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NAMHSA News for July 2015

Jul 1 

-- Stacy Quick (R1) posted her experiences from NAN 2015. Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked for clarification on what NAN volunteer shirts cost.

Jul 6 
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) confirmed the cost for NAN volunteer shirts.

Jul 7
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted another application for the fundraising chair.  There was some brief discussion about the applicant and Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) requested references.

-- A poll was started about issuing a 50% refund for a NAN entrant who had a family emergency.

-- Jackie Moore (R6) asked if it was possible to order a volunteer plaque from 2014 for a member in her region who did not receive one. Teresa Buzzell (pres) replied that it was not.

-- Kim Bjorgo- Thorne (VP) welcomed new BOD members and asked for contact information. She advised that departing member’s terms ended on July 12 and new members would be activated the following day.

Jul 9 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) asked if anyone had any candidates in mind for the future web manager.

Jul 11 
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted several financial reports:

May 2015:
Balance in BOA checking as of 5/31/2015: 66706.88
Balance in PayPal as of 5/31/2015: 83.25
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 5/31/2015: 66790.13

June 2015:
Balance in BOA checking as of 6/30/215: 70941.41
Balance in PayPal as of 6/30/215: 0.00
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 6/30/215: 70941.41

She also posted the 2015 First Quarter report.

Jul 12 
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) reported that Friday of NAN made $800 in catering and Saturday $300, leaving NAMHSA responsible for $900 in catering receipts from the venues. She reported she asked Donna and Harvey Stone (2015 NAN chairs) to confirm.

-- The pole about issuing a 50% refund for a NAN entrant who had a family emergency ended:
- yes
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Annette Dean (R7)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Kim Bjorgo- Thorne (VP)
- no
- abstain
Did not vote: Stacy Quick (R1), Kathy Williams (R2), Pauline Entin (R3), Jenna Murphy (R8), Niki Hertzog (R9) and Sandra Gibson (R11)

Jul 15 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posed an orientation for new BOD members.

Jul 26 
-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) reported that she had added new reps to their respective regional groups and adjusted moderators on each group to be the sitting rep, VP and president. She asked for thoughts on this. There were no objections to Kim’s plan with Yahoogroup management.

-- Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) posted an email from a showholder about the possibility of two co-hosts turning their two-day show into two separate shows so they could show at each other’s shows.

Discussion ensured. It was felt that each show needed to be handled as a separate show--with separate applications, and that show holders should not share duties such as selecting judges if they intended to show in the other show.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted an update on NAN 2015 indicating that all the final bills had been received but that the Chairs were unreachable again.  She also gave a list of requirements that the Chairs were expected to complete by the deadline of July 31, which included getting addresses of judges and stewards to send their stipend checks, sending Carmen Robertson (treas) any final bills or items for reimbursement, and a formal NAN recap.

Jul 27 
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted Jim West’s (2015 Registrar’s) recap for NAN 2015.  Jim’s recap discussed the communication problems with the Chairs and their general lack of experience needed for chairing a show of NAN’s magnitude, with a suggestion that future chairs be required to have been involved in the operation of NAN previously.  He also expressed his thanks to Niki Hertzog and Jackie Arns-Rossi for stepping up and taking over many of the Chairs’ responsibilities to ensure that NAN could go on.  He also gave his take on some of the incidents that occurred during the show, and reviewed what worked and what did not work.

Jul 29 
-- Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) posted a question from a showholder about whether or not classes that were double-judged for Breed Halter and Non-Breed Halter could be entered in by one of both of the judges with the intention that any horses owned by a Breed Halter judge to only be judged for Non-Breed Halter, and vice versa.

Lynn Weber (R5 and web) referred Lindsay to another thread where the consensus in this situation was that a Breed Halter judge would be able to show a horse in Non-Breed Halter even if both those classes were being judged simultaneously.

-- Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) also posted a draft of an email she intended to send to the showholder about the two-day show being turned into two separate shows and asked for edits.  In the email, she stressed to the showholder that the shows must be treated as separate shows with separate applications, entry forms, entry fees, etc.


No Report.

Recent Shows:
NAN 2015 came to Palm Springs, California, on June 26-28th. The weather was toasty but the company was great with people from many places traveling to attend the 20th anniversary of the North American Nationals. We thank all of the people who worked so hard to make this NAN possible – all of the volunteers and judges and everyone who packed up their models and came to show. It was a wonderful three days of fun and competition!

Upcoming Shows:
Teri Walsh will be hosting a new show on August 29, 2015 in El Cajon, CA. The show is called Autumn Show Among Friends and features OF Plastic, Custom and Artists Resin divisions as well as a Youth/Novice division.http://www.autumnmhs.com/

Mark your calendars for October 10th, 2015 for Suzie Francis’ Sleepy Hollow Live, a Halloween themed show.https://sites.google.com/site/sleepyhollowlive/home This will be Sleepy Hollow’s 3rd year. The venue is very pleasant, easy to get to and with good parking. Norco is a equestrian community and the perfect place for a model show.

A new show will be held by Naomi Bisagno - Los Angeles Live –on September 12th- 13th in Tarzana, CA. The show will have it all: OF Plastic, minis, Customs, Artist Resin, China and Performance.http://www.modelhorsemobile.com/LALive.html

As always, December is earmarked for Jane Morehouse’s Workmanship and Collectability Classes Only (WACCO) and the annual Christmas Potluck. http://www.fantasticplasticclassic.com/wacco/. There is usually a sister show to WACCO held on the following day in the same hall. Stay tuned for more information when we have it.
Kathy Williams, Region 2 Rep

No Report.

Region 4 is pretty quiet during July - but that's because of BreyerFest!! I hope to see many of you there!

To anyone who traveled to NAN, congrats for any wins!

So far there are no shows planned in August or September, but stay tuned for the fall/winter show season to kick off shortly after that!

Region 5 had three shows in June, including a new show by a brand new show holder. Autumn Affinity Live, The BYO and Mid Kansas Live All OF Halter Show were happily attended by Region 5 showers.

NAN has come and gone and people enjoyed themselves. Please look through all the results to see who our winners were!

Breyerfest is approaching quickly and I hope to see Region 5 well represented there. Hope to see you all soon!
Lynn Weber
NAMHSA Region 5 Representative and Web Manager

Hello All!

The Hollow Horse All Foal Show was held on June 20 in Cumming, GA. Beth Patterson submitted this show report:
"The common refrain from entrants was that they had no idea how many foals they owned until that was all they were looking for... and they found a bunch! The OF classes were beyond full (there was some splitting) and with the multiple divisions you had plenty of chances to win NAN cards aplenty. I was amazed at all the entrants in performance especially.

Valerie, as usual, did an outstanding job with her class lists and prizes; champs and reserves got tiny pastel baby toys on ribbons along with their rosettes.

We all had fun and I think we even left some oreos for Valerie to snack on once it was over "

Sounds like it was a great show!

There are no shows scheduled in the region for July. I hope that everyone making the trek to Kentucky has a safe journey and a wonderful time!

Next up on the Region 6 calendar is Palmetto State Live in Irmo, SC on August 29. There is also a show planned for September - Magnolia State Live to be held near Tupelo, MS on Sept 19.

See you at the shows!
Jackie Moore

Region 7 Report

We had one show in the month of June - Big Orange Bash (BOB) hosted by Carol Tuft. It was an awesome show with a lot of great entries. It was a benefit show for the Large Animal Clinic at the University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine, We all look forward to seeing this show again in the next year. It was lots of fun and it was great to visit with everyone there.

July will be a bush month for us. We have the shows:
* Vive Le Breakables Live at Breyerfest - hosted by Maggie Barkovitz
* Breyerfest Open show - hosted by Michelle Masters
* Stone Age Live Show - hosted by Tom Dean
Links to these shows can be found at: http://www.namhsa.org/membershowsbyregion.htm (For Region 7)

Happy Summer to all !

Annette Dean
Region 7

No Report.

Sadly, Region 9 lost two long-time hobbyists in June. Keith Bean passed away on the 29th and Hilary Applegate on the 9th. Keith was loved by all who met him and always had a big smile on his face. Hilary always reminded me what the hobby should probably really be about - she loved her models and enjoyed showing them no matter how they did. Both Hilary and Keith will be missed in the hobby.

There are four shows coming up in August, South-Central PA Classic on Aug 1, Mid-Maryland Mini Model Madness and Build the Barn Live on Aug 8, and South Jersey Classic on Aug 15. It's great to have so many shows on what has been a slow month in the past.

Region 10 July Report

Like some other Regions, July is a quiet month for shows, because of Breyerfest! For anyone going to Breyerfest, stay safe, have fun, and make lots of memories!

As far as upcoming shows, on August 15-16th, in Boxborough MA, Maria Firstenberg is hosting Baystate Models Live. This show is a wonderful show at a wonderful venue and I can't recommend it enough - get your entries in!!

And remember, you can always keep up to date with the Region 10 website: http://www.regionxnation.com/

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No Report.

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