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NAMHSA Congratulates the January, February and March 2013 Merit Award Winners!

NAMHSA Congratulates Merit Award Winners!

NAMHSA congratulates the following horses and their owners who earned Merit Awards in January, February and March 2013:

Superior Event Horse for Outstanding Achievement (requiring 12 NAN cards in one class):

American Freedom  -  Welsh Ponies  -  Lori Sala
Late Harvest  -  Custom European Pony (Welsh)  -  Lori Sala
Master of Ceremonies  -  OF Stone Other Ponies  -  Lori Sala
Inheritance -  Other Pure/Part Foals  -  Colorado Ranger  -  Lori Sala
Working Class Hero  -  Breyer Paint Halter  -  Teresa Buzzell
Crete -  Custom Glaze Mixed Sport Breed Halter  -  Teresa Buzzell
CZ Rowdy Commando  -  Morgan  -  Nina Henne
TS Blue Horizons  -  Vintage Breyer Decorator  -  Mary Ann Snyder
TS Lohengrin  -  Vintage Breyer Decorator  -  Mary Ann Snyder
Found Gold  -  Collectibility  -  Elise Partanen
TS Magnum  -  Western Stockwork  -  Elise Partanen
Seamstress -  Harness  -  Katherine Dwyer

Superior Halter Horse for Outstanding Achievement in Breed and Collectability or Workmanship(requiring 16 NAN cards, with a minimum of 4 each in Breed Halter and Collectability / Workmanship):

Bottle Rocket  -  Heather Mays
Bliss -  Heather Mays
Bearly Dun  -  Heather Mays
Woodbury -  Robin Kent
Diesel -  Elise Partanen

Versatility Award, for Outstanding Achievement in Halter and Performance (requiring 16 NAN cards in any combination of classes, with a minimum of 6 in halter and 6 in performance):

Toby -  Barbara DiAnnibella

Superior Division Horse for Excellence in a Performance Division (requiring 16 NAN cards in one performance subdivision, with a minimum of 4 cards each in 3 different classes within that subdivision):

Rocket Man  -  Western Performance  -  Heather Mays
Paradox -  English Performance  -  Heather Mays
Absolute Proof  -  Western Performance  -  Heather Mays
Forever Blue  -  English Performance  -  Heather Mays
Hollywood Splash  -  Western Performance  -  Heather Mays
Sweet Spot  -  English Performance  -  Ann Harris
Toby -  English Performance  -  Barbara DiAnnibella

Legion of Merit for Excellence in Halter and Performance (requiring 8 NAN cards in any combination of classes, with a minimum of 3 card in halter and 3 cards in performance):

Picasso -  Heather Mays
Absolute Proof  -  Heather Mays
Cash -  Barbara DiAnnibella
JustaCommotion  -  Nina Henne
CZ Kool  -  Nina Henne
Imperial Sass  -  Nina Henne

Register of Merit for Excellence (requiring 6 NAN cards in one class):

Snafu  -  Stone Collectibility  -  Teresa Buzzell
Tariq -  Native Costume  -  Teresa Buzzell
Tariq -  Stone Arabian  -  Teresa Buzzell
B.Y.O.B. -  Western Arena Trail  -  Teresa Buzzell
Alchemist -  AR Warmblood  -  Teresa Buzzell
Flicker of Lightning  -  AR Mini Other Light Breed  -  Teresa Buzzell
Mercenary -  Breyer Mini Warmblood  -  Teresa Buzzell
Good Girl Gone Bad  -  Stone Mini Saddlebred  -  Teresa Buzzell
Another Whistler’s Tune  -  China Other Light  -  Robin Kent
Dakota West  -  China Paint  -  Robin Kent
Ivory Moon  -  OF Arabian Mare  -  Robin Kent
Mistaken Identity  -  SM Vintage  -  Robin Kent
Popelino -  China Longear/Exotic  -  Robin Kent
Zor -  Breyer Test OOAK  -  Robin Kent
Vladislav -  Workmanship  -  Ann Harris
Dun With Sue  -  Western Arena Trail  -  Ann Harris
Catlike -  Cutting  -  Ann Harris
Sweet Spot  -  Huntseat Pleasure  -  Ann Harris
Sweet Spot  -  English Games  -  Ann Harris
In The Black  -  Saddleseat Pleasure  -  Barbara DiAnnibella
Hero For Hire  -  Cutting  -  Barbara DiAnnibella
Skeleton Key  -  Stadium Jumping  -  Barbara DiAnnibella
Toby -  Shetland Pony Grand National  -  Barbara DiAnnibella
Maranoso Arrogante  -  Lusitano  -  Nina Henne
Causin A Commotion  -  Colorado Rangerbred  -  Nina Henne
Power To Impress  -  Shire  -  Nina Henne
CZ Sweet Dreams  -  QH  -  Nina Henne
CZ Rowdy Commando  -  Morgan  -  Nina Henne
Lotto Flash  -  Appaloosa  -  Nina Henne
CZ Kool  -  Appaloosa  -  Nina Henne
Imperial Sass  -  Showmanship  -  Nina Henne
Lita -  TB  -  Nina Henne
Secret Weapon  -  Paint  -  Nina Henne
Freyafra TS  -  OF Plastic QH x Icelandic Foal  -  Mary Ann Snyder
TS Kiger Lily  -  OF Plastic Kiger Mustang Foal  -  Mary Ann Snyder
Black Magic Woman  -  Azteca  -  Marisa C. Hildebrandt
Ellie Mae  -  Quarter Pony Weanling  -  Marisa C. Hildebrandt
Vanilla Gorilla  -  Collectibility  -  Elise Partanen
Sterling -  Collectibility  -  Elise Partanen
Blue Beauty  -  Collectibility  -  Elise Partanen
After the Party  -  Collectibility  -  Elise Partanen
Skag -  Western Games  -  Elise Partanen
Swing The Mood Jive  -  Saddleseat Performance  -  Katherine Dwyer
Sweet Pea – OF PS Pony Foal – Vickie Carper
Yucatan– OF Other Pure Light – Sarah Whelehan
Rogue River – OFP Breyer Halter Collectibility – Adrien Synnott

The goal of the Merit Awards program is to reward models that consistently place well at NAMHSA member shows. This is entirely separate from, and may be in addition to, any NAN awards the model may win; attendance at any NAN is *not required* to earn a Merit Award.

WANTED: Photos of past and present Merit Award winners for inclusion in the online Merit Award Gallery on the NAMHSA website! Send JPGs to Merit Award Coordinator, Beth Lamm.

For more information on the Merit Award program and Gallery, please visit

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