Monday, October 22, 2012

Board Meetings - Meet NAMHSA President Teresa Buzzell


It's my turn to do a little introduction about myself and I am a little late with it... my name is Teresa Buzzell and I am the current NAMHSA President. I am an active hobbyist in the Denver, CO area - which is part of Region 3. I have been on the Board of Directors for three two year terms as the Region 3 Rep, an additional year as Vice President and now this year as President. I enjoy dealing with the day to day workings of the organization and trying to improve things for all of the members. I consider many of the present and past Board members to be some of my best friends - a side effect of volunteering that I did not expect! I have also created the NAN programs since 2006, coordinated the raffle for NAN 2011 in Tucson, gave the go ahead for this blog and the Facebook page and head up the Cafe Press store. (With new things for the holiday season coming up soon!)

I have been in the hobby since I got my first Breyer at the age of 14. At 16 I was off and running in the show circuit in Region 1, before NAMHSA was in existence. I showed in halter and performance and was immediately hooked! Two years later, I started judging and haven't looked back since. I have shown and judged all around the country, including at NAN. My favorite divisions to judge are performance and chinas but I'll judge anything other than OF Plastic Halter. (Those who are willing to judge those divisions I believe have some special skills that I just do not have!) Since I usually have time on my hands at shows, I do proxy show on occasion for different people at both the local shows and at NAN. I have also co-hosted a successful live show series.

Currently, I show in all divisions, with the exception of customs. My collection literally lives in the closet, and has since day one. It numbers about 100, give or take 10 or so. The collection contains mostly Breyers, with some Stones, clinkies and a handful of resins tossed in for good measure. I have a thing for the Love TBs in plastic and china, sport horses and Arab-flavored pieces. Almost anything traditional sized in my collection is a potential performance horse! Unfortunately for my checking account, I do not paint, create or otherwise use my skills for anything more strenuous than creating documentation for myself and a few friends. 

Outside of my hobby life, I am a graphic designer, married for 10 years with horse and cat but no kids. I blame my 8+hrs a day on the computer for my lack of creative juices when it comes to my hobby life but I enjoy it greatly. My husband does computer tech work for a small local firm which means we have a lot of computer tech floating around the house, both PC and Apple flavored. He and I met during college and have lived a few places in the Midwest before moving to the Denver area. I may be one of the few people who get tired of the 300+ days of sun here but I can ride outside just about any week of the year.

Many of you may know my horse "Flick". I've owned him for slightly over 22 yrs now and he will be 30 next year. He has inspired a few email addresses over the years as well as logins, passwords and my Model Horse Blab ID. A few years ago, Flick became the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous SR horse and has been featured on and off on Jennifer Buxton's blog. He's also the inspiration for a OOAK blue decorator version of the RMR SR and a mini Nahar. (My model horse Flick collection "only" numbers 7, including trophies, judge's models and the aforementioned OOAK and mini Nahar.)

I'm always up for questions and concerns that you may have regarding the organization so please, contact me at and I'd be happy to have a conversation!

Photos borrowed from Jennifer Buxton.

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