Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Member Show of the Year Committee

It's time to nominate yourself as a member of the 2013 NAMHSA Member Show of the Year committee. The committee needs one person from each region to read the nomination forms for various member shows in contention for MSOTY. Plus, we are looking for someone to serve as the committee head.

Please submit your name only if you can commit to the required time to read all of the nominations as well as discuss them and then vote. This period will run from May 22nd to June 10th, with the final vote concluded by June 10th.

The committee chair is looking for experienced show holders, entrants and judges that can fairly evaluate a show without bias.

Please submit your name by May 10th, along with which region you're from and a general idea of how many years you've been attending shows and how many (exact numbers aren't needed, but a rough idea will let me know how experienced you are in regards to shows).




Please send all information to and whether you would like to chair or just be your region's representative on the committee to:

Teresa Buzzell, NAMHSA President,

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