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NAMHSA News - January 16-31, 2013

NAMHSA News for the period of January 16-31, 2013, based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.


-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (Recording Secretary) posted the January 1-15 minutes for approval.
Carra McClelland (Vice President) approved them the following day.

-- Lynn Weber (Website Manager) reported that a sales list had been posted to the NAMHSA FaceBook page. She planned to delete it, but wanted an OK from the board first. Teresa Buzzell (President) gave the go-ahead to delete the post. Lynn deleted it and directed the person posting it to MH$P.


-- Tom Dean (Region 2 Representative) announced his resignation as Region 2 Representative due to his imminent move out of Region 2.

-- Teresa Buzzell requested that Pauline Entin (Region 3 Representative and Interim PR) recycle the posting that had gone out for a new Region 4 Rep to use in Region 2 ASAP.

-- Carra McClelland asked if everyone had the chance to review the updated china policy for NAN that was posted on January 14. Pauline Entin suggested a few minor changes. Carra asked if it was OK to pass this revision to Jim West (NAN 2013 Registrar).

-- Lynn Weber asked for a deadline for nominations for a new Region 2 Rep. Teresa Buzzell suggested February 8, 2013.


-- Amy Peck (Show Membership Secretary) posted a list of the newly approved NAMHSA member shows. A list of all NAMHSA member shows is available on the NAMHSA website:

-- Pauline Entin posted a draft for the Region 2 Representative solicitation. This was approved by Teresa Buzzell on January 22.


-- Stacy Faraci (Region 7 Representative) uploaded a proposal from a hobbyist to operate a live webcam for NAN 2013. Teresa Buzzell advised Stacy that there was a current proposal on the floor, and the new proposal would have to wait until the current one went to a vote. She would add the webcam proposal to the February agenda.


-- Teresa Buzzell called for discussion on the 2013 NAN Raffle proposal. Carra McClelland later called for a vote on the proposal. Jackie Arns-Rossi started a poll.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked Pauline Entin to go ahead and send out the solicitation for a new Region 2 Rep.


-- For dealing with shows with late/delinquent results, Teresa Buzzell suggested a monthly posting of all shows missing results, that would accompany the newly approved show listing. The listing would include information on how to submit results. The list would be available on the website, blog, and Facebook page, as well. Teresa also said she was open to suggestions as to how to give the policy more “teeth”, in terms of sanctions for delinquent results. Some discussion followed. There was general agreement that some consequences for show holders who turn in late show results on a regular basis are needed. It was noted that currently, there is little incentive for a show holder to turn the results in on time, and it is easy to let this task slip after the work of the show is over. It was also noted that a national database could help with resolving this issue.


-- Pauline Entin advised that the solicitation for a new Region 2 Rep had gone out to Region 2.


-- Kate Cabot (Region 10 Representative) asked if show holders currently receive a letter or other notification of the due date for their show results. If this was not happening, she felt this should be the first step. A list of shows with results coming due could be put on the website, with a second list of shows that had delinquent results.


-- Teresa Buzzell advised that two Board members previously put on moderation were now off moderation on both the Board list and NAMHSA-Discussion.

-- Pauline Entin advised that she was still working on the December 16-31 News and posted a draft of the solicitation post for a new PR officer.


-- Amy Peck (Show Member Secretary) asked what sort of advance notice the website would need for shows with results coming due. She also reminded the board that there had been some discussion about only allowing show holders to revise their results up to 90 days past the show date. Lynn Weber advised she was flexible, and posted a sample of what she could do with the lists under discussion. Teresa Buzzell felt that two weeks’ notice on shows coming due would be good, and that yes, the 90 days on show revisions should be announced as official policy.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked Jackie Arns-Rossi to close the NAN 2013 Raffle proposal poll as all voting members had cast their votes. The poll was closed. The NAN 2013 Raffle proposal was unanimously approved. There were no votes against the proposal or abstentions. Voting to Accept the Proposal: Tracy Eilers (R1); Tom Dean (R2); Pauline Entin (R3); Lyn Norbury (R5); Jackie Moore (R6); Stacy Faraci (R7); Chris Wallbruch (R8); Pat Coulter (R9); Kate Cabot (R10); Terri Wright (R11); Carra McClelland (VP)

-- Lynn Weber advised she was having difficulty with the domain name transfer.


-- Teresa Buzzell posted the current Board agenda. The new item was reciprocity of NAN qualification with other organizations. She noted that the webcam proposal was to be on this month's agenda until it was rescinded by the original author.


-- Teresa Buzzell asked Carra McClelland to repost several announcements to all the lists:
1. Reg 4 Rep solicitation - last chance
2. NAN Calendar on CP - last chance, taking it down end of day, Jan 31.
3. Reg 2 Rep solicitation
4. Fundraising Coordinator - last chance


-- Carra McClelland started the discussion about offering NAN qualification reciprocity to other organizations. She noted that BMECS (British Model Equine Championship Show) already offers reciprocity to NAMHSA by accepting NAN cards for entry. She said she would like to see NAMHSA to return the favor. She said she had consulted with Jim West about the logistics, and Jim had said that as long as he had access to show results from BMECS qualifying shows, there should not be a problem. The idea was met with interest.


-- Teresa Buzzell advised Pat Coulter (Region 9 Representative) she was free to move forward with the NAN 2013 Raffle plan.

-- Teresa Buzzell asked that the following be added to the PR Officer solicitation post: "Every candidate will be asked to prepare a writing sample, topic to be provided after application has been submitted and due within a specific time period."

Posted by Pauline Entin, Interim PR 3/31/2013

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