Saturday, September 3, 2016

NAMHSA Welcomes New Board Members

Following elections in July 2016, the following new NAMHSA regional representatives were announced:
Region 2: Heather Visser
Region 4: Lindsay Diamond
Region 6: Nicole “Dot” Ramos
Region 8: Marilou Mol
Region 10: Sharon Mossy

Thank you to all of the past regional representatives for your dedication and service to NAMHSA.

Your current NAMHSA president is Kim Bjorgo-Thorne. Our newly elected vice president is Pat Coulter. Rounding out the balance of regional representatives:
Region 1: Stacy Quick
Region 3: Yashka Hallein
Region 5: Lynn Weber
Region 7: Carol Tuft
Region 9: Barb DiAnnabella
Region 11: Lynn Royea

The NAMHSA Board also includes:
Recording Secretary: Stacy Faraci
Treasurer: Carmen Robertson
Public Relations: Janna Shepherd
Web Team: Lynn Weber, Lindsay Diamond, and Heather Malone
Parliamentarian: Eleanor Harvey
Merit Award Coordinator: Dayle Steinke
Membership: Danielle Miller
Show Member Secretary & Results processing: Lindsay Diamond
Member Show of the Year: Chris Wallbruch
Fundraising: Elena Lemm

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