Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NAMHSA Seeks a Vice President

Have you always wanted to know how the world's largest model horse hobby organization works from the inside? Have you ideas about how to make the model horse showing world bigger and better? Do you have what it takes to represent the nation on the NAMHSA Board of Directors? If you have answered Yes to these questions, then NAMHSA Wants YOU!

Current NAMHSA Showholders and Individual Members, it is time to nominate candidates for Vice President. As a NAMHSA Showholder and Individual member, it is your privilege and responsibility to nominate candidates for the office.

The NAMHSA 2013-2014 Vice President will take office at NAN 2013. Their term will be for one year, at which time they will then assume the office of President. Showholders and Individual Members may nominate anyone for the office (including themselves), however, you MUST be certain the person you are nominating has confirmed they are willing to run for office.

Candidates need to be aware that the job requires making the time and commitment to QUICKLY respond to Board work and issues. Board members assume ultimate responsibility for running NAMHSA and assuring a quality NAN. Email accessibility is required, as the NAMHSA Board is primarily an email entity. It requires the ability to read and respond to Board emails every day.

Vice Presidential duties include:

  • Act as the first officer to the President to carry out NAMHSA business;
  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President; and
  • Serve as the President's representative as directed.
  • The VP is the list owner of the NAMHSA-Discussion Yahoo Group.
  • The VP has voting power.

In addition, the VP will be a member of the Finance Committee, which includes the following duties:
“The VP should have on-line access to review the accounts. The VP shall review the account balance on a random basis (no less than every other week), and shall view an image of every paid check. After each review, the VP shall post to the BOD the result of the review. The VP shall receive the paid checks and compare the reconciliations to the bank accounts and notify the finance committee that they have been approved. The VP shall NOT be a signer on the account.”
The VP will also be responsible for reviewing and approving the monthly, quarterly, annual, and NAN financial reports.

The sitting VP may show at NAN.

After serving a one year term, the Vice President will assume the office of NAMHSA President for a one year term beginning at the membership meeting held in conjunction with NAN. Please review NAMHSA Bylaws Article V, Section 4 for information regarding the office of NAMHSA President.

All about nominating a 2013-2014 VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:

**Use the form below for your nomination**


Voting Ballots for the election will be sent out in April. To send in your nominee(s), you must provide ALL of the information requested below. NAMHSA has to contact each nominee to confirm they want to run, so complete contact information is essential. You can either mail or email the information. To email, simply copy and paste the information below into a new email. If you have WebTV or similar service, just send an email to the below address indicating your nomination. Be sure to include your name and region, as well as your nominee’s contact information.

By Email: send to vote@namhsa.org. Please put “NAMHSA Nominee” in your subject line.

By snail mail:

NAMHSA Recording Secretary
Jackie Arns
64 Renner Ave
Bloomfield NJ 07003




My nominee for Vice President is:




Email address (Must provide!):


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