Friday, October 5, 2012

Show Holder Tip: Prepping your NAN Cards

This week, Amy Peck is sharing her expertise as an experienced show holder, and as NAMHSA's Show Membership Secretary. 

What I do when I receive the NAN cards for my show...

As a show holder, you should have your show's NAN cards within a couple of weeks of your show. If you do not have your cards by then, please contact the Show Membership Secretary (SMS). Currently, most shows are receiving their NAN cards within 60 days of sending in their show application. 

When you open the packet, inside will be the NAN cards for your show and a sheet of paper outlining some of the responsibilities of holding a NAN-qualifying show, including the date the show results are due back to NAMHSA. Please read the included sheet!

The cards are usually rubber-banded by color.

 To make it easier for me the day of the show, I get a ziplock bag for
each division and a copy of my classlist. 

 I count the cards for each division, and label the
ziplock bag with the division name. 

 When I am finished, I have all my divisions separated and ready to go! 

This is a good way to confirm there are enough NAN cards for the show, plus a few extra. If you are short cards, contact the SMS as soon as possible. If it is before the show, additional NAN cards will be labeled and mailed to the show holder. If it is after the show, you will need to keep track of which classes did not receive cards, the qualification winning model names, owners and addresses. Contact the SMS immediately after the show with the information of cards needed and cards will be mailed to the show holder for disbursement.

Thank you, Amy, for your tips on organizing your NAN cards!

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  1. I made up envelopes with ribbons 1 - 10 and two cards in each so the judges had things sorted and ready for them. They seemed to like this! There were extra ready in case they split a class, too.