntseat Pleasure, Western Pleasure, or Saddle Seat Pleasure classes, meaning no footing of any type and no props (except a rider) may be included. The entry should consist of model, tack, and (optionally) a rider. Explanation cards are permitted only to note specific tack permissions, e.g., Junior Horse for an entry in a bosal or ring snaffle in western pleasure, or to explain gait/movement for a horse not obviously in a walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, or gait.

Setups are permitted in all other performance classes, however, all parts of the setup should be germane to the performance portrayed (e.g., cattle in stock work, jumps in over fences, or a buffalo in a Native American costume are appropriate). Props must not obscure any part of your entry or any other entry. Excessive scenery, animals not involved with the actual entry, etc., are not appropriate. All parts of the setup must fit within the maximum sizes stated above and otherwise conform to the rules listed below.

- No photo backdrops are permitted.
- Performance explanation cards should be limited to 3" x 5" in size; additional documentation is limited to one 8.5" x 11" sheet. Documentation should be kept as minimal as possible and oversized documentation may be removed by the ring stewards.
- Each class is guaranteed only 10 minutes of setup time. We will be using timers on all rings. No class will be held for late entries. Size limits will be enforced by the ring stewards and failure to comply can result in disqualification.


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