Monday, November 19, 2012

Board Meetings - Meet Treasurer Carmen Robertson

I've been the NAMHSA treasurer for three years and before that I was Region 5 Representative for two years. I had been elected for a second term as rep but was elected as treasurer just a few months into my second term so I had to step down as rep to take on my new duties as treasurer.

I've been collecting Breyers since I was about seven. My first Breyer was the woodgrain FAS with the woodgrain FAM & FAF shortly after that; which I still have. My mom had bought them for me because of my passion for horses and she thought the woodgrain finish looked neat. Little did she know what she was starting! My collection has now grown to around 1000. I'm guessing since I've been kind of lazy lately about keeping up with my database like I should be :-). My first model horse show was in 1998, I think. I was amazed that there was a whole community of model collectors out there like me. I've been involved in the hobby ever since. I've hosted shows, judged at local shows as well as at NAN, volunteered at Breyerfest, and have been to every Breyerfest since 1998. My favorite molds are the San Domingo and the Fighting Stallion.

I live in Texas with my significant other, Brent. I have two real Quarter Horses, Pete and Phil, both are in their twenties now and I've had them since they were born. I have two dogs, Moxie a Fox Terrier, Sofie a Border Collie, and two cats Opie & Bea.

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