Saturday, September 10, 2016

NAMHSA Seeks Merit Award Coordinator

Are you interested in volunteering for NAMHSA, and want to work directly with hobbyists? Consider applying for the position of Merit Award Coordinator. The Merit Award program was developed in 1998 to reward horses that consistently place well at NAMHSA member shows. You can read more about the Merit Award program on NAMHSA's website here.

The duties of the Merit Award Coordinator include the following:
-Communicate (primarily via email) with Merit Award applicants and potential applicants and the NAMHSA Board of Directors as well as the hobby at large.
-Process merit award applications, ensuring all information on the application is accurate; cross check NAN cards with show results; enter data into a spreadsheet; and cross reference the spreadsheet for cumulative awards. 
-Promptly forward checks on to NAMHSA's treasurer and verify PayPal payments.
-Print Merit Award certificates; coordinate, purchase, or re-purpose trophy plaques from the NAMHSA supplier; and ensure an appropriate inventory of plaques are available.
-Collect and organize images of Merit Award winners and facilitate their upload with the NAMHSA Web Team.
-Promote the Merit Award program, including compiling monthly lists of recent Merit Award winners and submitting those to NAMHSA's Public Relations Officer and Web Team.

Required skills:
- Excellent communication skills including spelling/grammar fluency and ability to check email and NAMHSA forum frequently.
-Possess strong spreadsheet and/or database management experience, particularly with Microsoft Excel.
-Familiarity with USPS mailing procedures, including Click-N-Ship.
-Some graphic design knowledge beneficial.

The Merit Award Coordinator is a non-voting, appointed position. The term is three years. Applicants should email a letter of interest specifically addressing the knowledge, skills, and abilities described above to NAMHSA's Vice President, Pat Coulter, at Three references are requested.

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