Monday, September 14, 2015

NAMHSA Welcomes New Web Manager

NAMHSA Welcomes New Web Manager


On August 17th, Heather Malone was appointed as NAMHSA’s newest Web Manager. As Web Manager, Heather’s responsibilities for the next three years will include maintaining and updating the NAMHSA website, updating Member Show information, posting NAN information including results and photos, maintaining the Merit Award pages including photo galleries, and helping to manage the NAMHSA Facebook page.

Heather has had a life long passion for models horses, receiving her first Breyer when she was four years old! (Palomino Western Prancing Horse, predictably named “Trigger”.) As an Army Brat, she moved around most of her childhood, and while she took lessons, she could never own a horse of her own until junior high school. Model horses filled that real horse gap! In the early 80s through “Just About Horses”, she got involved with the backyard showing and SASE phase of the hobby. She particularly enjoyed TB pedigree assignment. In 1994, Heather attended her first live show, and the hobby officially became an adult passion. She has previously served as the NAMHSA Region 6 representative and held the NAMHSA Member Show of the Year “Smoky Mountain Spring Fling” and “Breakables”, the BreyerFest All China Show. Additionally, she has mentored other showholders, held hobby benefit fundraisers, and has been an active hobby judge for 18 years.

Heather has been a graphics artist and multimedia specialist for 20+ years. Currently she is an Art Director and Creative lead with Raytheon Company. She attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as a communications major and art minor. She recently graduated with a BA from Art Institute of Colorado Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Web and Interactive Development.

She currently splits time between homes in Dallas, TX and Denver, CO. She has a boyfriend named Josh, who is very tolerant. They own 3 cats: Sammy, Molly, and Cali.

Heather will be replacing the outgoing Web Manager, Lynn Weber, who will still be remaining on the NAMHSA Board as current Region 5 Representative. NAMHSA would like to thank Lynn for her six years of dedicated service as Web Manager.

As Heather is still working on getting her bearings in the new position, please be patient about website updates for the next couple weeks. For further inquiries you may write to Heather at

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