Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seeking NAN 2013 Judges

NAN 2013 needs judges! NAMHSA is looking for judging nominations for the 2013 NAN.

If you know judges who are knowledgeable and professional, consider nominating them for the division or classes they excel at. A quality NAN depends on quality judging.

Please, no self-nominations. If you wish to judge, please contact an individual member or member show holder who is familiar with you as a judge and request that he or she submit your name for consideration. Selected candidates will be asked to provide additional information such as availability, classes they cannot judge (due to the risk of encountering their own work), strengths/weaknesses and judging preferences. If you submit a nomination please make certain your nominee is aware of your submission and is prepared with this information if contacted. 

The Judge's Package for 2013 includes:
-$100 stipend for each day judged (increased as of 2012)
-FREE T-shirt with opportunity to purchase additional t-shirt
-NAN thank you plaque (if desired)

For reference, the NAN Schedule for 2013 is as follows:

FRIDAY, June 21:
OF Plastic Breed Halter
CM/AR/OS Performance

SATURDAY, June 22:
CM Breed Halter
CM Workmanship Halter
AR/OS Breed Halter
AR/OS Workmanship Halter
OF Plastic Performance

SUNDAY, June 23:
OF Plastic Collectability
OF China/Resin Breed Halter
OF China/Resin Collectability
CM Glaze China Halter
CM Glaze China Workmanship

Our first deadline for judge nominations is April 7, 2013. Please send nominations to and include the following information in your email:

Nominee's Name:
Nominee's Email Address:
Shows judged in the last 3 years (does not need to be a complete list but should have more than one show on it):
Why this individual would make an outstanding NAN judge:
Divisions and/or specific classes where this individual excels as a judge:

Thank you for your support of NAMHSA!

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