Sunday, September 4, 2016

NAN 2016 Auction Report

Elena Lemm, NAMHSA Fundraising Coordinator, organized the NAN 2016 Auction. NAMHSA thanks the donors and the high bidders for their support.

The final bids for each lot are as follows:
  1. Jewelry Set by Sharon Mossy: $35 
  2. Merry Weather mini resin donated by Jenn Danza and painted by Kristen Cermele: $60 
  3. Jesse with accessories donated by Yashka Hallein and Jana Skybova: $70 
  4. Sherbert Lemmon mini resin donated by Elena Lemm: $60 
  5. Arvakr resin, donated by Katja Contu and painted by Angelica Nelson: $110 
  6. Jacob resin, donated by Lisa Sharpe and painted by Beatha Sellman: $110 
  7. OF Valegro with dressage tack, donated by Cicci Engdahl & Mistic Vintage Tack: $100 
  8. Custom traditional jump donated by Cassie Thomas: $35 
  9. Gypsy Gold resin, donated by Resins by Randy and painted by Erika Ipes: $120 
  10. Crusader mini resin, donated and painted by Jen Olp: $50 
  11. Jump with accessories, donated by Model Horse Jumps and Jana Skybova: $60 
  12. Copperfox SR Bertie with custom halter, donated by Harriotte Preston: $180 
  13. Shetland mini resin, donated by Sheri Rhodes and painted by Kimberly Bleecker: $75 
  14. Egyptian Dancing Horse Costume with Stone Arabian, created and donated by Jill Aman: $90 
  15. 9x12 original painting by Sue Sudekum: $30 
  16. Arab set with Rhapsody in Black, created and donated by Melissa Halvas: $130 
  17. Rocket resin, donated by Kitty Cantrell and painted by Caroline Boydston: $800 
  18. Performance base by Mike Owen: $90 
  19. Custom stablemate by Franceyn Dare: $60 
  20. Unlimited entry for NAN 2017, donated by NAMHSA: $170 
  21. Jim West donation model, created and donated by Equine Constellation Creation: $100 
  22. Test/OOAK Breyer donated by Breyer Animal Creations: $3,000 

Subtotal: $5,535
Expenses: (-$1,087)
Net income 2016: $4,448

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