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NAMHSA News for October 16-31, 2012

NAMHSA News for October 16-31, 2012, based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary. Check out NAMHSA's Blog.

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-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) asked if Teresa Buzzell's (President) proposal (regarding the NAN card validity extension) was a formal motion, and seconded it if it was. If it was not a formal motion, then Jackie moved to make the proposed wording the final for the ballot.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi submitted the October 1-15 minutes for approval. These were approved by Teresa Buzzell on October 17.

-- Pauline Entin (R3 and interim PR) apologized for being late to the discussion on the ballot wording due to being away, and posted an alternate ballot wording to help clarify the issues.

-- Amy Peck (Show Member Secretary) advised that the requirement for member shows to submit entrant addresses was in the bylaws (Article III, section c). Lindsey Hall (Vice President) asked Teresa Buzzell to add changing the bylaws to the agenda. There was some discussion as to if this information was really needed, and if it would be useful for demographics (such as knowing how far showers will travel for shows.) Cities and states could be the only necessary information.

-- Lynn Weber (Website Manager) reminded the BOD that member show results had been recently discussed (August 24th 2012 poll about requiring shows to submit a list of entrant names and a key to identifying them). Amy Peck also pointed out that the bylaws would need to be changed regarding the results format-- the bylaws allow a soft copy to be submitted, and the BOD recently decided to only allow results that were in a searchable format.


-- Jackie Arns-Rossi suggested that a bylaws change to entrant information collection/results formats could be added to the current ballot, and worded in such a way that those things are restricted to the policy document and not the bylaws.

-- There was some discussion about using Pauline Entin's ballot wording versus Lyn Norbury's (Region 5 Representative) ballot wording. Lindsey Hall stressed that clarity of the ballot wording was key, as voting members do not have access to the long discussions that the BOD engages in prior to bringing issues to membership votes. Teresa Buzzell agreed.


-- Teresa Buzzell advised she was going to be traveling and would be home the evening of the 22nd.


-- Danielle Miller (Individual Membership Secretary) asked a question about separation of IM fees paid during NAN registration. She sadid that she did not separate membership fees paid during registration versus any other time, but could if that was needed.
-- Pauline Entin suggested that the IM fees need to be their own account, separate from NAN income. The timing per se of when the fees are collected is not important.

-- Pauline Entin posted a draft of the September 16-30 NAMHSA News.


-- Teresa Buzzell posted an update on the Cafe Press shop: 3 purchases of 6 different items had been made in the last 3 months, and there was a profit of $13.69. Cafe Press does not send any profits until it reaches $50 via PayPal. Teresa was still working on a 2013 calendar and some other items. Teresa also advised there were 282 likes on the FaceBook page, and thanked Lynn Weber for her work managing the page.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked if there was further discussion for the ballot wording, as she wanted to start a poll on the language. She also requested a volunteer to write the suggested bylaws change regarding new results requirements the BOD had voted on.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked Carra McClelland (Region 4 Representative) for an update on the crime insurance questions. Carra reported that her advisor had thought NAMHSA was really looking at Fidelity Insurance with Directors/Officers coverage tacked on. Carra expected more information shortly.


-- Tom Dean (Region 2 Representative) advised his email access would be sporadic due to travel to NW Congress.

-- Pat Coulter (Region 9 Representative) advised that East coast BOD members might be out of touch over the Oct 27/28 weekend due to a large combination storm/hurricane Sandy.


-- Pat Coulter requested a copy of the "What is NAMHSA" flier to give out to 4-Hers at the PA state model horse show that weekend. Lynn Weber advised this document could be found on the NAMHSA website:


-- Lynn Weber asked for bios for Lindsey Hall and Carmen Robertson (Treasurer) for the NAMHSA blog.


-- Teresa Buzzell requested an update on several issues, and commented that it appeared everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy was now back on line. She asked Pauline Entin and Lindsey Hall for an update on the Treasurer search. [Pauline posted a final solicitation for the Treasurer position, extending the deadline by a few days due to the Hurricane Sandy issues.] Teresa asked Carra McClelland for more information on insurance, in particular costs. She suggested the Board move on with the language for the ballot. Teresa cautioned that current issues/items needed to be resolved before the Board could move on to new items.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi motioned to accept the ballot wording as posted by Pauline Entin on October 16.

-- Lindsey Hall advised she had received two applications for Treasurer and would post them.

-- Jackie Moore (Region 6 Representative) asked if the BOD had to vote on Lyn Norbury's version of the ballot first since that had been motioned and seconded prior to Pauline Entin posting her version. Eleanor Harvey (Parliamentarian) responded that she would research the timeline of motions.


Posted by Pauline Entin, Interim NAMHSA PR

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